216916200 | Frigidaire Freezer Basket

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Sku:  216916200
Condition:  New
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Basket used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Universal and Westinghouse models.

Directly Replaces: 216916200, AP3363305, 216916203, 1014569, 216080300, 216867300, 216916201, AH817256, BBBIGBSKT, EA817256, F119268, F119768, PS817256, S216080300.


  • White.
  • Plastic.
  • Approx. 20"L (measured along bottom, 23-1/2" along top) x 9"H x 8"D.
  • Weight capacity of 21 lbs.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CFC13M5AW4
Frigidaire CFC13M5AW5
Frigidaire CFC13M5AW6
Frigidaire CFC20LW0
Frigidaire CFC25LW0
Frigidaire CFCH15LW0
Frigidaire CFCH15LW2
Frigidaire CFCH15LW3
Frigidaire CFCH15LW4
Frigidaire CFCH20LW0
Frigidaire CFCH25LW0
Frigidaire CFCH25LW1
Frigidaire FFC1311DW0
Frigidaire FFC1311DW1
Frigidaire FFC1311DW2
Frigidaire FFC13C3AW3
Frigidaire FFC13C4CW0
Frigidaire FFC13C4CW1
Frigidaire FFC13C4CW2
Frigidaire FFC13C6CW1
Frigidaire FFC13C6CW2
Frigidaire FFC13C6CW3
Frigidaire FFC13K0DW0
Frigidaire FFC13K0DW1
Frigidaire FFC1524DW0
Frigidaire FFC15C8CB0
Frigidaire FFC15C8CW0
Frigidaire FFC18C8CB0
Frigidaire FFC18C8CW0
Frigidaire FFC25C8CW1
Frigidaire FFC25C8CW2
Frigidaire FFN15M5HWA
Frigidaire FFN15M5HWB
Frigidaire FFN15M5HWC
Frigidaire FFN15M5HWD
Frigidaire FFN15M5HWE
Frigidaire FFN15M5HWF
Frigidaire FFC20C4CW0
Frigidaire FFC20C4CW1
Frigidaire FFC20C4CW2
Frigidaire GFC25M4AW0
Frigidaire GFC25M4AW1
Frigidaire GFC25M4HW2
Frigidaire FFC1524DW2
Frigidaire FFCH15M1NW1
Frigidaire FFCH15M1NW2
Frigidaire GFC15M3AW0
Frigidaire GFC15M3AW1
Frigidaire GFC15M3AW2
Frigidaire GFC15M3AW3
Frigidaire LFFN15M5HWC
Frigidaire LFFN15M5HWD
Frigidaire LFFN15M5HWE
Frigidaire LFFN15M5HWF
Frigidaire WFC15M4BW4
Frigidaire WFC15M4BW5
Frigidaire WFC15M4BW6
Frigidaire WFC15M4BW7
Frigidaire WFC15M4BW8
Whirlpool TFC13M4AW0
Whirlpool TFC13M4AW1
Whirlpool TFC13M4AW3
Frigidaire FFC20C4CW3
Frigidaire FFC20K0DW1
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW8
Frigidaire LFFC1466DW0
Frigidaire LFFC1466DW1
Frigidaire LFFC1466DW2
Frigidaire LFFC1466DW3
Frigidaire LFFC1466DW4
Whirlpool FFC15C3AW0
Whirlpool FFC25C4AW0
Whirlpool FFC25C3AW0
Whirlpool FFC13C3AW0
Whirlpool FFC20C4CW0
Whirlpool FFC20C4AW0
Whirlpool FFC20C4AW1
Whirlpool FFC20C4CW1
Whirlpool FFC20K1CW1
Frigidaire GFC15M4AW6
Whirlpool MFC15M4FW3
Whirlpool CFC13M5AW0
Whirlpool CFC13M5AW1
Whirlpool CFC13M7HW0
Whirlpool CFC13M7HW1
Whirlpool F81C13M3W1
Whirlpool FFC13C2AW0
Whirlpool FFC13C4AW0
Whirlpool FFC13C4AW1
Whirlpool FFC13C7AW0
Whirlpool FFC13C7AW1
Whirlpool FFC13G7AW0
Whirlpool FFC13K1AW0
Whirlpool FFC13M2AW0
Whirlpool FFC13M2AW1
Whirlpool FFC15C2AW0
Whirlpool FFC15C4AW0
Whirlpool FFC15C4AW1
Whirlpool FFC15C7AW0
Whirlpool FFC15C7AW1
Whirlpool FFC15C8BB0
Whirlpool FFC15G7AW0
Whirlpool FFC15M4AW0
Whirlpool FFC15M4AW1
Whirlpool FFC18C4CW0
Whirlpool FFC18K1CW0
Whirlpool FFC18K1CW1
Whirlpool FFC20C3AW0
Whirlpool FFC20C4CW2
Whirlpool FFC20C4CW3
Whirlpool FFC20G4AW0
Whirlpool FFC20K0DW1
Whirlpool FFC20K1CW0
