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Furnace 720 Series Dual Valve Control - 720-474

Furnace 720 Series Dual Valve Control - 720-474

The 720 Series Dual Valve Gas Controls are designed for a wide variety of heating applications and can be used to replace most constant pilot valves, including dual valve (six function) models.

The 720 Series constant pilot gas valve is a six function valve incorporating a manual valve, safety shutoff magnet, dual automatic valves (hence the term "dual valves"), main gas regulator, and pilot adjustment. Models are available with and without a pressure regulator. Uni-Kits® are factory-set at 3.5" W.C. for natural gas, but can be converted to L.P. by installing the regulator conversion kit included.

The 720 Series feature an integral manual selector used to select from the 4 gas flow positions - off, on, pilot and "set". The "set" position provides pilot only gas flow during magnet energizing and lock up. Built-in stops serve to prevent accidental setting to the off position. The wiring connections, manual selector and adjustments are easily accessible on top of the valve. With a 3-9/16" swing radius, the 720 series lends itself well to replacing many OEM valves. Controls are multiposition and can be mounted in any position (except upside down). To prevent unsafe attempts at repair, special screws are used and replacement parts are NOT available.


  • Electrical Ratings: 24 VAC, .5 amps, 50/60 Hz
  • Pressure regulator: Natural Gas factory set at 3.5" W.C., L.P. Gas factory set at 11.0" W.C.
  • Pilot Outlet: 1/4" tubing
  • Ambient Temperature: -40° to 175°F
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 14" W.C. (1/2 PSI)

*Includes LP KIT

Replaces: COLEMAN / EVCON 7956-336 Functional, COLEMAN / EVCON 7956-336 Functional, EVCON AIR PRO 7A3C4F025 Functional, EVCON AIR PRO 7A3C4F025 Functional, HONEYWELL V800C1466 Functional, HONEYWELL V800C1540 Functional, HONEYWELL VR800C1489 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8200C1041 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8200C1082 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8200C1108 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8200P1039 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8200P1047 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8300C2120 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8300C4035 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8300C4100 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8300C4506 Functional, JOHNSTONE SUPPLY L36-408 Exact, JOHNSTONE SUPPLY L36-408 Functional, JOHNSTONE SUPPLY L37-714 Exact, JOHNSTONE SUPPLY L37-714 Functional, MILLER HEATING 7C7-F8F-055 Functional, NORDYNE 6245830 Functional, NORDYNE 624583B Functional, NORDYNE 7C3C4F005 Exact, NORDYNE 7C3C4F005 Exact, NORDYNE 7C3C4F005 Exact, NORDYNE 7C7G8F055 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 110ERCHCSO-2C Functional Original control may have slight variances. OBSOLETE 24 VOLT COMBINATION VALVE, STEP-OPENING CONTROL WITH CONVERTIBLE REGULATOR., ROBERTSHAW 110ERCHCSO-2D Functional Original control may have slight variances. OBSOLETE 24 VOLT COMBINATION VALVE, STEP-OPENING CONTROL WITH CONVERTIBLE REGULATOR., ROBERTSHAW 7200ERC5-S1 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7200ERCS-1 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7A3-C4F-005 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7A3-C4F-024 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7A3-C4F-025 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7C3-C4F-005 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7C3-C4F-023 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7C3-C4F-024 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7C7-C4F-005 Functional, UNI-LINE 120-474 Functional, UNI-LINE 120-474 Exact, UNI-LINE 63660 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345., UNI-LINE 720-C474 Functional, UNKNOWN 6244900 Functional, UNKNOWN 6244912 Functional, UNKNOWN 7656A326 Functional, UNKNOWN 7A3C4F005 Functional, UNKNOWN 7A3F8F025 Functional, UNKNOWN 7C7G8F545 Functional, UNKNOWN 7C7G8F545 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C12-31D Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-100 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-175 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-176 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-177 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-178 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-183 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-188 Functional, WHITE-RODGERS 36C67-189 Functional, YORK INTERNATIONAL 7956-336P Functional.

Price: $157.08

Compare at : $204.20

You Save     : $47.12

OEM : RobertShaw
Part# 720-474

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