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  • 0161P00055S | Goodman Air Conditioner Fan Blade

0161P00055S | Goodman Air Conditioner Fan Blade

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SKU: 0161P00055S

Fan blade used on some Amana and Goodman air conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 0161P00055S, AP6031019, 4454490, 0161P00030SA, 0161P00030, 161P00030S.


  • Approx. 13 7/8" Diameter.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Goodman DRY093E25CXXX
Goodman DRY093E25CXXXAB
Goodman DRY093E35AXXX
Goodman DRY093E35AXXXAB
Goodman DRY093E35CXXX
Goodman DRY093E35CXXXAB
Goodman PTC073E00HVXX
Goodman PTC073E00HVXXAB
Goodman PTC073E00RXXX
Goodman PTC073E00RXXXAB
Goodman PTC073E25VXXX
Goodman PTC073E25VXXXAB
Goodman PTC092G00HXXX
Goodman PTC092G00HXXXAA
Goodman PTC093G00AXXX
Goodman PTC093G00AXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G00DHRX
Goodman PTC093G00DHRXAB
Goodman PTC093G00HRXX
Goodman PTC093G00HRXXAB
Goodman PTC093G00HVXX
Goodman PTC093G00HVXXAB
Goodman PTC093G00HXXX
Goodman PTC093G00HXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G00RXXX
Goodman PTC093G00RXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G15AXXX
Goodman PTC093G15AXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G25AXXX
Goodman PTC093G25AXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G25CXXX
Goodman PTC093G25CXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G25RXXX
Goodman PTC093G25RXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G35CQXX
Goodman PTC093G35CQXXAB
Goodman PTC093G35CRXX
Goodman PTC093G35CRXXAB
Goodman PTC093G35CXXX
Goodman PTC093G35CXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G35DXXX
Goodman PTC093G35DXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G35QRXX
Goodman PTC093G35QRXXAB
Goodman PTC093G35QXXX
Goodman PTC093G35QXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G35RXXX
Goodman PTC093G35RXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G50AXXX
Goodman PTC093G50AXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G50CXXX
Goodman PTC093G50CXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G50QXXX
Goodman PTC093G50QXXXAB
Goodman PTC093G50RXXX
Goodman PTC093G50RXXXAB
Goodman PTC105E00AXXX
Goodman PTC105E00AXXXAB
Goodman PTC105E00CRXX
Goodman PTC105E00CRXXAB
Goodman PTC125G00AXXX
Goodman PTC125G00AXXXAA
Goodman PTC125G00CRXX
Goodman PTC125G00CRXXAA
Goodman PTC125G30AXXX
Goodman PTC125G30AXXXAA
Goodman PTC125G30CXXX
Goodman PTC125G30CXXXAA
Goodman PTC153G50CXXX
Goodman PTC153G50CXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G00AXXX
Goodman PTC154G00AXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G00HRXX
Goodman PTC154G00HRXXAA
Goodman PTC154G00HXXX
Goodman PTC154G00HXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G25AXXX
Goodman PTC154G25AXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G25RXXX
Goodman PTC154G25RXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G25VXXX
Goodman PTC154G25VXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G35AXXX
Goodman PTC154G35AXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G35CXXX
Goodman PTC154G35CXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G35QRXX
Goodman PTC154G35QRXXAA
Goodman PTC154G35QXXX
Goodman PTC154G35QXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G35RXXX
Goodman PTC154G35RXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G50AXXX
Goodman PTC154G50AXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G50DXXX
Goodman PTC154G50DXXXAA
Goodman PTC154G50RXXX
Goodman PTC154G50RXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G15AXXX
Goodman PTH073G15AXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G15DXXX
Goodman PTH073G15DXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25AXXX
Goodman PTH073G25AXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25CQXX
Goodman PTH073G25CQXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25CRXX
Goodman PTH073G25CRXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25CXXX
Goodman PTH073G25CXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25DRXX
Goodman PTH073G25DRXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25DXXX
Goodman PTH073G25DXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25PXXX
Goodman PTH073G25PXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25QXXX
Goodman PTH073G25QXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25RXXX
Goodman PTH073G25RXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G25VXXX
Goodman PTH073G25VXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35AXXX
Goodman PTH073G35AXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35CXXX
Goodman PTH073G35CXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35DXXX
Goodman PTH073G35DXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35PXXX
Goodman PTH073G35PXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35QRXX
Goodman PTH073G35QRXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35QXXX
Goodman PTH073G35QXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35RXXX
Goodman PTH073G35RXXXAA
Goodman PTH073G35VXXX
Goodman PTH073G35VXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G15DXXX
Goodman PTH093G15DXXXAB
Goodman PTH093G25AXXX
Goodman PTH093G25AXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G25CXXX
Goodman PTH093G25CXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G25DRXX
Goodman PTH093G25DRXXAA
Goodman PTH093G25DXXX
Goodman PTH093G25DXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G25PXXX
Goodman PTH093G25PXXXAB
Goodman PTH093G25QRXX
Goodman PTH093G25QRXXAB
Goodman PTH093G25QXXX
Goodman PTH093G25QXXXAB
Goodman PTH093G25RXXX
Goodman PTH093G25RXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G25VXXX
Goodman PTH093G25VXXXAB
Goodman PTH093G35AXXX
Goodman PTH093G35AXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35CRXX
Goodman PTH093G35CRXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35CXXX
Goodman PTH093G35CXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35DRXX
Goodman PTH093G35DRXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35DXXX
Goodman PTH093G35DXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35PXXX
Goodman PTH093G35PXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35QRXX
Goodman PTH093G35QRXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35QXXX
Goodman PTH093G35QXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35RVXX
Goodman PTH093G35RVXXAB
Goodman PTH093G35RXXX
Goodman PTH093G35RXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G35VXXX
Goodman PTH093G35VXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G50AXXX
Goodman PTH093G50AXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G50CXXX
Goodman PTH093G50CXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G50DXXX
Goodman PTH093G50DXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G50QRXX
Goodman PTH093G50QRXXAB
Goodman PTH093G50RXXX
Goodman PTH093G50RXXXAA
Goodman PTH093G50VXXX
Goodman PTH093G50VXXXAA

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13 7/8" 

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