Whirlpool FFC20K1CW2
Whirlpool FFC25G4AW0
Frigidaire GFC20M4GW3
Whirlpool MFC13M4FW4
Whirlpool MFC20M4FW4
Whirlpool MFC25M4GW3
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW5
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW6
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW1
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW2
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW3
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW4
Frigidaire WFC25M4BW7
Frigidaire FFC1524DW1
Frigidaire FFC15K0DW2
Frigidaire LFFC1526DW3
Frigidaire WWFC13M4NW1
Frigidaire WFC20M4HW1
Whirlpool CFC13M5AW6
Whirlpool FFC13C4CW2
Whirlpool FFC13C6CW3
Whirlpool FFN15M5HWA
Whirlpool FFN15M5HWB
Whirlpool LFFC1466DW4
Whirlpool LFFN15M5HWA
Whirlpool LFFN15M5HWB
Frigidaire WFC20M4BW6
Frigidaire FFC18C4CW0
Frigidaire FFC18K1CW1
Frigidaire FFC20K1CW2
Frigidaire FFC20K1CW1
Frigidaire FFC15K0DW3
Frigidaire FFC15K0DW0
Frigidaire FFC15K0DW1
Whirlpool FFC15C3AW2
Whirlpool FFC13C3AW2
Whirlpool FFC15C3AW1
Whirlpool FFC15C3AW3
Whirlpool FFC15C4AW2
Whirlpool FFC15C4AW3
Whirlpool FFC15C7AW2
Whirlpool FFC15C7AW3
Frigidaire GFC1524FWA
Whirlpool TFC20M6AW0
Whirlpool TFC20M6AW1
Whirlpool TFC20M6AW2
Whirlpool TFC20M6AW3
Whirlpool MFC13M3BW2
Whirlpool GFC25M7AW1
Whirlpool GFC25M7AW2
Whirlpool GFC25M7AW3
Whirlpool GFC25M7AW4
Whirlpool TFC25M6AW0
Whirlpool TFC25M6AW2
Whirlpool TFC25M6AW3
Whirlpool TFC25M6AW4
Whirlpool FFC15C4CW0
Whirlpool LFFC1526DW3
Whirlpool FFC1524DW0
Whirlpool CFC13M5AW2
Whirlpool CFC13M5AW3
Whirlpool CFC13M5AW4
Whirlpool CFC13M5AW5
Whirlpool CFM151P6W3
Whirlpool FFC13C4AW2
Whirlpool FFC13C4CW0
Whirlpool FFC13C4CW1
Whirlpool FFC13C6CW0
Whirlpool FFC13C6CW1
Whirlpool FFC13C6CW2
Whirlpool FFC13C7AW2
Whirlpool FFC13C7AW3
Whirlpool FFC13D7HW0
Whirlpool FFC13D7HW1
Whirlpool FFC13D7HW2
Whirlpool FFC13D7HW4
Whirlpool FFC13G7AW1
Whirlpool FFC13G7AW2
Whirlpool FFC13K0DW0
Whirlpool FFC13K0DW1
Whirlpool FFC13K2CW0
Whirlpool FFC13K2CW1
Whirlpool FFC13K3CW1
Whirlpool FFC13M2AW2
Whirlpool FFC1524DW1
Whirlpool FFC1524DW2
Whirlpool FFC15C6CW0
Whirlpool FFC15C8BB1
Whirlpool FFC15C8BB2
Whirlpool FFC15G7AW1
Whirlpool FFC15G7AW2
Whirlpool FFC15K0DW0
Whirlpool FFC15K0DW1
Whirlpool FFC15K0DW2
Whirlpool FFC15K0DW3
Whirlpool FFC15K1CW0
Whirlpool FFC15K1CW1
Whirlpool FFC15K2CW1
Whirlpool FFC20D7HW0
Whirlpool FFC20D7HW1
Whirlpool FFC20D7HW2
Whirlpool FFC20D7HW3
Whirlpool FFC20D7HW4
Whirlpool FFC20G4AW2
Whirlpool FMR2515A49
Whirlpool FMR2722A49
Whirlpool GFC18M4AW0
Whirlpool GFC23M6AW0
Whirlpool GFC23M6AW1
Whirlpool KFC23M4AW0
Whirlpool KFC23M4AW1
Whirlpool LFFC1526DW0
Whirlpool LFFC1526DW1
Whirlpool LFFC1526DW2
Whirlpool LFFC1526DW4
Whirlpool MFC15M5BW0
Whirlpool MFC15M5BW1
Whirlpool MFC15M5BW2
Whirlpool GFC15M4AW3
Whirlpool GFC15M4AW5
Whirlpool GFC20M4GW2
Whirlpool GFC15M4AW1
Whirlpool FFC25C8CW0
Whirlpool MFC13M4FW3
Whirlpool MFC20M4FW2
Whirlpool MFC20M4FW3
Whirlpool MFC20M4FW0
Whirlpool MFC23M4BW3
Whirlpool MFC25M4BW3
Whirlpool CFC13M4HW0
Whirlpool CFC13M6HW0
Whirlpool CFC13M6HW1

1 Year Limited Warranty

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