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  • 2186649W | Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Handle

2186649W | Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Handle

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SKU: 2186649W

Door handle used on some Amana, Crosley, Estate, Inglis, Kenmore, Maytag, Roper, and Whirlpool refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 2186649W, AP2991279, 2193345W, 4-81902-001, 451607, 8170477, AH328262, EA328262, PS328262.


  • Approx. 26"L x 1"W.
  • White.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFN00
Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFN01
Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFN02
Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFN03
Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFW00
Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFW01
Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFW02
Whirlpool 2VED21ZKFW03
Whirlpool 2VED27TKFN00
Whirlpool 2VED27TKFN01
Whirlpool 2VED27TKFW00
Whirlpool 2VED27TKFW01
Whirlpool 2VED27TKN00
Whirlpool 2VED27TKW00
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXSL00
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXSQ00
Whirlpool 2VGD23DQFW00
Whirlpool 2VGD23DQFW02
Whirlpool 3VED23DQFN00
Whirlpool 3VED23DQFN01
Whirlpool 3VED23DQFW00
Whirlpool 3VED23DQFW01
Whirlpool 8ED2FHKXVA01
Whirlpool 8ED2FHKXVT01
Whirlpool 2VGD27DQFN00
Whirlpool 2VGD27DQFN01
Whirlpool 2VGD27DQFW00
Whirlpool 2VGD27DQFW01
Whirlpool 2VGD29DQFB00
Whirlpool 2VGD29DQFB01
Whirlpool 2VGD29DQFW00
Whirlpool 2VGD29DQFW01
Whirlpool 7ED2GTQXPL00
Whirlpool 7ED2GTQXPQ00
Whirlpool CS22AFXKB05
Whirlpool CS22AFXKB06
Whirlpool CS22AFXKQ00
Whirlpool CS22AFXKQ01
Whirlpool CS22AFXKQ03
Whirlpool CS22AFXKQ04
Whirlpool CS22AFXKQ05
Whirlpool CS22AFXKQ06
Whirlpool CS22AFXKS05
Whirlpool CS22AFXKS06
Whirlpool CS22AFXKT00
Whirlpool CS22AFXKT01
Whirlpool CS22AFXKT03
Whirlpool CS22AFXKT04
Whirlpool CS22AFXKT05
Whirlpool CS22AFXKT06
Whirlpool ABB2221WEB1
Whirlpool ABB2221WEW1
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXSL02
Whirlpool 6ED2FHGXSQ02
Whirlpool TS25AFXKQ03
Whirlpool TS25AFXKQ04
Whirlpool TS25AFXKQ05
Whirlpool TS25AFXKS04
Whirlpool TS25AFXKS05
Whirlpool TS25AFXKT03
Whirlpool TS25AFXKT04
Whirlpool TS25AFXKT05
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMB00
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMB10
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMB11
Whirlpool ED2LHAXML10
Whirlpool ED2LHAXML11
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMQ00
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMQ10
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMQ11
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMT00
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMT10
Whirlpool ED2LHAXMT11
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNB01
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNB02
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNL01
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNL02
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNQ01
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNQ02
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNT01
Whirlpool ED2NHAXNT02
Whirlpool ED2SHAXMB00
Whirlpool ABB1921WEW0
Whirlpool ABB1921WEW1
Whirlpool ABB1921WEW2
Whirlpool CS22CFXTB00
Whirlpool CS22CFXTQ00
Whirlpool CS22CFXTS00
Whirlpool CS22CFXTT00
Whirlpool CS25CFXTQ00
Whirlpool IS25CFXTQ00
Whirlpool IS25CFXTQ01
Whirlpool RS22CFXTQ00
Whirlpool RS25CFXTQ00
Whirlpool RS25CFXTQ01
Whirlpool TS22CFXTQ00
Whirlpool TS25CFXTQ00
Whirlpool TS25CFXTQ01
Whirlpool 3XED5SHQKQ02
Whirlpool 3XEC5SHGKQ00
Whirlpool ED5SHAMXL11
Whirlpool ED5SHAXMB11
Whirlpool ED5SHAXMQ11
Whirlpool ED5SHAXMT11
Whirlpool GD5RHAXSB00
Whirlpool GD5RHAXSL00
Whirlpool ED5JHEXTB00
Whirlpool ED5JHEXTB10
Whirlpool ED5JHEXTQ00
Whirlpool ED5JHEXTQ10
Whirlpool ED5JHEXTS00
Whirlpool ED5JHEXTS10
Whirlpool ED5JVEXTB00
Whirlpool ED5JVEXTQ00
Whirlpool ED5JVEXTS00
Whirlpool GC5SHAXLB01
Whirlpool GC5SHAXLQ01
Whirlpool GC5SHAXLT01
Whirlpool 3XED0FHKKQ00
Whirlpool 3XED0FHKKQ01
Whirlpool 5VED1WTKKQ00
Whirlpool 5VED1WTKKQ01
Whirlpool 5VED1WTKKT00
Whirlpool 5VED1WTKKT01
Whirlpool 6ED0GTKXKQ00
Whirlpool 6ED0GTKXKQ01
Whirlpool 7ED0GTQXKQ00
Whirlpool 7ED0GTQXKQ01
Whirlpool 7ED0GTQXKQ02
Whirlpool 8ED0GTKXKQ00
