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  • 213015 | Whirlpool Washer Injector Nozzle

213015 | Whirlpool Washer Injector Nozzle

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SKU: 213015

Injector Nozzle used on some Jenn-Air, Maytag and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP213015, 213015, AP4025333, 2-13015, 3259, AH2018687, EA2018687, J27-647, LP580, PS2018687.


  • Approx. 2-1/2"L.
  • For Injector Valve order 216201.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool A15CA
Whirlpool A15CM
Whirlpool A15CT
Whirlpool A16CA
Whirlpool A16CM
Whirlpool A16CT
Whirlpool A21CA
Whirlpool A21CM
Whirlpool A21CT
Whirlpool A22CA
Whirlpool A22CM
Whirlpool A22CT
Whirlpool A608
Whirlpool A608S
Whirlpool A806
Whirlpool A806S
Whirlpool GA608
Whirlpool GA608S
Whirlpool LA608
Whirlpool LA608S
Whirlpool LA806
Whirlpool LA806S
Whirlpool A104
Whirlpool A105
Whirlpool A110
Whirlpool A112
Whirlpool A17CA
Whirlpool A17CM
Whirlpool A17CT
Whirlpool A180
Whirlpool A181
Whirlpool A182
Whirlpool A183
Whirlpool A18CA
Whirlpool A18CM
Whirlpool A18CT
Whirlpool A190
Whirlpool A1910
Whirlpool A209
Whirlpool A209S
Whirlpool A210
Whirlpool ESG9900
Whirlpool LSE1000
Whirlpool LSG1000
Whirlpool LSG2700W
Whirlpool LSG7800
Whirlpool LSG7800AAE
Whirlpool LSG7800AAL
Whirlpool LSG7800AAW
Whirlpool LSG7800ABE
Whirlpool LSG7800ABL
Whirlpool LSG7800ABW
Whirlpool LSG9900
Whirlpool ESE9900
Whirlpool LSE7800
Whirlpool LSE7800ACL
Whirlpool LSE7800ACW
Whirlpool LSE9900
Whirlpool LSE9900ACE
Whirlpool LSE9900ACL
Whirlpool LSE9900ACW
Whirlpool LSE9900ADE
Whirlpool LSE9900ADL
Whirlpool LSE9900ADW
Whirlpool SE1000
Whirlpool SE7800
Whirlpool SE9900
Whirlpool SG1000
Whirlpool SG9900
Whirlpool LSE7800ADL
Whirlpool LSE7800ADW
Whirlpool LSE7800AEL
Whirlpool LSE7800AEW
Whirlpool LSE7800AGL
Whirlpool SG7800
Whirlpool A210S
Whirlpool A211S
Whirlpool A212S
Whirlpool A23CA
Whirlpool A23CDL
Whirlpool A23CDW
Whirlpool LSE7800ACE
Whirlpool LSE7800ADE
Whirlpool LSE7800AEE
Whirlpool A24CA
Whirlpool A25CA
Whirlpool A25CAE
Whirlpool A25CM
Whirlpool A25CME
Whirlpool A25CS
Whirlpool A25CT
Whirlpool A26CA
Whirlpool A26CAE
Whirlpool GA25CM
Whirlpool GA25CME
Whirlpool GA25CS
Whirlpool A211
Whirlpool A212
Whirlpool A23CSL
Whirlpool A23CSW
Whirlpool A23CT
Whirlpool LSE9900AEE
Whirlpool LSE9900AEL
Whirlpool LSE9900AEW
Whirlpool LSE9900AFL
Whirlpool LSE9900AFW
Whirlpool LSG9900AAE
Whirlpool LSG9900AAL
Whirlpool LSG9900AAW
Whirlpool A308S
Whirlpool A310S
Whirlpool A312S
Whirlpool A503
Whirlpool A510S
Whirlpool A511S
Whirlpool A512S
Whirlpool A612
Whirlpool A612S
Whirlpool A710S
Whirlpool A7500S
Whirlpool A7500W
Whirlpool A9400S
Whirlpool A9400W
Whirlpool A9700S
Whirlpool A9700W
Whirlpool GA211S
Whirlpool A308
Whirlpool LAT9800AGL
Whirlpool A283
Whirlpool A284
Whirlpool A312
Whirlpool A382
Whirlpool A390
Whirlpool A3910
Whirlpool A412
Whirlpool A482
Whirlpool A484
Whirlpool A490
Whirlpool A4910
Whirlpool A5000
Whirlpool A506
Whirlpool A512
Whirlpool A590
Whirlpool A5910
Whirlpool A7500
Whirlpool A8600
Whirlpool A8640
Whirlpool A8650
Whirlpool A8700
Whirlpool A8740
Whirlpool A9200
Whirlpool A9300
Whirlpool A9400
Whirlpool A9600
Whirlpool A9700
Whirlpool A9800
Whirlpool A9900
Whirlpool GA4910
Whirlpool GA8600
Whirlpool GA8640
Whirlpool GA8650
Whirlpool A26CD
Whirlpool A26CDC
Whirlpool A282
Whirlpool A305
Whirlpool A310
Whirlpool A410
Whirlpool A7300
Whirlpool A7400
Whirlpool A7800
Whirlpool A8100
Whirlpool A8140
Whirlpool GA25CT
Whirlpool LA25CM
Whirlpool LA25CME
Whirlpool LA25CS
Whirlpool LA25CT
Whirlpool LAT9800AGW
Whirlpool LSE7800AGE
Whirlpool A510
Whirlpool A511
Whirlpool LA182
Whirlpool LA209
Whirlpool LA510
Whirlpool LA511
Whirlpool LA511S
Whirlpool A884
Whirlpool GA283
Whirlpool GA284
Whirlpool GA884
Whirlpool LA283
Whirlpool LA284
Whirlpool LA312
Whirlpool LA612
Whirlpool LA884
Whirlpool LAT7793AAL
Whirlpool LAT7793AAW
Whirlpool LAT7793ABL
Whirlpool LAT7793ABW
Whirlpool LAT9593AAL
Whirlpool LAT9593AAW
Whirlpool LAT9593ABL
Whirlpool LAT9593ABW
Whirlpool LA209S
Whirlpool LA510S
Whirlpool A882
Whirlpool GA211
Whirlpool GA282
Whirlpool GA482
Whirlpool GA484
Whirlpool GA490
Whirlpool GA506
Whirlpool GA882
Whirlpool LA211
Whirlpool LA212
Whirlpool LA282
Whirlpool LA482
Whirlpool LA484
Whirlpool LA490
Whirlpool LA506
Whirlpool LA512
Whirlpool LA882
Whirlpool GA7300
Whirlpool GA9200
Whirlpool LA7300
Whirlpool LA9200
Whirlpool LAT7300AAL
Whirlpool LAT7300AAW
Whirlpool LAT7300ABL
Whirlpool LAT7300ABW
Whirlpool LAT9200BAE
Whirlpool LAT9200BAL
Whirlpool LAT9200BAM
Whirlpool LAT9200BAW
Whirlpool LAT9200BBE
Whirlpool LAT9200BBL
Whirlpool LAT9200BBM
Whirlpool LAT9200BBW
Whirlpool LAT9200DAL
Whirlpool LAT9200DAW
Whirlpool LSE2700W
Whirlpool LSE2700W-8
Whirlpool LSE2700W-C
Whirlpool GA26CD
Whirlpool GA26CDC
Whirlpool GA9900
Whirlpool LA26CD
Whirlpool LA26CDC

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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Jenn Air 





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