131763256 | Frigidaire Washer Door Lock

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Sku:  131763256
Condition:  New
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Door lock used on some Crosley, Kenmore, Frigidaire and Westinghouse washer models.

Directly Replaces: 131763256, AP6285657, 131763202, 131763255, 1312694, 131269400, 131763200, 131763245, 3626240, PA66-GF25.


  • Approx. 4"L x 4.5"W.
  • Door lock and switch assembly.

Compatible with the following models:

Crosley CFW4700LB0
Crosley CFW4700LW0
Crosley CFW7400QW0
Crosley CFW7700LR0
Crosley CFW7700LW0
Crosley CFWH7300RW0
Frigidaire 970L48422E0
Frigidaire BKFW4271MT0
Frigidaire FAFS4073NA0
Frigidaire FAFS4073NR0
Frigidaire FAFS4073NW0
Frigidaire FAFS4174NA0
Frigidaire FAFS4174NR0
Frigidaire FAFS4174NW0
Frigidaire FAFS4272LA0
Frigidaire FAFS4272LN0
Frigidaire FAFS4272LR0
Frigidaire FAFS4272LW0
Frigidaire FAFS4473LA0
Frigidaire FAFS4473LN0
Frigidaire FAFS4473LR0
Frigidaire FAFS4473LW0
Frigidaire FAFS4474LA0
Frigidaire FAFS4474LN0
Frigidaire FAFS4474LR0
Frigidaire FAFS4474LW0
Frigidaire FAFW3511KW1
Frigidaire FAFW3921NW0
Frigidaire FAFW4011LB0
Frigidaire FAFW4011LW0
Frigidaire FAFW4221LB0
Frigidaire FAFW4221LW0
Frigidaire FFFS5115PA0
Frigidaire FFFS5115PW0
Frigidaire FFFW5000QW0
Frigidaire FFFW5100QA0
Frigidaire LAFW3577KR1
Frigidaire LAFW6000LW0
Frigidaire LAFW7000LW0
Frigidaire LAFW8000LW0
Kenmore 41741122310
Kenmore 41741122410
White-Westinghouse WTR1240AQ0
White-Westinghouse WTR1240AS0
White-Westinghouse WTR430ES0
White-Westinghouse WTR430ES1
White-Westinghouse WTR430FS0

1 Year Limited Warranty

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