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About Appliance Zone

November 2012 is a leading on-line retailer of appliance parts and accessories for do-it-yourself homeowners. Incorporated in 2008, it was started by CEO, Jim Allen and his wife Paula, who operated an appliance repair business for nearly fourteen years prior to starting the internet company Appliance Zone.

In 2010, Appliance Zone was recognized by Inc 500 as the 3rd fastest growing retail company in America. Business First of Louisville also recognized and awarded Appliance Zone with the "Emerging Business of The year Award" in December 2010. What makes this company great is the huge do-it-yourself population and our hardworking team of talented people who understand the meaning of exceptional service and the value of a dollar in this tough economy. We do our very best of offer the part you need at the lowest price on the market and provide many shipping options to get it to you when you need it. Appliance Zone ships worldwide and has a growing global presence in addition to domestic services. offers over 500,000 appliance parts and accessories for appliance brands such as Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, GE, Maytag, Frigidaire, and many more. We use cost cutting measures everyday and pass the savings on to our customers, this is why it is possible for Appliance Zone to offer low prices. We care about doing absolutely everything we can to offer our customers the best price possible!

CEO Jim Allen has put together one of the best teams possible in the industry. Read about them and the roles they perform for

Appliance Zone CEO Jim Allen

As you read on you will see the many things that Appliance Zone has to offer to it's customers, whether it be a Professional Race Car Driver, a money saving Member Plus program, a tool to assist the professional appliance repairman, we're always looking for new things to try.

The Crew

Jim Allen Chief Executive Officer
Paula Allen Chief Financial Officer
Juliann McCabe Operations Manager
Debbie Humphrey Office Manager
Kayla Allen Office Assistant
Kari Allen Customer Service Manager
Amanda Vogt Customer Service Shift Leader
Brad Allen Customer Service Shift Leader
Ashley Dunaway Customer Service Representative
Ashley Eckart Customer Service Representative
Elizabeth Hayden Customer Service Representative
Erin Hubbart Customer Service Representative
Kerri Risinger Customer Service Representative
Jeremiah Oneill Customer Service Representative
Jeremy Sceifers Customer Service Representative
Melissa Vancleve Customer Service Representative
Steven Weathers Customer Service Representative
David Weathers Orders Manager
Sarah Watt Product & Graphics Manager
Eric Hedgespeth Senior Network Administrator
Jordan Attebury Shipping Crew Chief
David Hall Shipping Assistant
Michael Holland Shipping Assistant
Susan Duran Shipping Assistant
Teresa Schnellenberger Shipping Assistant

Appliance Zone Named 39th to the Prestigious Inc 500 List

Appliance Zone, one of the fastest growing online retailers of major household appliance parts announced today that the company was named to the prestigious Inc 500 list as the overall 39th fastest growing company in the U.S with a whopping 5,535% growth rate over the past three years.

Appliance Zone was also ranked #3 in the overall total Retail industry.

Established in 2006 with only a $1,000 investment, Appliance Zone continues to grab more market share with an unrelenting goal to become the #1 appliance parts retailer in the world.

Jim Allen founder and CEO of Appliance Zone broke the news to the employees of Appliance Zone on Tuesday that the company made the Inc 500 list, not only in the top 500 but with an incredible overall ranking of 39th the employees were extremely excited that we achieved such an incredible feat in such a short amount of time.

Jim jokingly commented that he and his wife promised each other a vacation after the results were released but have now put that on hold since the company did not receive the #1 spot, Jim says we won’t settle for anything less than #1 "this has always been our goal"

Appliance Zone continues to look for new ways to serve their customers with better service and to continue offering the lowest prices on the internet for Appliance Parts, last year Appliance Zone unveiled a unique tool on their website, "The Competitor Price Checker" this feature instantly allows the customer to enter a part number or sku number and it checks all the top competitors pricing against Appliance Zone's price, this unique tool is a huge benefit to our customers and will ensure the best price possible, Jim noted that the feedback from the price checker has always been, "our customers love it" but our competitors hate it".

Jim Allen also has a passion for racing and recently Appliance Zone announced that they formed a partnership with a national touring racing series, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Racing Series. Appliance Zone and the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series have put together a unique program called "The / Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Driver Development Program". This program will offer a National Sponsorship to one of five drivers participating in the program worth $70,000 for the 2011 racing season.

