12001541 | Whirlpool Dryer Drum Roller

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Sku:  12001541
Condition:  New
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Dryer Drum Roller used on some Crosley, Jenn-Air, Maytag and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: AP4008534, 3-3373, 303373, 400518, AH1570070, DE693, EA1570070, K35-248, PS1570070, W10116741, Y303373.


  • Approx. 3" in Diameter.
  • Drum support roller comes with a bearing and 2 washers.
  • It is recommended to replace both rollers at the same time.
  • For front support bearing kit order 306508.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool CDE4205AYJ
Whirlpool CDE4205AYW
Whirlpool CDE4205AZJ
Whirlpool CDE4205AZW
Whirlpool CDG4205AWJ
Whirlpool CDG4205AWW
Whirlpool MDE21PDAGW
Whirlpool MDE21PNAGW
Whirlpool MDG21PDAGW
Whirlpool MDG21PNAGW
Whirlpool MDG6800AWQ
Whirlpool MDG6800AWW
Whirlpool MDG9800AWQ
Whirlpool MDG9800AWW
Whirlpool MDE9800AYQ
Whirlpool MDE9800AYW
Whirlpool MDE9800AZQ
Whirlpool MDE9800AZW
Whirlpool MDE6800AYQ
Whirlpool MDE6800AYW
Whirlpool MDE6800AZQ
Whirlpool MDE6800AZW
Whirlpool NDE6800AYW
Whirlpool NDG6800AWW
Whirlpool MDE5500AYW
Whirlpool MDE4000AYW
Whirlpool MDE3000AYW
Whirlpool MDG5500AWW
Whirlpool MDE9206AYW
Whirlpool MDG3000AWW
Whirlpool MDE9606AYW
Whirlpool MDG4000BWW
Whirlpool MDE7600AYW
Whirlpool MDE6000AYW
Whirlpool MLE2000AYW
Whirlpool MDE9316AYW
Whirlpool MDG7600AWW
Whirlpool LSE7806ACE
Whirlpool MDE6400AYW
Whirlpool MDE7400AYW
Whirlpool LDE7304ACE
Whirlpool SE1000
Whirlpool DE412
Whirlpool LDE9304ACE
Whirlpool LSG7806AAE
Whirlpool MDE6200AYW
Whirlpool MDG9606AWW
Whirlpool DE303
Whirlpool LDE7500ACW
Whirlpool LDE4914ACE
Whirlpool LDE9206ACE
Whirlpool LSE7804ACE
Whirlpool MDG9316AWW
Whirlpool MLG2000AWW
Whirlpool DE312
Whirlpool LDE8624ACE
Whirlpool LDE412
Whirlpool MDG7400AWW
Whirlpool LDE7334ACE
Whirlpool MDE9706AYW
Whirlpool MDG6200AWW
Whirlpool MDG9206AWW
Whirlpool LDE8604ACE
Whirlpool MDG6000BWW
Whirlpool MDE9306AYW
Whirlpool MDE9806AYW
Whirlpool MDE2500AYW
Whirlpool DE410
Whirlpool LSE1000
Whirlpool MDG6400AWW
Whirlpool DG412
Whirlpool LDG7304AAE
Whirlpool LDE5914ACE
Whirlpool LDE8404ACE
Whirlpool LDE5004ACW
Whirlpool DG303
Whirlpool LDE8414ACE
Whirlpool LDE8904ACE
Whirlpool LDG9304AAE
Whirlpool MDG9306AWW
Whirlpool DE482
Whirlpool MDG3000AWA
Whirlpool DE512
Whirlpool DG512
Whirlpool LDG9606AAE
Whirlpool LSG7804AAE
Whirlpool DG312
Whirlpool LDE712
Whirlpool LDE8704ACE
Whirlpool LDE9334ACE
Whirlpool MDE7057AYW
Whirlpool LDE9306ACE
Whirlpool LDE9806ACE
Whirlpool LDG8424AAE
Whirlpool MDE7657AYW
Whirlpool MDG8600AWW
Whirlpool MDE2600AYW
Whirlpool MDE3500AYW
Whirlpool DE212
Whirlpool LDE312
Whirlpool LDE5005ACE
Whirlpool LDE7314ACE
Whirlpool LDE8424ACE
Whirlpool LDE9824ACE
Whirlpool LDG8404AAE
