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  • DA61-03230B | Samsung Refrigerator French Door Hinge


DA61-03230B | Samsung Refrigerator French Door Hinge

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SKU: DA61-03230B

French door hinge used in some Samsung refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: DA61-03230B, AP4141349, 2033392.


  • Approx. 1.25"L x 1"W x 1.5"H.
  • White.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Samsung RF197ABBP/XAA
Samsung RF197ABPN/XAA
Samsung RF197ABRS/XAA
Samsung RF197ABWP/XAA
Samsung RF197ACBP/XAA
Samsung RF197ACPN/XAA
Samsung RF197ACRS/XAA
Samsung RF197ACWP/XAA
Samsung RF217ABBP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ABPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ABRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF217ABWP/XAA
Samsung RF217ACBP/XAA
Samsung RF217ACPN/XAA
Samsung RF217ACRS/XAA
Samsung RF217ACWP/XAA
Samsung RF265AABP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF265AARS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF265AASH/XAA-0000
Samsung RF265AAWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF265ABBP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF265ABPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF265ABWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF266AABP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF266AARS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF266AASH/XAA-0000
Samsung RF266AAWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF266ABBP/XAA
Samsung RF266ABPN/XAA
Samsung RF266ABRS/XAA
Samsung RF266ABWP/XAA
Samsung RF266AZBP/XAA
Samsung RF266AZPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF266AZRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF266AZWP/XAA
Samsung RF267AABP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267AARS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267AASH/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267AAWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267ABBP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267ABPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267ABRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267ABWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267AZBP/XAA
Samsung RF267AZPN/XAA
Samsung RF267AZPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267AZRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF267AZWP/XAA
Samsung RF267HERS/XAA-0001
Samsung RF268ABBP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF268ABPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF268ABRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RF268ABWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF26VABBP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF26VABPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RF26VABWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RF26XAZRS/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG237AABP/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG237AAPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG237AARS/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG293HAPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG293HARS/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG293HARS/XAA-0001
Samsung RFG295AABP/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG295AAPN/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG295AARS/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG295AAWP/XAA-0000
Samsung RFG297AABP/XAA
Samsung RFG297AAPN/XAA
Samsung RFG297AARS/XAA
Samsung RFG297AAWP/XAA
Samsung RFG297ABBP/XAA
Samsung RFG297ABPN/XAA
Samsung RFG297ABRS/XAA
Samsung RFG297ABWP/XAA
Samsung RFG298AABP/XAA
Samsung RFG298AAPN/XAA
Samsung RFG298AARS
Samsung RFG298AARS/XAA
Samsung RFG298AAWP/XAA

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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