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  • 0171M00001S | Goodman Furnace Draft Inducer Motor
  • 0171M00001S Side
  • 0171M00001S Bottom
  • 0171M00001S Top
  • 0171M00001S Hardware

0171M00001S | Goodman Furnace Draft Inducer Motor

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$126.03 $111.75
SKU: 0171M00001S

Draft Inducer Motor used on some Amana, Goodman, Kenmore and Xenon furnace models.

Directly Replaces: 0171M00001S, 0171M00001, 20190601, 22307501S, 0171M00000, 22307501, 0171M00000S, 20190601, 22307501S.


  • Includes: Inducer, (3) Large Mounting Screws, (2) Small Mounting Screws.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Goodman ACS90453BXA/P1257001F
Goodman ACS90453BXA/P1257007F
Goodman ACS90703BXA
Goodman ACS90703BXA/P1257002F
Goodman ACS90703BXA/P1257008F
Goodman ACS90704CXA
Goodman ACS90704CXA/P1257003F
Goodman ACS90704CXA/P1257009F
Goodman ACS90904CXA
Goodman ACS90904CXA/P1257004F
Goodman ACS90904CXA/P1257010F
Goodman ACS90905DXA
Goodman ACS90905DXA/P1257005F
Goodman ACS91155DXA
Goodman ACS91155DXA/P1257006F
Goodman AMH950453BX
Goodman AMH950453BXAA
Goodman AMH950453BXAB
Goodman AMH950453BXAC
Goodman AMH950703BX
Goodman AMH950703BXAA
Goodman AMH950703BXAB
Goodman AMH950703BXAC
Goodman AMH950703BXAD
Goodman AMH950704CX
Goodman AMH950704CXAA
Goodman AMH950704CXAB
Goodman AMH950704CXAC
Goodman AMH950904CX
Goodman AMH950904CXAA
Goodman AMH950904CXAB
Goodman AMH950904CXAC
Goodman AMH950904CXAD
Goodman AMH950905CX
Goodman AMH950905CXAA
Goodman AMH950905DX
Goodman AMH950905DXAA
Goodman AMH950905DXAB
Goodman AMH950905DXAC
Goodman AMH951155DX
Goodman AMH951155DXAA
Goodman AMH951155DXAB
Goodman AMH951155DXAC
Goodman AMH951155DXAD
Goodman AMS90453BXA
Goodman P1256601F
Goodman P1256607F
Goodman AMS90703BXA
Goodman P1256602F
Goodman P1256608F
Goodman AMS90704CXA
Goodman P1256603F
Goodman P1256609F
Goodman AMS90904CXA
Goodman P1256604F
Goodman P1256610F
Goodman AMS90905DXA
Goodman P1256605F
Goodman AMS91155DXA
Goodman P1256606F
Goodman AMS950453BX
Goodman AMS950453BXAB
Goodman AMS950453BXA
Goodman AMS950453BXA
Goodman AMS950703BX
Goodman AMS950703BXAB
Goodman AMS950703BXA
Goodman AMS950703BXA
Goodman AMS950704CX
Goodman AMS950704CXAB
Goodman AMS950704CXA
Goodman AMS950704CXA
Goodman AMS950904CX
Goodman AMS950904CXAB
Goodman AMS950904CXA
Goodman AMS950904CXA
Goodman AMS950905DXA
Goodman AMS950905DXA
Goodman AMS951155DX
Goodman AMS951155DXAB
Goodman AMS951155DXA
Goodman AMS951155DXA
Goodman DMS90453BXA
Goodman P1256701F
Goodman P1256707F
Goodman DMS90703BXA
Goodman P1256702F
Goodman P1256708F
Goodman DMS90704CXA
Goodman P1256703F
Goodman P1256709F
Goodman DMS90904CXA
Goodman P1256704F
Goodman P1256710F
Goodman DMS90905DXA
Goodman P1256705F
Goodman DMS91155DXA
Goodman P1256706F
Goodman GCH90453BX
Goodman GCH90453BXAA
Goodman GCH90453BXAB
Goodman GCH90703BX
Goodman GCH90703BXAA
Goodman GCH90703BXAB