Whirlpool 4ED20ZKIFN00
Whirlpool 4ED20ZKIFN01
Whirlpool 4ED20ZKIFW00
Whirlpool 4ED20ZKIFW01
Whirlpool 4ED20ZKXFN00
Whirlpool 4ED20ZKXFW00
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFN00
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFN01
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFN02
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFN03
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFW00
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFW01
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFW02
Whirlpool 8ED20ZKXFW03
Whirlpool 3VED29DQFB00
Whirlpool 3VED29DQFB01
Whirlpool 3VED29DQFN00
Whirlpool 3VED29DQFN01
Whirlpool 3VED29DQFW00
Whirlpool 3VED29DQFW01
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFB00
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFB01
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFB02
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFB03
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFW00
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFW01
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFW02
Whirlpool 6ED25DQXFW03
Whirlpool 3XED0FHQKB00
Whirlpool 3XED0FHQKB01
Whirlpool 3XED0FHQKQ00
Whirlpool 3XED0FHQKQ01
Whirlpool 6ED22DQXFB01
Whirlpool 6ED22DQXFB02
Whirlpool 6ED22DQXFB03
Whirlpool 6ED22DQXFW01
Whirlpool 6ED22DQXFW02
Whirlpool 6ED22DQXFW03
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKB05
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKB06
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKB07
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKQ05
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKQ06
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKQ07
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKT05
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKT06
Whirlpool ED2CHQXKT07
Whirlpool 3KED0FHQKQ00
Whirlpool 3XED5SHQKQ00
Whirlpool 3ED27DQXFW00
Whirlpool 3VED27DQFW00
Whirlpool 3VED27DQFW01
Whirlpool 3XARG478F00
Whirlpool 3XARG478F01
Whirlpool 6ED2FHKXKQ06
Whirlpool 4ED25DQXFN00
Whirlpool GD5PHAXLB00
Whirlpool GD5PHAXLB01
Whirlpool GD5PHAXLQ00
Whirlpool GD5PHAXLQ01
Whirlpool GD5SHAXKB00
Whirlpool GD5SHAXKB02
Whirlpool IS22AGXTQ00
Whirlpool IS25AGXRQ00
Whirlpool IS25AGXRQ01
Whirlpool IS25AGXRQ02
Whirlpool RS22CQXTQ00
Whirlpool RS25AGXNQ00
Whirlpool RS25AGXNQ01
Whirlpool RS25AGXNQ02
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKB00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKB01
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKQ00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKQ01
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKS00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKS01
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKT00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXKT01
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLB00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLB01
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLQ00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLQ01
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLS00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLS01
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLT00
Whirlpool GC5SHGXLT01
Whirlpool GD25FFCHB01
Whirlpool GD25FFCHT01
Whirlpool GD25FFCHW01
Whirlpool 7ED0GTQXMQ00
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNB00
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNB01
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNL00
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNL01
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNQ00
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNQ01
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNT00
Whirlpool GD5RHAXNT01
Whirlpool 6ED20TKXFW01
Whirlpool 6ED20TKXGW00
Whirlpool 6ED20TKXGW01
Whirlpool 8ED20TKXFN01
Whirlpool 8ED20TKXFN02
Whirlpool 8ED20TKXFN03
Whirlpool 8ED20TKXFW01
Whirlpool 8ED20TKXFW02
Whirlpool 8ED20TKXFW03
Whirlpool ED20TKXFN01
Whirlpool ED20TKXFN02
Whirlpool ED20TKXFN03
Whirlpool ED20TKXFT01
Whirlpool ED20TKXFT02
Whirlpool ED20TKXFT03
Whirlpool ED20TKXFW01
Whirlpool ED20TKXFW02
Whirlpool ED20TQXFN04
Whirlpool ED20TQXFN05
Whirlpool ED20TQXFT04
Whirlpool ED20TQXFT05

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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