216446900 | Frigidaire Deep Freezer Door Handle

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Sku:  216446900
Condition:  New
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Door handle used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Montgomery Wards, Tappan, and Universal freezer models.

Directly Replaces: 216446900, AP2113314, 446329, 5303288185, AH425863, EA425863, F116802, F126162, PS425863.


  • Approx. 10.5"L x 1.5"W.
  • White.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire FFU17F9HW0
Frigidaire FFU17F9HW2
Frigidaire FFU11FC4BW0
Frigidaire FFU17D7HW2
Frigidaire FFU17D7HW3
Frigidaire FFU17F9HW3
Frigidaire FFU21D7HW3
Frigidaire GFU17F7GW5
Frigidaire GFU17M6HW2
Frigidaire GFU21M6HW2
Frigidaire FFU20F9HW2
Frigidaire FFU20F9HW3
Frigidaire GFU20F7GW5
Frigidaire FFU14C3AW0
Frigidaire FFU14C3AW1
Frigidaire FFU14FC4AW0
Frigidaire FFU14FC4AW1
Frigidaire FFU14FC4AW2
Frigidaire FFU14FC4AW3
Frigidaire FFU14FG4AW0
Frigidaire FFU14FG4AW1
Frigidaire FFU14M8HW0
Frigidaire FFU14M8HW1
Frigidaire FFU14M8HW2
Frigidaire FFU17C3AW0
Frigidaire FFU17C3AW1
Frigidaire FFU17C4AW0
Frigidaire FFU17D7HW0
Frigidaire FFU17F9HW1
Frigidaire FFU17FC4AW0
Frigidaire FFU17FC4AW1
Frigidaire FFU17FC4AW2
Frigidaire PLKU1267DS0
Frigidaire UL2100ECW0
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW0
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW1
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW2
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW3
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW4
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW5
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW6
Frigidaire GFU17F5AW7
Frigidaire GFU17F7GW3
Frigidaire FFU21D7HW0
Frigidaire GFU17D5GW0
Frigidaire GFU17F7GW0
Frigidaire GFU17F7GW1
Frigidaire GFU17F7GW2
Frigidaire FFU21C3AW0
Frigidaire FFU21C3AW1
Frigidaire FFU21C5AW0
Frigidaire FFU21C5AW1
Frigidaire FFU21C5AW2
Frigidaire FFU21G3AW0
Frigidaire FFU21G3AW1
Frigidaire FFU21G5AW0
Frigidaire FFU21G5AW1
Frigidaire FFU17FG4AW0
Frigidaire FFU17FG4AW1
Frigidaire GFU21M6AW0
Frigidaire GFU21M6AW1
Frigidaire GFU21M6AW2
Frigidaire UL2100CA1
Frigidaire FFU20FC4AW1
Frigidaire FFU20FC4AW2
Frigidaire FFU20FG4AW0
Frigidaire FFU20FG4AW1
Frigidaire FFU20FG4AW2
Frigidaire GFU20F7GW0
Frigidaire TFU20F7EW0
Frigidaire TFU20F7EW1
Frigidaire TFU21M5EW0
Frigidaire TFU14M5AW6
Frigidaire GFU20F7FW0
Frigidaire GFU20F7FW1
Frigidaire MFU20F7FW0
Frigidaire MFU14F7FW0
Frigidaire MFU14F7FW1
Frigidaire FFU17FG4AW2
Frigidaire FFU17G3AW0
Frigidaire FFU17FC4AW3
Frigidaire FFU17G3AW1
Frigidaire FFU20F9HW0
Frigidaire FFU20F9HW1
Frigidaire FFU20FC4AW0
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW0
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW1
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW2
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW3
Frigidaire GFU16F7FW0
Frigidaire GFU16F7FW1
Frigidaire MFU16F7FW0
Frigidaire GFU20F7GW1
Frigidaire GFU20F7GW2
Frigidaire GFU20F7GW3
Frigidaire GFU21M6AW7
Frigidaire GFU20F7GW4
Frigidaire GFU21M6AW3
Frigidaire GFU21M6AW4
Frigidaire GFU21M6AW6
Frigidaire GFU21M6HW1
