131475320 | Frigidaire Dryer Heating Element Assembly

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Sku:  131475320
Condition:  New
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Heating Element Assembly used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Universal and Westinghouse models.

Directly Replaces: AP4501537, 131475300, 131234600, 1553336, AH2378363, EA2378363, PS2378363.


  • Approx. 21-1/2" Diameter.
  • Includes Rear Housing with Element and Insulators already attached.
  • For the element only order 5300622034.
  • No felt strip and terminals at 1 o clock.
  • For felt strip and terminals at 4 o clock order 131553900.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire GLSE62RHS1
Frigidaire GES831AS1
Frigidaire GES831AS0
Frigidaire GES831AS2
Frigidaire 41798702891
Frigidaire 41791702000
Frigidaire 41790802990
Frigidaire 41790812990
Frigidaire 41792702200
Frigidaire 41794812301
Frigidaire 41797802791
Frigidaire 41790802991
Frigidaire 41793812200
Frigidaire 41794802301
Frigidaire 41793802200
Frigidaire 41790802992
Frigidaire 41790812991
Frigidaire 41797802790
Frigidaire 41797802792
Frigidaire 41790812992
Frigidaire 41790814001
Frigidaire 41794802300
Frigidaire 41798702892
Frigidaire 41790807990
Frigidaire 41791702001
Frigidaire 41793702200
Frigidaire 41793702201
Frigidaire 41793814200
Frigidaire 41794814301
Frigidaire 41798702890
Frigidaire 41798802890
Frigidaire 41798802891
Frigidaire 41798804891
Frigidaire 41790814000
Frigidaire 41790814002
Frigidaire 41790817990
Frigidaire 41793802201
Frigidaire 41793812201
Frigidaire 41793814201
Frigidaire 41794812300
Frigidaire 41794814300
Frigidaire 41797804790
Frigidaire 41797804791
Frigidaire 41797804792
Frigidaire 41797912700
Frigidaire 41797912701
Frigidaire 41797912702
Frigidaire 41797912704
Frigidaire 41797922700
Frigidaire 41797922701
Frigidaire 41798804890
Frigidaire 41799802990
Frigidaire 41799807990
Frigidaire 41799812990
Frigidaire 41799817990
Frigidaire 41799822990
Frigidaire 41799827990
Frigidaire 970-C90802-00
Frigidaire 970-C98902-00
Frigidaire 41794702300
Frigidaire 41794712400
Frigidaire 41797812700
Frigidaire 41797812701
Frigidaire 41797812702
Frigidaire 41797812704
Frigidaire 41797822700
Frigidaire 41797822701
Frigidaire 4179968020
Frigidaire 41799680210
Frigidaire 41798988150
Frigidaire 41798988850
Frigidaire 41799370110
Frigidaire 41799370120
Frigidaire 41799370130
Frigidaire 41799370810
Frigidaire 41799370820
Frigidaire 41799370830
Frigidaire 41799390110
Frigidaire 41799390120
Frigidaire 41799390130
Frigidaire 41799390810
Frigidaire 41799390820
Frigidaire 41799390830
Frigidaire 41799570100
Frigidaire 41799570110
Frigidaire 41799570120
Frigidaire 41799570130
Frigidaire 41799570140
Frigidaire 41799570150
Frigidaire 41799570800
Frigidaire 41799570810
Frigidaire 41799680400
Frigidaire 41799680410
Frigidaire 970-C90702-00
Frigidaire GES831CS0
Whirlpool GLSE62RFW0
Whirlpool GLSE62RHS0
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS1
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS2
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS3
Whirlpool GLEH1642FS4
Whirlpool GLET1031FS1
Whirlpool GLET1031FS2
Whirlpool GLET1031FS4
Whirlpool GLET1041AS0
Whirlpool GLET1142FS1
Whirlpool GLET1142FS2
Whirlpool LCE702ADD3
