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  • W10827800 | Whirlpool Oven Halogen Light Bulb
  • W10827800-front

W10827800 | Whirlpool Oven Halogen Light Bulb

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SKU: W10827800

Halogen light bulb used on some Jenn-Air, Maytag, and Whirlpool range models.

Directly Replaces: 74004458, W10827800, 704473, AP5985809.


  • Approx. 1"L x .25"W.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool MGR6772BDB
Whirlpool MGR6772BDQ
Whirlpool MGR6772BDS
Whirlpool MGR6772BDW
Whirlpool JDS9860AAB
Whirlpool JDS9860AAW
Whirlpool JJW8627DDB
Whirlpool JJW8627DDQ
Whirlpool JJW8627DDS
Whirlpool JJW8627DDW
Whirlpool JJW8630DDB
Whirlpool JJW8630DDQ
Whirlpool JJW8630DDS
Whirlpool JJW8630DDW
Whirlpool JJW9627DDB
Whirlpool JJW9627DDS
Whirlpool JJW9627DDW
Whirlpool JJW9630DDB
Whirlpool JJW9827DDB
Whirlpool JJW9827DDP
Whirlpool JJW9827DDS
Whirlpool JJW9827DDW
Whirlpool JJW9830DDB
Whirlpool JJW9830DDP
Whirlpool JJW9830DDS
Whirlpool JJW9830DDW
Whirlpool RJDO2702A
Whirlpool RJDO2703A
Whirlpool RJDO3002A
Whirlpool MER6770AAB
Whirlpool MER6770ACB
Whirlpool MER6771AAB
Whirlpool JJW9527DDB
Whirlpool JJW9527DDS
Whirlpool JJW9527DDW
Whirlpool JJW9530DDB
Whirlpool JJW9530DDS
Whirlpool JJW9530DDW
Whirlpool JMW9527DAB
Whirlpool JMW9527DAS
Whirlpool JMW9527DAW
Whirlpool JMW9530DAB
Whirlpool JMW9530DAS
Whirlpool JMW9530DAW
Whirlpool MER6550BAW
Whirlpool MER6550BCW
Whirlpool MER6772BAW
Whirlpool MER6772BCW
Whirlpool MER6872BAW
Whirlpool MER6872BCW
Whirlpool JES9750AAB
Whirlpool JES9750AAS
Whirlpool JES9750AAW
Whirlpool JES9860AAB
Whirlpool JES9860AAS
Whirlpool JES9860AAW
Whirlpool JES9860ACB
Whirlpool JES9860ACS
Whirlpool JES9860ACW
Whirlpool JES9800AAS
Whirlpool JDS9860AAP
Whirlpool JES8750AAB
Whirlpool JES8750AAW
Whirlpool JES8850AAB
Whirlpool JES8850AAQ
Whirlpool JES8850AAS
Whirlpool JES8850AAW
Whirlpool JES9800AAB
Whirlpool JES9800AAQ
Whirlpool JES9800AAW
Whirlpool JGS8750ADB
Whirlpool JGS8750ADW
Whirlpool JGS8850ADB
Whirlpool JGS8850ADQ
Whirlpool JGS8850ADW
Whirlpool JES9800ACB
Whirlpool JES9800ACS
Whirlpool JDS8850AAB
Whirlpool JDS8850AAQ
Whirlpool JDS8850AAS
Whirlpool JDS8850AAW
Whirlpool JDS8850ACS
Whirlpool JDS8850ACW
Whirlpool JDS9860ACB
Whirlpool JDS9860ACP
Whirlpool JDS9860ACW
Whirlpool JDS9860BCP
Whirlpool JDS9861AAP
Whirlpool JES8850ACB
Whirlpool JES8850ACS
Whirlpool JES8850ACW
Whirlpool JJW8527DDB
Whirlpool JJW8527DDQ
Whirlpool JJW8527DDS
Whirlpool JJW8527DDW
Whirlpool JJW8530DDB
Whirlpool JJW8530DDQ
Whirlpool JJW8530DDS
Whirlpool JJW8530DDW
Whirlpool JJW9530DDP
Whirlpool JGS8850ADS
Whirlpool JMW8530DAB
Whirlpool JMW8530DAQ
Whirlpool JMW8530DAS
Whirlpool JMW8530DAW
Whirlpool MER6549BAQ
Whirlpool MER6549BAW
Whirlpool MER6550AAQ
Whirlpool MER6550AAW
Whirlpool MER6550ACQ
Whirlpool MER6550ACW
Whirlpool MER6550BAQ
Whirlpool MER6550BCQ
Whirlpool MER6769BAQ
Whirlpool MER6769BAW
Whirlpool MER6770AAC
Whirlpool MER6770AAQ
Whirlpool MER6770AAW
Whirlpool MER6771AAC
Whirlpool MER6771AAQ
Whirlpool MER6771AAW
Whirlpool MER6772BAB
Whirlpool MER6772BAC
Whirlpool MER6772BAQ
Whirlpool MER6772BAS
Whirlpool MER6750AAB
Whirlpool MER6750AAC
Whirlpool MER6750AAQ
Whirlpool JGS8750ADS
Whirlpool MER6770ACC
Whirlpool MER6770ACQ
Whirlpool MER6770ACW
Whirlpool MER6870AAB
Whirlpool MER6871AAB
Whirlpool JJW7530DDB
Whirlpool JJW7530DDS
Whirlpool JJW7530DDW
Whirlpool JMW8527DAS
Whirlpool MER6772BCB
Whirlpool MER6772BCQ
Whirlpool MER6772BCS
Whirlpool MER6870ACC
Whirlpool MER6870ACQ
Whirlpool MER6870ACW
Whirlpool MER6872BCB
Whirlpool MER6872BCQ
Whirlpool MER6872BCS
Whirlpool MER6872BAS
Whirlpool MER6872BAQ
Whirlpool MER6750AAW
Whirlpool JJW9630DDS
Whirlpool MER6872BAB
Whirlpool MER6870AAW
Whirlpool MER6870AAQ
Whirlpool MER6871AAC
Whirlpool JMW8527DAB
Whirlpool MER6871AAW
Whirlpool MER6750ACW
Whirlpool JES9800ACW
Whirlpool JJW9630DDW
Whirlpool JMW8527DAQ
Whirlpool JMW8527DAW
Whirlpool MER6750ACC
Whirlpool MER6750ACQ
Whirlpool MER6870AAC
Whirlpool MER6871AAQ
Whirlpool RJDO3003A
Whirlpool RJSO2701A
Whirlpool RJSO3001A

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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