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  • 00266746 | Bosch Dishwasher Control Board
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00266746 | Bosch Dishwasher Control Board

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SKU: 00266746

Control board used on some Bosch and Gaggenau dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: 00266746, AP2802870, 263832, 264093, 266746, 820940, AH3448454, EA3448454, PS3448454, PS8702141.


  • Approx. 8"L x 3.75"W.

NOTE: The manufacturer has redesigned the cover and indicator lights. Lights may be covered by the plastic case. You may have to remove the square covers over the indicator lights if needed. The same case is used for 6 and 8 indicator light models. They also no longer use the red bulb indicator lights, small surface mounted lights are used instead.

00266746 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Bosch SHU6805 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU6805 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHU6802 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5315 UC/06
Bosch SHU5305 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU6802 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHU5302 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5312 UC/06
Bosch SHU5315 UC/12
Bosch SHU5316 UC/06
Bosch SHU6806 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5305 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHU5312 UC/12
Bosch SHU5302 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHU5306 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHU6806 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHI6806 UC/06
Bosch SHU5315 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHU5306 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5315 UC/11
Bosch SHI6802 UC/06
Bosch SHI6805 UC/06
Bosch SHU5312 UC/11
Bosch SHU5314 UC/06
Bosch SHI6805 UC/11
Bosch SHU5315 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5304 UC/06 (FD 7705-7912)
Bosch SHU5317 UC/12
Bosch SHI6806 UC/12
Bosch SHU5305 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch SHI6805 UC/12
Bosch SHU5307 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5316 UC/12
Bosch SHU6805 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch SHU5315 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch SHU6806 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch SHU5302 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch SHU5316 UC/11
Bosch SHU5314 UC/11
Bosch SHU5304 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch SHU6802 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch GM926-710 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5304 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch SHU5306 UC/11 (FD 8001-8003)
Bosch GM926-710 UC/06 (FD 7710-7912)
Bosch SHI6802 UC/11
Bosch SHI6802 UC/12
Bosch GM926-710 UC/11 (FD 7912-8003)
Bosch SHI6806 UC/11
Bosch SHU5314 UC/12
Bosch GM915-710 UC/06 (FD 7710-7912)
Bosch GM915-710 UC/12 (FD 8003-)
Bosch GM915-710 UC/11 (FD 7912-8003)

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1 Year Limited Warranty

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