00645038 | Bosch Dishwasher Micro-Filter

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Sku:  00645038
Condition:  New
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Micro-Filter used on some Bosch, Gaggenau and Thermador models.

Directly Replaces: AP4339631, 1560725, 645038, AH3479708, EA3479708, PS3479708, PS8730270.


  • Approximately 5-1/4"L x 3-1/4" Diameter.

Compatible with the following models:

Bosch SBV50E10GB/01
Bosch SBV50E10GB/17
Bosch SBV50E10GB/21
Bosch SBV50E10GB/25
Bosch SBV50E10GB/28
Bosch SBV50E10GB/29
Bosch SBV50E10GB/31
Bosch SBV50E10GB/32
Bosch SBV65E00GB/50
Bosch SBV65E00GB/51
Bosch SBV65E00GB/52
Bosch SBV65E00GB/55
Bosch SBV65E00GB/73
Bosch SBV65E00GB/75
Bosch SBV65M00GB/01
Bosch SBV65M00GB/32
Bosch SBV65M00GB/35
Bosch SBV65M00GB/38
Bosch SBV65M00GB/43
Bosch SBV65M00GB/44
Bosch SBV65M00GB/51
Bosch SBV65M00GB/52
Bosch SBV69M10GB/01
Bosch SBV69M10GB/13
Bosch SBV69M10GB/14
Bosch SBV69M10GB/16
Bosch SBV69M10GB/18
Bosch SBV69M10GB/19
Bosch SPS40C12GB/01
Bosch SPS40C12GB/06
Bosch SPS40C12GB/07
Bosch SPS40C12GB/08
Bosch SPS40C12GB/09
Bosch SPS40C12GB/14
Bosch SPS53E12GB/01
Bosch SPS53E12GB/05
Bosch SPS53E12GB/06
Bosch SPS53E12GB/07
Bosch SPS53E12GB/09
Bosch SPS53E12GB/14
Bosch SPS53E18GB/01
Bosch SPS53E18GB/05
Bosch SPS53E18GB/06
Bosch SPS53E18GB/07
Bosch SPS53E18GB/09
Bosch SPS53E18GB/14
Bosch SPS58M38EU/01
Bosch SPS58M38EU/05
Bosch SPS58M38EU/06
Bosch SPS58M38EU/07
Bosch SPS58M38EU/09
Bosch SPS59L12GB/01
Bosch SPS59L12GB/05
Bosch SPS59L12GB/06
Bosch SPS59L12GB/07
Bosch SPS59L12GB/09
Bosch SPS59L12GB/14
Bosch SPV40C00GB/01
Bosch SPV40C00GB/05
Bosch SPV40C00GB/06
Bosch SPV40C00GB/07
Bosch SPV40C00GB/08
Bosch SPV40C00GB/09
Bosch SPV40C00GB/11
Bosch SPV40C00GB/14
Bosch SPV68L00GB/01
Bosch SPV68L00GB/05
Bosch SPV68L00GB/06
Bosch SPV68L00GB/07
Bosch SPV68L00GB/09
Bosch SPV68L00GB/11
Bosch SPV68L00GB/14
Neff S48E50N0EU/01
Neff S48E50N0EU/06
Neff S48E50N0EU/07
Neff S48E50N0EU/09
Neff S48E50N0EU/11
Neff S48E50N0EU/14
Neff S52E50X1GB/01
Neff S52E50X1GB/17
Neff S52E50X1GB/21
Neff S52E50X1GB/25
Neff S52E50X1GB/28
Neff S52E50X1GB/29
Neff S52E50X1GB/31
Neff S52E50X1GB/32
Neff S52E50X1GB/35
Neff S52M69X1GB/01
Neff S52M69X1GB/13
Neff S52M69X1GB/14
Neff S52M69X1GB/16
Neff S52M69X1GB/18
Neff S52M69X1GB/19
Neff S52M69X1GB/21
Neff S52M69X1GB/22
Neff S52M69X1GB/23
Neff S58M40X0GB/01
Neff S58M40X0GB/05
Neff S58M40X0GB/06
Neff S58M40X0GB/07
Neff S58M40X0GB/09
Neff S58M40X0GB/11
Neff S58M40X0GB/14
Neff S58M69X0GB/01
Neff S58M69X0GB/05
Neff S58M69X0GB/06
Neff S58M69X0GB/07
Neff S58M69X0GB/09
Neff S58T69X0GB/01
Neff S58T69X0GB/14
Neff S71M63X1GB/01
Neff S71M63X1GB/44
Neff S71M63X1GB/50
Neff S71M63X1GB/51
Neff S71M63X1GB/52
Neff S71M63X1GB/55
Neff S71M63X1GB/58
Neff S71M63X1GB/59
Neff S71M63X2GB/50
Neff S71M63X2GB/73
