1168670 | Whirlpool Dehumidifier Humidistat

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Sku:  1168670
Condition:  New
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Humidistat used on some Kenmore, Roper, and Whirlpool dehumidifier models.

Directly Replaces: WP1168670, 1168670, AP2902659, 399011, AH319548, EA319548, PS319548.


  • Approx. 3.25"L x 1.5"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool AD40DSL0
Whirlpool AD40G1
Whirlpool AD40G2
Whirlpool AD40J0
Whirlpool AD40J1
Whirlpool AD40TH0
Whirlpool AD50G1
Whirlpool AD50G2
Whirlpool AD50J1
Whirlpool DH25H0
Whirlpool DH25J0
Whirlpool DH25J2
Whirlpool DH25K0
Whirlpool DH40H0
Whirlpool DH40J1
Whirlpool AD25BSS0
Whirlpool AD25DSS0
Whirlpool AD25DSS1
Whirlpool AD35DSS0
Whirlpool AD35DSS1
Whirlpool AD50DSS0
Whirlpool AD50DSS1
Whirlpool AD50DSS2
Whirlpool 4AD50DSL1
Whirlpool AD050SG0
Whirlpool DH50G0
Whirlpool DH50H0
Whirlpool AD025SG0
Whirlpool AD025SJ0
Whirlpool AD040SG0
Whirlpool AD25BBL0
Whirlpool AD25BBL2
Whirlpool AD25BBL3
Whirlpool AD25BBL4
Whirlpool AD25BBL6
Whirlpool AD25BBL7
Whirlpool AD25BBL8
Whirlpool AD25BBR0
Whirlpool AD25BBR1
Whirlpool AD25BSR0
Whirlpool AD25CH0
Whirlpool AD25G0
Whirlpool AD25G1
Whirlpool AD25J0
Whirlpool AD25J2
Whirlpool DH600K0
Whirlpool AD40DSL3
Whirlpool AD50DSL4
Whirlpool AD40DSL1
Whirlpool DH500K0
Whirlpool AD40DSR1
Whirlpool AD50DSR1
Whirlpool RD50CBM4
Whirlpool AD40DSL4
Whirlpool AD40DSL5
Whirlpool AD40DSR0
Whirlpool AD50DSL5
Whirlpool RD50CBM0
Whirlpool RD50CBM1
Whirlpool RD50CBM2
Whirlpool RD50CBM3
Whirlpool AD25TH0
Whirlpool AD25TJ0
Whirlpool AD25GO
Whirlpool AD25J1
Whirlpool AD41G0
Whirlpool DH25G0
Whirlpool DH30G0
Whirlpool DH40G0
Whirlpool 10657300790
Whirlpool 10657400790
Whirlpool 10657250790
Whirlpool 10657500790

1 Year Limited Warranty

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