"This contest is one of a kind in the motorsports industry and has drawn a lot of attention and definitely has increased the excitement level up a few notches on the national touring series this year", stated Jim Allen. You can get more information related to this contest by visiting

Instead of Buying new household appliances or paying for costly repairs, do-it-yourself and save BIG with Appliance Zone

With today's economy and increasing cost of living, nobody wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing or repairing their appliances. Thankfully Appliance Zone offers a wide Variety of appliance parts for many of the top manufacturers. So, instead of buying new or hiring a repairman, simply purchase and replace the part yourself, for less.

At Appliance Zone, we've gone to great lengths to make sure that our customers get the best prices available.

We also, want to make sure that our customers get the best service available. Which is why we provide an online chat feature. Live Chat allows you to speak with one of our customer service representatives live. This way you don't have to deal with long holds or machine messages over the phone. Just ask your question and get your answer, INSTANTLY!

With our great pricing, outstanding customer service Appliance Zone Is the #1 source for appliance parts. Visit us online at

Why Does Not Allow Certain Part Returns?

There are so many companies out there who accept Electrical Part Returns, why shouldn’t we do it too? Were you aware that those companies resell the returned parts to other consumers? We can guarantee you that the companies that are allowing these returns are then in turn selling these parts back to the public because it would be to costly for them to dispose of them so what else can they do but to resell them. So when you see this –“Return Any Part For Any Reason”- beware because ultimately you may be the one buying that part. has a strict duty to you, the consumer, to not sell you any Electrical or Gas Parts that has been used and or installed. We estimate that approximately 80% of Part Return Requests on Electrical Parts are parts that have been installed and after doing so the customer discovered that they had misdiagnosed the problem and replaced the wrong part. If we allowed customers to return Electrical or Gas Products then we would of course in turn have to resell them and this would create a situation in which our customers are receiving used parts that other customers have used, perhaps while misdiagnosing a problem with their appliance and in which the part could have been damaged and or the life of the part shortened because of improper diagnosis or installation. This is not fair to our customers and we can not in good faith resell these parts.

If we allow these items to be returned we are then not able to guarantee to you, our customers, that we are selling you NEW Genuine Factory Parts. If we allowed returns on Electrical Parts that have been installed we would in fact be hurting our customers because they are receiving parts that may now be damaged and that would defiantly be void of a Manufacturer Warranty.

So out of respect for you, and others like you, we cannot accept Electrical or Gas Parts returned for a refund. But however if you purchase a part that is not for your Model we will exchange it for you for the correct like part, an example would be a timer exchanged for a timer, but only if the part has not been used or installed. It is only fair that way.

The Allenbar : Appliance Technicians You're Going To LOVE This Tool!

March 2004

I designed this for my own personal use when I was an appliance service technician. Around 2002 I was changing a motor in a whirlpool dryer and I was having a hard time getting the last motor clip fastened down, generally most service guys use a flat blade screwdriver to do this, anyways the screwdriver slipped off the clip and there went my left hand right across the motor mount resulting in several stitches. Afterwards I called my parts supplier up and asked our sales rep if he could locate a tool that would help prevent this sort of thing from happening again. After checking with Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, and GE he was unable to locate any kind of tool that could be used specifically for changing dryer motors. So I decided then to make something up for myself to use, after a few attempts I finally found a design I was happy with. I carried this around in my tool box for about a year when I decided that since it worked so well I would try my hand at selling it to other service technicians such as myself. After several thousands of dollars in design, packaging, logo's, advertising, and of course...lawyers, my product hit the shelves nationwide of most major appliance parts distributors in 2004. To date about twenty thousand have been sold worldwide but most right here in the good ole USA! It was definitely a trying experience and I'm glad my wife and kids pushed me to follow through with it because there were definitely times I wanted to abandon the project. It won't ever bring millions but if this handy tool can save a few appliance technicians knuckles from being busted up or fingers sliced, then I guess its worth it! Most appliance distributors carry the Allenbar nationwide.

After Searching for a tool specifically designed for removing retainer clips, and coming up dry, Jim was determined to make his own. Jim Allen perfected his invention and named it
The Allenbar.

Buy It Here!