Whirlpool LCE702AWD2
Whirlpool LDE333PBW1
Whirlpool LE400AXD2
Whirlpool LE600AXD2
Whirlpool LE600AXW2
Whirlpool MDE116RBW2
Whirlpool MDE216RBD1
Whirlpool MDE216RBD2
Whirlpool MDE216RBW2
Whirlpool MDE216RBWW0
Whirlpool MDE316RBD0
Whirlpool MDE336MBD0
Whirlpool MDE336MBD2
Whirlpool MDE336MBW2
Whirlpool MDE336MBWD0
Whirlpool MDE436RBD0
Whirlpool MDE436RBD1
Whirlpool MDE436RBD2
Whirlpool MDE436RBW2
Whirlpool MDE436RBWD0
Whirlpool MDE436RBWW0
Whirlpool MEX731CFS0
Whirlpool MEX731CFS1
Whirlpool MEX731CFS2
Whirlpool MEX731CFS4
Whirlpool MLSE62RFD0
Whirlpool MLSE62RFW0
Whirlpool MLXE42RBD0
Whirlpool MLXE42RBD1
Whirlpool MLXE42RBD2
Whirlpool MLXE42RBW0
Whirlpool MLXE42RBW1
Whirlpool MLXE42RBW2
Whirlpool MLXE42RBWD0
Whirlpool MLXE42RED3
Whirlpool MLXE42RED4
Whirlpool MLXE42RED5
Whirlpool MLXE42REW3
Whirlpool MLXE42REW6
Whirlpool MLXE42REW7
Whirlpool MLXE42REW8
Whirlpool MLXE42RFW0
Whirlpool MLXE62RBD0
Whirlpool MLXE62RBD1
Whirlpool MLXE62RBD2
Whirlpool MLXE62RBD3
Whirlpool MLXE62RBWD0
Whirlpool MLXE62RBWW0
Whirlpool MLXE62RED3
Whirlpool MLXE62REW0
Whirlpool MLXE62REW2
Whirlpool MLXE62REW3
Whirlpool TDE336RBD1
Whirlpool TDE336RBD2
Whirlpool TDE546RBD0
Whirlpool TDE546RBD1
Whirlpool TDE546RBD2
Whirlpool TDE546RBW2
Whirlpool WDE216RBD0
Whirlpool WDE216RBD1
Whirlpool WDE216RBD2
Whirlpool WDE216RBW2
Whirlpool WDE336RBD0
Whirlpool WDE336RBD2
Whirlpool WDE336RBS2
Whirlpool WDE336RBW2
Whirlpool WDE436RBD0
Whirlpool WDE436RBD1
Whirlpool WDE436RBD2
Whirlpool WDE436RBW0
Whirlpool WDE436RBW1
Whirlpool WDE436RBW2
Whirlpool WDE446JBS1
Whirlpool WDE546RBD0
Whirlpool WDE546RBD1
Whirlpool WDE546RBD2
Whirlpool WDE546RBW0
Whirlpool WDE546RBW2
Whirlpool WDE547PBS0
Whirlpool WDE646RBSD0
Whirlpool WDE646RBSW0
Whirlpool WDE846RBD0
Whirlpool WDE846RBW0
Whirlpool MDE216RBW0
Whirlpool MLSE62RFW2
Whirlpool MLXE42REW1
Whirlpool TDE336RBW1
Whirlpool TDE546RBW1
Whirlpool WDE336RBW0
Whirlpool FDE336NBS0
Whirlpool FDE546LBS0
Whirlpool FDE747RBS1
Whirlpool FLSE72GCS4
Whirlpool FLSE72GCS7
Whirlpool FLSE72GCSC
Whirlpool FLSE72GCT1
Whirlpool GDE336RBW1
Whirlpool MDE436RBW0
Whirlpool MLSE62RFD1
Whirlpool MLXE62RBW0
Whirlpool MLXE62RBW1
Whirlpool MLXE62RBW3
Whirlpool TDE336RBW0
Whirlpool TDE336RBW2
Whirlpool WDE216RBW1
Whirlpool WDE336RBS1
Whirlpool F31C336CS0
Whirlpool FDE216RBS0
Whirlpool FDE336LBS1
Whirlpool FDE436RBS0
Whirlpool FDE847RBS0
Whirlpool FEZ831CFS0
Whirlpool FLSE72GCS3
Whirlpool FLSE72GCS5
Whirlpool FLXE52RBS3
Whirlpool LCE702AWW3
Whirlpool LE400AXW2
Whirlpool MLXE42REW2
Whirlpool MLXE42REW5
Whirlpool MLXE62REW1
Whirlpool WDE216RBW0
Whirlpool WDE336RBD1
Whirlpool WDE546RBS1
Whirlpool DE500ADW7
Whirlpool F31C546CS0
Whirlpool F31C546CT0
Whirlpool F31C747CT0
Whirlpool FDE116RBW0
Whirlpool FDE336LBS0
Whirlpool FDE336NBS2
Whirlpool FDE546RBS0
Whirlpool FDE546RBS1
Whirlpool FDE747RBS0
Whirlpool FDE747RBT1
Whirlpool FLXE52RBS0
Whirlpool FLXE6960EW2
Whirlpool GDE336RBS1
Whirlpool GDE336RBW2
Whirlpool GDE436RBW1
Whirlpool GDE436RBW2
Whirlpool FEX831CS0

90 Day Limited Warranty

1 Review

  • 5
    dryer had no heat

    Posted by ryan d. on Feb 15th 2016

    the heating element in our dryer had burned out. replaced and back in business. quality part at a great price and free shipping was quick! thanks

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