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  • 216848200 | Frigidaire Freezer Basket
  • 216848200 side
  • 216848200 top
  • 216848200 bottom

216848200 | Frigidaire Freezer Basket

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$36.91 $27.75
SKU: 216848200

Basket used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Universal and Westinghouse models.

Directly Replaces: 216848200, AP3214082, 216848205, 216078600, 216848201, 216848203, 216848204, 941628, AH735222, BBSMLBSKT, EA735222, PS735222, S216078600.


  • White.
  • Approx. 21"L (Including Handles) x 11-1/2"W x 7"D.

216848200 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Frigidaire 25310911990
Frigidaire 25310911991
Frigidaire 25310911992
Frigidaire 25311511101
Frigidaire 25311711100
Frigidaire 25311711101
Frigidaire 25311911100
Frigidaire 25311911101
Frigidaire 25313511100
Frigidaire 25313511101
Frigidaire 25313511102
Frigidaire 25313711100
Frigidaire 25313711101
Frigidaire 25313711102
Frigidaire 25313712101
Frigidaire 25313911100
Frigidaire 25313911101
Frigidaire 25313911102
Frigidaire 25314502100
Frigidaire 25314502101
Frigidaire 25314502102
Frigidaire 25314502103
Frigidaire 25314502104
Frigidaire 25314502105
Frigidaire 25314512100
Frigidaire 25314512101
Frigidaire 25314512102
Frigidaire 25314512103
Frigidaire 25314512104
Frigidaire 25314702100
Frigidaire 25314702101
Frigidaire 25314702102
Frigidaire 25314702103
Frigidaire 25314702104
Frigidaire 25314712100
Frigidaire 25314712101
Frigidaire 25314712102
Frigidaire 25314712103
Frigidaire 25314922100
Frigidaire 25314922101
Frigidaire 25314932100
Frigidaire 25314932101
Frigidaire 25316502100
Frigidaire 25316502101
Frigidaire 25316502102
Frigidaire 25316502103
Frigidaire 25316502104
Frigidaire 25316502105
Frigidaire 25316502106
Frigidaire 25316502107
Frigidaire 25316502108
Frigidaire 25316502109
Frigidaire 25316512100
Frigidaire 25316512101
Frigidaire 25316702100
Frigidaire 25316702101
Frigidaire 25316702102
Frigidaire 25316712100
Frigidaire 25316712101
Frigidaire 25316922100
Frigidaire 25316922102
Frigidaire 25316922103
Frigidaire 25316922104
Frigidaire 25316922105
Frigidaire 25316922106
Frigidaire 25316922107
Frigidaire 25316922108
Frigidaire 25316932100
Frigidaire 25316932101
Frigidaire 25316932102
Frigidaire 25316949100
Frigidaire 25316949101
Frigidaire 25316949102
Frigidaire 25316949103
Frigidaire 25316949104
Frigidaire 25316959100
Frigidaire 25316959101
Frigidaire 2539135180
Frigidaire 2539137180
Frigidaire 2539139180
Frigidaire 2539155110
Frigidaire 2539155111
Frigidaire 2539155112
Frigidaire 2539155113
Frigidaire 2539157110
Frigidaire 2539157111
Frigidaire 2539157112
Frigidaire 2539157113
Frigidaire 2539159110
Frigidaire 2539159111
Frigidaire 2539159112
Frigidaire 2539159113
Frigidaire 2539185110
Frigidaire 2539185111
Frigidaire 2539185112
Frigidaire 2539185113
Frigidaire 2539185114
Frigidaire 2539187110
Frigidaire 2539187111
Frigidaire 2539187112
Frigidaire BFFC05M2MW0
Frigidaire FFC0522DW0
Frigidaire FFC0522DW1
Frigidaire FFC0522DW10
Frigidaire FFC0522DW11
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW10
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW11
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW3
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW4
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW5
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW6
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW7
