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  • 00189351 | Bosch Halogen Lamp
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00189351 | Bosch Oven Halogen Lamp

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SKU: 00189351

Halogen lamp used on some Bosch, Gaggenau, and Thermador freezer, microwave, oven, vent hood, and refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 00189351, AP3954030, 1382262, 189351, 420228, 830236, PS8698462.


  • Approx. 1"L.
  • 20w.
  • 12v.

00189351 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Bosch HBL755 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBL645
Bosch HBL455 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBN642
Bosch HBL745 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBL646
Bosch HBL655
Bosch HBN445 AUC
Bosch HBL642
Bosch HBL765 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN655
Bosch HBL432 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL665
Bosch HBL756 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN456 AUC
Bosch HBL435 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL446 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL456 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL656
Bosch HBL666
Bosch HBL746 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN645
Bosch HBL445 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL452 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL742 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN455 AUC
Bosch HBN652
Bosch HBN656
Bosch HBN662
Bosch HBN742 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN745 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN755 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBL436 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL442 AUC (FD 8202-)
Bosch HBL632
Bosch HBL635
Bosch HBL636
Bosch HBL652
Bosch HBL662
Bosch HBL752 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN442 AUC
Bosch HBN446 AUC
Bosch HBN452 AUC
Bosch HBN646
Bosch HBN665
Bosch HBN666
Bosch HBN746 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN752 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN756 AUC (FD 8207-)
Bosch HBN765 AUC (FD 8207-)

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