Neff S71M63X2GB/75
Neff S71M63X2GB/80
Neff S72M63X1GB/01
Neff S72M63X1GB/32
Neff S72M63X1GB/35
Neff S72M63X1GB/43
Neff S72M63X1GB/44
Neff S72M63X1GB/50
Neff S72M63X1GB/51
Neff S72M63X1GB/52
Neff S72M63X1GB/55
Neff S72M63X1GB/58
Neff S72M63X1GB/59
Neff S72M63X2GB/50
Neff S72M63X2GB/73
Neff S72M63X2GB/75
Neff S72M63X2GB/80
Neff S72M69X1GB/01
Neff S72M69X1GB/21
Neff S72M69X1GB/22
Neff S72M69X1GB/23
Neff S72M69X1GB/25
Neff S72M69X1GB/28
Neff S72M69X1GB/32
Neff S72M69X1GB/35
Neff S72T69X2GB/01
Neff S72T69X2GB/32
Neff S72T69X2GB/43
Neff S72T69X2GB/44
Neff S72T69X2GB/50
Neff S72T69X2GB/51
Neff S72T69X2GB/52
Neff S72T69X2GB/55
Neff S72T69X2GB/58
Neff S72T69X2GB/59
Neff S72T69X3GB/50
Neff S72T69X3GB/52
Neff S72T69X3GB/55
Neff S72T69X3GB/56
Neff S72T69X3GB/58
Neff S72T69X3GB/70
Neff S72T69X3GB/73
Neff S72T69X3GB/75
Neff S72T69X3GB/80
Siemens SN24M230EU/07
Siemens SN55M200GB/01
Siemens SN55M200GB/16
Siemens SN55M500GB/01
Siemens SN55M500GB/16
Siemens SN55M530EU/01
Siemens SN55M530EU/02
Siemens SN55M530EU/04
Siemens SN55M530EU/08
Siemens SN55M530EU/21
Siemens SN55M530EU/25
Siemens SN55M530EU/28
Siemens SN55M530EU/29
Siemens SN55M530EU/32
Siemens SN55M600GB/01
Siemens SN55M600GB/16
Siemens SN56T591GB/01
Siemens SN56T591GB/11
Siemens SN56T591GB/15
Siemens SN56T591GB/18
Siemens SN56T591GB/21
Siemens SN56T591GB/22
Siemens SN56T591GB/23
Siemens SN56T591GB/25
Siemens SN56T591GB/28
Siemens SN56T591GB/32
Siemens SN56T592GB/01
Siemens SN56T592GB/32
Siemens SN56T592GB/43
Siemens SN56T592GB/44
Siemens SN56T592GB/50
Siemens SN56T592GB/51
Siemens SN56T592GB/52
Siemens SN56T592GB/53
Siemens SN56T592GB/55
Siemens SN56T592GB/73
Siemens SN65E000GB/01
Siemens SN65E000GB/16
Siemens SN65E000GB/17
Siemens SN65E000GB/21
Siemens SN65E000GB/25
Siemens SN65E000GB/26
Siemens SN65E000GB/28
Siemens SN65E000GB/31
Siemens SN65E000GB/34
Siemens SN65E001GB/01
Siemens SN65E001GB/03
Siemens SN65E001GB/04
Siemens SN65E001GB/06
Siemens SN65E001GB/07
Siemens SN65E001GB/10
Siemens SN65E001GB/13
Siemens SN65E001GB/14
Siemens SN65E001GB/18
Siemens SN65E001GB/19
Siemens SN65M000EU/01
Siemens SN65M000EU/02
Siemens SN65M000EU/04
Siemens SN65M000EU/13
Siemens SN65M000EU/16
Siemens SN65M000EU/21
Siemens SN65M000EU/25
Siemens SN65M000EU/28
Siemens SN65M000EU/29
Siemens SN65M000EU/32
Siemens SN65M000EU/35
Siemens SN65M030GB/01
Siemens SN65M030GB/13
Siemens SN65M030GB/16
Siemens SN65M030GB/26
Siemens SN65M030GB/28
Siemens SN65M031GB/01
Siemens SN65M031GB/02
Siemens SN65M031GB/03
Siemens SN65M031GB/04
Siemens SN65M031GB/06
Siemens SN65M031GB/07
Siemens SN65M031GB/10
Siemens SN65M031GB/13
Siemens SN65M031GB/14
Siemens SN65M031GB/18
Siemens SN65M031GB/19
Siemens SR26M230GB/01
Siemens SR26M230GB/05
Siemens SR26M230GB/06
Siemens SR26M230GB/07

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