Frigidaire GFU17F7GW4
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW4
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW6
Frigidaire GFU20F5AW7
Whirlpool GFU20F7FW0
Whirlpool GFU20F7FW1
Whirlpool GFU20F7GW1
Whirlpool MFU14F7FW0
Whirlpool MFU14F7FW1
Whirlpool MFU16F7FW1
Whirlpool MFU20F7FW1
Whirlpool PLKU1267DS0
Whirlpool TFU09M4AW0
Whirlpool TFU09M4AW1
Whirlpool TFU09M4AW2
Whirlpool TFU09M4AW3
Whirlpool TFU09M4AW4
Whirlpool TFU09M4EW0
Whirlpool TFU12M4AW0
Whirlpool TFU12M4AW1
Whirlpool TFU12M4AW2
Whirlpool TFU12M4AW3
Whirlpool TFU12M4EW0
Whirlpool TFU14F7BW0
Whirlpool TFU14F7BW1
Whirlpool TFU14F7BW2
Whirlpool TFU14F7EW0
Whirlpool TFU14M5AW0
Whirlpool TFU14M5AW1
Whirlpool TFU14M5AW2
Whirlpool TFU14M5AW3
Whirlpool TFU14M5AW4
Whirlpool TFU14M5AW5
Whirlpool TFU16F7AW0
Whirlpool TFU16F7AW1
Whirlpool TFU16F7AW2
Whirlpool TFU16F7AW3
Whirlpool TFU16F7BW0
Whirlpool TFU16F7BW1
Whirlpool TFU16F7EW0
Whirlpool TFU16F7EW1
Whirlpool TFU17M5EW0
Whirlpool TFU17M6AW1
Whirlpool TFU17M6AW2
Whirlpool TFU17M6AW4
Whirlpool TFU20F7BW2
Whirlpool TFU20F7EW0
Whirlpool TFU20F7EW1
Whirlpool TFU21M5EW0
Whirlpool TFU21M7AW1
Whirlpool TFU21M7AW2
Whirlpool TFU21M7AW4
Whirlpool UL19AHGD
Whirlpool UL2100CA1
Whirlpool UL2100CA2
Whirlpool UL2100CA6
Whirlpool UL2100CA8
Whirlpool UL2100ECW0
Whirlpool UL2100ECW1
Whirlpool UL2100ECW3
Whirlpool FFU20FC4AW0
Whirlpool FFU17FC4AW0
Whirlpool FFU17FC4AW2
Whirlpool FFU20FC4AW1
Whirlpool FFU14FC4AW0
Whirlpool FFU20FC4AW2
Whirlpool FFU21C3AW1
Whirlpool FFU17C3AW1
Whirlpool FFU14FC4AW1
Whirlpool FFU21C3AW0
Whirlpool FFU14C3AW0
Whirlpool FFU14FC4AW3
Whirlpool TFU21M7AW3
Whirlpool FFU14C3AW1
Whirlpool GFU20F7GW0
Whirlpool GFU20F7GW2
Whirlpool MFU20F7FW0
Whirlpool TFU12M4AW4
Whirlpool TFU14F7EW1
Whirlpool TFU16F7BW2
Whirlpool TFU20F7BW0
Whirlpool TFU21M7AW0
Whirlpool FFU11FC4BW0
Whirlpool FFU17F9HW0
Whirlpool FFU17FC4AW1
Whirlpool FFU17FG4AW2
Whirlpool GFU16F7FW0
Whirlpool GFU17F7GW2
Whirlpool GFU20F7GW3
Whirlpool MFU16F7FW0
Whirlpool TFU14M5AW6
Whirlpool TFU17M4EW0
Whirlpool TFU17M6AW0
Whirlpool TFU17M6AW3
Whirlpool TFU20F7BW1
Whirlpool 40846-7D
Whirlpool 40846D
Whirlpool 40847-7A
Whirlpool 40847A
Whirlpool 40848-7A
Whirlpool 40848-7B
Whirlpool 40848-7C
Whirlpool 40849-0C
Whirlpool 40849A
Whirlpool 40849B
Whirlpool 43057-7B
Whirlpool 43057B
Whirlpool 43058-7A
Whirlpool 43058-7B
Whirlpool 431258-OB
Whirlpool 43157A
Whirlpool 43157A-7
Whirlpool 43158-OA
Whirlpool 43159A
Whirlpool 43159B
Whirlpool 43251-0A
Whirlpool 43251-0B
Whirlpool 43358-OA
Whirlpool 43358-OB
Whirlpool 43359A
Whirlpool 43359B
Whirlpool 45158-OA
Whirlpool 45158B
Whirlpool 45159A
Whirlpool 46157A
Whirlpool 46157A-7
Whirlpool 46159A
Whirlpool 46159B
Whirlpool 46259-0A
Whirlpool 46259-0B
Whirlpool 46351-0A
Whirlpool 46351-0B
Whirlpool 46351-0C
Whirlpool 46458-OA
Whirlpool 46467A
Whirlpool 46467A-7
Whirlpool 46567A
Whirlpool 46567A-7
Whirlpool 46656B
Whirlpool 46656B-7
Whirlpool 46657-7A
Whirlpool 46657A-7
Whirlpool 46658A
Whirlpool 46658B
Whirlpool 46658C
Whirlpool 46659-0C
Whirlpool 46659A
Whirlpool 46659B
Whirlpool 46851-0A
Whirlpool 46851-0B
Whirlpool 46856B

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