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  • 206680 | Whirlpool Washer Injector Hose
  • 206680 top
  • 206680 bottom

206680 | Whirlpool Washer Injector Hose

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SKU: 206680

Injector hose used on some Maytag and Whirlpool washer models.

Directly Replaces: WP206680, 206680, AP4023882, 2-6680, 2-6683, 206683, 435666, AH2017345, EA2017345, LP666, PS2017345.


  • Approx. 32"L.
  • Top mounting style sleeve.
  • Has air gap.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool MAT25CSBIL
Whirlpool A612
Whirlpool A412
Whirlpool LA612
Whirlpool A506
Whirlpool A482
Whirlpool A112
Whirlpool A712
Whirlpool A211
Whirlpool A512
Whirlpool A212
Whirlpool A490
Whirlpool LA512
Whirlpool A104
Whirlpool LA412
Whirlpool LA712
Whirlpool A882
Whirlpool LA506
Whirlpool LA883
Whirlpool LA882
Whirlpool LA212
Whirlpool LAT8608AAW
Whirlpool A183
Whirlpool A382
Whirlpool MAT23PCAAL
Whirlpool LA112
Whirlpool LA613
Whirlpool A613
Whirlpool LA183
Whirlpool LA211
Whirlpool LA282
Whirlpool A23CDW
Whirlpool A590
Whirlpool A612S
Whirlpool LA482
Whirlpool LA490
Whirlpool A23CDL
Whirlpool A282
Whirlpool A8120
Whirlpool LA390
Whirlpool LA884
Whirlpool A190
Whirlpool A884
Whirlpool LA104
Whirlpool A23CSW
Whirlpool A390
Whirlpool LA190
Whirlpool LA312
Whirlpool LAT8210AAW
Whirlpool LAT9400AAE
Whirlpool MAT23PCAAW
Whirlpool MAT25CSAAL
Whirlpool A212S
Whirlpool A23CT
Whirlpool A312
Whirlpool A484
Whirlpool LA25CM
Whirlpool LA25CME
Whirlpool LA25CS
Whirlpool LA612S
Whirlpool LAT8120AAW
Whirlpool LAT8210AAL
Whirlpool A211S
Whirlpool A23CA
Whirlpool A23CSL
Whirlpool A24CA
Whirlpool A25CA
Whirlpool A25CAE
Whirlpool A25CM
Whirlpool A25CME
Whirlpool A25CS
Whirlpool A25CT
Whirlpool A26CA
Whirlpool A26CAE
Whirlpool A26CD
Whirlpool A26CDC
Whirlpool A312S
Whirlpool A512S
Whirlpool A8210
Whirlpool A883
Whirlpool GA104
Whirlpool GA183
Whirlpool GA190
Whirlpool GA211
Whirlpool GA211S
Whirlpool GA25CM
Whirlpool GA25CME
Whirlpool GA25CS
Whirlpool GA25CT
Whirlpool GA26CD
Whirlpool GA26CDC
Whirlpool GA282
Whirlpool GA382
Whirlpool GA390
Whirlpool GA482
Whirlpool GA484
Whirlpool GA490
Whirlpool GA506
Whirlpool GA590
Whirlpool GA8120
Whirlpool GA8210
Whirlpool GA882
Whirlpool GA884
Whirlpool LA211S
Whirlpool LA212S
Whirlpool LA25CT
Whirlpool LA26CD
Whirlpool LA26CDC
Whirlpool LA312S
Whirlpool LA382
Whirlpool LA484
Whirlpool LA512S
Whirlpool LA590
Whirlpool LA8120
Whirlpool LA8210
Whirlpool LAT2910AAL
Whirlpool LAT2910AAW
Whirlpool LAT8120AAL
Whirlpool LAT8608AAE
Whirlpool LAT8608AAL
Whirlpool LAT8608ABE
Whirlpool LAT9400ABE
Whirlpool MAT23PCAAG
Whirlpool MAT23PCABG
Whirlpool MAT23PCABL
Whirlpool MAT23PCABW
Whirlpool MAT25CSAAG
Whirlpool MAT25CSAAW
Whirlpool MAT25CSAGG
Whirlpool MAT25CSAGL
Whirlpool MAT25CSAGW
Whirlpool MAT25CSCAG
Whirlpool MAT25CSCAL
Whirlpool MAT25CSCAW
Whirlpool MAT25CTAAG
Whirlpool MAT25CTAAL
Whirlpool MAT25CTAAW
Whirlpool MAT25DAAAL
Whirlpool MAT25DAAAM
Whirlpool MAT25DAAAW
Whirlpool MAT25DAABL
Whirlpool MAT25DAABW
Whirlpool MAT25MNAAG
Whirlpool MAT25MNAAL
Whirlpool MAT25MNAAW
Whirlpool MAT25MNAGW
Whirlpool MAT26MNAAG
Whirlpool MAT26MNAAL
Whirlpool MAT26MNAAW
Whirlpool MAT26PCAAG
Whirlpool MAT26PCAAL
Whirlpool MAT26PCAAW
Whirlpool MAT26PCABG
Whirlpool MAT26PCABL
Whirlpool MAT26PCABW

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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