00422201 | Bosch Dryer Leveling Foot

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Sku:  00422201
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Leveling foot used on some Bosch dryer models.

Directly Replaces: 00422201, AP3702351, 1105532, 422201, AH3462899, EA3462899, PS3462899.


  • Approx. 2"H x 1" Diameter.
  • White.

Compatible with the following models:

Bosch WTMC3300US-01
Bosch WTMC3321US-03
Bosch WTMC3321US-05
Bosch WTMC332BUS-05
Bosch WTMC332RUS-05
Bosch WTMC3521UC-03
Bosch WTMC3521UC-05
Bosch WTMC5330US-06
Bosch WTMC6500UC-01
Bosch WTVC3300US-09
Bosch WTVC3500UC-09
Bosch WTVC533AUS-09
Bosch WTVC533CUS-09
Bosch WTVC533CUS-10
Bosch WTVC533CUS-11
Bosch WTVC533SUS-09
Bosch WTVC5530UC-09
Bosch WTVC553AUC-09
Bosch WTVC553CUC-09
Bosch WTVC553CUC-10
Bosch WTVC553SUC-09
Bosch WTVC833PUS-09
Bosch WTVC833PUS-10
Bosch WTVC833PUS-11
Bosch WTVC8530UC-09
Bosch WTVC853PUC-09
Bosch WTVC853PUC-10

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