Goodman GCH90704CX
Goodman GCH90704CXAA
Goodman GCH90704CXAB
Goodman GCH90904CX
Goodman GCH90904CXAA
Goodman GCH90904CXAB
Goodman GCH90905DX
Goodman GCH90905DXAA
Goodman GCH90905DXAB
Goodman GCH91155DX
Goodman GCH91155DXAA
Goodman GCH91155DXAB
Goodman GCH91155DXAC
Goodman GCH950453BX
Goodman GCH950453BXAA
Goodman GCH950453BXAB
Goodman GCH950703BX
Goodman GCH950703BXAA
Goodman GCH950703BXAB
Goodman GCH950704CX
Goodman GCH950704CXAA
Goodman GCH950704CXAB
Goodman GCH950904CX
Goodman GCH950904CXAA
Goodman GCH950904CXAB
Goodman GCH950904CXAC
Goodman GCH950905DX
Goodman GCH950905DXAA
Goodman GCH950905DXAB
Goodman GCS90453BXA
Goodman P1257201F
Goodman P1257207F
Goodman GCS90703BXA
Goodman P1257202F
Goodman P1257208F
Goodman GCS90904CXA
Goodman P1257204F
Goodman P1257209F
Goodman GCS91155DXA
Goodman P1257206F
Goodman GKS90453BX
Goodman GKS90453BXAA
Goodman GKS90453BXAB
Goodman GKS90453BXAC
Goodman GKS90453BXAD
Goodman GKS90703BX
Goodman GKS90703BXAA
Goodman GKS90703BXAB
Goodman GKS90703BXAC
Goodman GKS90703BXAD
Goodman GKS90703BXAE
Goodman GKS90703BXAF
Goodman GKS90704CX
Goodman GKS90704CXAA
Goodman GKS90704CXAB
Goodman GKS90704CXAC
Goodman GKS90704CXAD
Goodman GKS90904CX
Goodman GKS90904CXAA
Goodman GKS90904CXAB
Goodman GKS90904CXAC
Goodman GKS90904CXAD
Goodman GKS90904CXAE
Goodman GKS90904CXAF
Goodman GKS90905DX
Goodman GKS90905DXAA
Goodman GKS90905DXAB
Goodman GKS90905DXAC
Goodman GKS90905DXAD
Goodman GKS91155DX
Goodman GKS91155DXAA
Goodman GKS91155DXAB
Goodman GKS91155DXAC
Goodman GKS91155DXAD
Goodman GKS91155DXAE
Goodman GME950403BX
Goodman GME950403BXAA
Goodman GME950603BX
Goodman GME950603BXAA
Goodman GME950805CX
Goodman GME950805CXAA
Goodman GME951005DX
Goodman GME951005DXAA
Goodman GMH950453BX
Goodman GMH950453BXAA
Goodman GMH950453BXAB
Goodman GMH950453BXAC
Goodman GMH950703BX
Goodman GMH950703BXAA
Goodman GMH950703BXAB
Goodman GMH950703BXAC
Goodman GMH950703BXAD
Goodman GMH950704CX
Goodman GMH950704CXAA
Goodman GMH950704CXAB
Goodman GMH950704CXAC
Goodman GMH950904CX
Goodman GMH950904CXAA
Goodman GMH950904CXAB
Goodman GMH950904CXAC
Goodman GMH950904CXAD
Goodman GMH950905CX
Goodman GMH950905CXAA
Goodman GMH950905DX
Goodman GMH950905DXAA
Goodman GMH950905DXAB
Goodman GMH950905DXAC
Goodman GMH951155DX
Goodman GMH951155DXAA
Goodman GMH951155DXAB
Goodman GMH951155DXAC
Goodman GMH951155DXAD
Goodman GMS90453BXA
Goodman P1256801F
Goodman P1256807F
Goodman GMS90703BXA
Goodman P1256802F
Goodman P1256808F
Goodman GMS90904CXA
Goodman P1256804F
Goodman P1256809F
Goodman GMS91155DXA
Goodman P1256806F
Goodman GMS950453BX
Goodman GMS950453BXAB
Goodman GMS950703BX
Goodman GMS950703BXAB
Goodman GMS950704CX
Goodman GMS950704CXAB
Goodman GMS950904CX
Goodman GMS950904CXAB
Goodman GMS951155DX
Goodman GMS951155DXAB
Goodman GUCA045AX30
Goodman P1219301F
Goodman P1239301F
Goodman GUCA045BX30
Goodman P1241601F

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