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW8
Frigidaire CFC07M4AW9
Frigidaire FFC05C3CW0
Frigidaire FFC05C4CW0
Frigidaire FFC05K2CW0
Frigidaire FFC05K3CW0
Frigidaire FFC05M1CW0
Frigidaire FFCH09M5MW0
Frigidaire CFC09M4AW4
Frigidaire FFC0522DW2
Frigidaire FFC0522DW4
Frigidaire FFC0522DW6
Frigidaire FFC0522FW0
Frigidaire FFC0522GB0
Frigidaire FFC0523DW1
Frigidaire FFC05K0DW1
Frigidaire FFC05K0DW3
Frigidaire FFC07K0FW0
Frigidaire FFC07K1FW0
Frigidaire GFC07M3AW3
Frigidaire GFC07M3AW4
Frigidaire GFC07M3AW5
Frigidaire GFC07M3AW6
Frigidaire GFC07M3AW7
Frigidaire GFC07M3AW8
Frigidaire GFC07M3AW9
Frigidaire GFC07M3AWA
Frigidaire GFC07M3AWB
Frigidaire GFC07M3AWC
Frigidaire GFC07M3AWD
Frigidaire FFC07C2CW3
Frigidaire FFC07C3AW5
Frigidaire FFC07C4CW4
Frigidaire FFC07K0CW2
Frigidaire FFC07K1CW2
Frigidaire CFC09LW0
Frigidaire CFC09LW1
Frigidaire CFC09LW2
Frigidaire CFC09LW3
Frigidaire CFC09LW4
Frigidaire CFC09LW5
Frigidaire FFC0923DW0
Frigidaire FFC0923DW1
Frigidaire FFC0923DW10
Frigidaire FFC0923DW13
Frigidaire FFC0923DW2
Frigidaire FFC0923DW3
Frigidaire FFC0923DW4
Frigidaire FFC0923DW7
Frigidaire FFC0923DW8
Frigidaire FFC0923DW9
Frigidaire FFC09C2CW0
Frigidaire FFC09C3AW2
Frigidaire FFC09C3AW3
Frigidaire FFC09C3AW4
Frigidaire CFC05MW0
Frigidaire FFC0522DW12
Frigidaire FFC0522DW17
Frigidaire FFC0522DW18
Frigidaire FFC0522DW19
Frigidaire CFC07MW0
Frigidaire FFC0522DW20
Frigidaire KCH09M2MW0
Frigidaire KFC09M3LW0
Frigidaire KFC09M3LW1
Frigidaire KFC09M3LW2
Frigidaire KFC09M3LW3
Frigidaire KFC09M3LW4
Frigidaire KFC09M3LW5
Frigidaire FFC09C6CW0
Frigidaire FFC09C6CW1
Frigidaire FFC09C6CW2
Frigidaire GFC09M3AW2
Frigidaire GFC09M3AW3
Frigidaire GFC09M3AW4
Frigidaire LFFC0924DW0
Frigidaire LFFC0924DW1
Frigidaire FFC0522DW3
Frigidaire FFC0522DW5
Frigidaire FFC05K0DW2
Frigidaire FFC05K0DW4
Frigidaire FFC05K0DW5
Frigidaire FFC05M1CW5
Frigidaire FFC0522DW7
Frigidaire FFC09C4CW0
Frigidaire FFC09C4CW1
Frigidaire FFC09C4CW2
Frigidaire FFC09C4CW3
Frigidaire CFC09M4AW3
Frigidaire FFC05C3CW2
Frigidaire FFC05K2CW2
Frigidaire FFC07C2CW1
Frigidaire FFC07C2CW4
Frigidaire FFC07C2CW5
Frigidaire FFC07C3AW3
Frigidaire FFC07C3AW6
Frigidaire FFC07C4CW1
Frigidaire FFC07C4CW3
Frigidaire FFC07C4CW5
Frigidaire FFC0522DW8
Frigidaire FFC0522DW9
Frigidaire FFC0522FW2
Frigidaire FFC0522FW3
Frigidaire FFC0522FW4
Frigidaire FFC0522FW5
Frigidaire FFC0522FW6
Frigidaire FFC0723DW15
Frigidaire FFC0723DW16
Frigidaire CFC09M4AW2
Frigidaire FFC09K0CW1
Frigidaire FFC09K1CW1
Frigidaire FFC05K0DW0
Frigidaire FFC05K2CW1
Frigidaire FFC05K2CW3
Frigidaire FFN09M5HWA
Frigidaire FFN09M5HWB
Frigidaire WFC09M3BW4
Frigidaire WFC09M3BW5
Frigidaire WFC09M3BW6
Frigidaire WFC09M3BW7
Frigidaire WFC09M3BW8
Frigidaire WFC09M3BW9
Frigidaire FFC0522FW1
Frigidaire FFC09C6CW3
Frigidaire FFC0522GB1
Frigidaire FFC0723DW12
Frigidaire FFC0723DW13
Frigidaire FFC0723DW14
Frigidaire FFC0523DW0
Frigidaire FFC05C3CW1
Frigidaire FFC05C3CW3
Frigidaire FFC0723DW0
Frigidaire FFC0723DW1
Frigidaire FFC07C2CW0
Frigidaire FFC07C2CW2
Frigidaire FFC07C3AW4
Frigidaire FFC07C4CW0

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Good OEM Product

    Posted by Brad on Jul 3rd 2016

    The basket is just like the original which came with my Kenmore 253.16949104.

    The dimensions listed in the specifications section above are wrong. The true dimensions are approximately 17.5" x 10.25" X 7.5".

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