Whirlpool MDE2300AYW
Whirlpool MDE4000AYQ
Whirlpool MDE5500AYQ
Whirlpool MDG8400AWW
Whirlpool LDE482
Whirlpool MDE8600AYW
Whirlpool MDG4000AWW
Whirlpool LDE8200ACW
Whirlpool LDE8616ACE
Whirlpool LDE8706ACE
Whirlpool LDE9316ACE
Whirlpool LDG7500
Whirlpool MHW2000AWW
Whirlpool LDE9606ACE
Whirlpool MDE16CSAYW
Whirlpool MDE6657BYW
Whirlpool MDE8400AYW
Whirlpool MDG9706AWW
Whirlpool SG1000
Whirlpool DE313
Whirlpool LDE4916ACE
Whirlpool LDE9314ACE
Whirlpool LDG4914AAE
Whirlpool LDG7334AAE
Whirlpool MDE8000AYW
Whirlpool MDG2500BWW
Whirlpool LDE512
Whirlpool LDE612
Whirlpool LDG7500AAW
Whirlpool MDE2301AYW
Whirlpool LDG8506AAE
Whirlpool MDE7500AYW
Whirlpool MDE7657BYW
Whirlpool MDG6657BWW
Whirlpool DE612
Whirlpool MDG7500AWW
Whirlpool DG313
Whirlpool DG410
Whirlpool LDE8506ACE
Whirlpool LDE8626ACE
Whirlpool LDG8704AAE
Whirlpool LDG9806AAE
Whirlpool MDE7057AYQ
Whirlpool MDG5500AWQ
Whirlpool MDG9316BWW
Whirlpool MDG9806AWW
Whirlpool DG610
Whirlpool LDE7500
Whirlpool LDE9804ACE
Whirlpool LDG312
Whirlpool LDG412
Whirlpool LDG5005AAE
Whirlpool LDG9306AAE
Whirlpool LDG9316AAE
Whirlpool DG712
Whirlpool LDE8200
Whirlpool LSG1000
Whirlpool MDE6000AYQ
Whirlpool MDE7400AYQ
Whirlpool MDE9420AYW
Whirlpool MDG9206BWW
Whirlpool LDE8500ACW
Whirlpool LDE8824ACE
Whirlpool LDE9304ACM
Whirlpool LDG6914AAE
Whirlpool LDG7600AAW
Whirlpool LDG9334AAE
Whirlpool MDG3500BWW
Whirlpool MDG6000AWW
Whirlpool DE7500
Whirlpool DG7500
Whirlpool LDE303
Whirlpool LDE410
Whirlpool LDE7500ACL
Whirlpool LDE7600ACL
Whirlpool LDG5914AAE
Whirlpool LDG7314AAE
Whirlpool LDG8604AAE
Whirlpool LDG8624AAE
Whirlpool LDG9824AAE
Whirlpool MDE16MNAYW
Whirlpool DE308
Whirlpool DG7600
Whirlpool LDE4000ACW
Whirlpool LDE6004ACW
Whirlpool LDE8406ACE
Whirlpool LDG512
Whirlpool LDG7304AAM
Whirlpool LDG8304AAE
Whirlpool LSE7800ACW
Whirlpool MDE12CSACW
Whirlpool MDE5000AYW
Whirlpool MDE6460AYW
Whirlpool MDE9557AYW
Whirlpool MDG4000BWQ
Whirlpool MDG8416AWW
Whirlpool DE309
Whirlpool DG212
Whirlpool DG882
Whirlpool LDE7600ACW
Whirlpool LDE8304ACE
Whirlpool LDE8426ACE
Whirlpool LDG9206AAE
Whirlpool MDE3000AYA
Whirlpool MDE7658AYW
Whirlpool MDE9357AYW
Whirlpool MDG7657AWW
Whirlpool MLG23PDHWW
Whirlpool SE7800
Whirlpool DE7600
Whirlpool DG8000
Whirlpool LDE7334ACM
Whirlpool LDG5004AAW
Whirlpool LDG612
Whirlpool LDG8410AAW
Whirlpool LDG8904AAE
Whirlpool LDG9804AAE
Whirlpool MDE7658BYW
Whirlpool MDG8000BWW
Whirlpool MUG2000AWW
Whirlpool DE712
Whirlpool DE8200
Whirlpool DE8410
Whirlpool LDG27CD
Whirlpool LDG8406AAE
Whirlpool LDG8426AAE
Whirlpool LSE7800ACL
Whirlpool MDE7657BYQ
Whirlpool MDE8506AYW
Whirlpool MDE9606AYA
Whirlpool MDG5000BWW
Whirlpool DE409
Whirlpool DE5910
Whirlpool DE8500
Whirlpool DG510
Whirlpool DG612

1 Year Limited Warranty

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