23748 | Whirlpool Dryer Retainer Snap Ring

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Sku:  23748
Condition:  New
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Retainer Snap Ring used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Magic Chef, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP23748, AP6007373, 23748, PS11740487, R0601527.


  • Approx. 5/8" Diameter.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool ADE7005AKW
Whirlpool ADE7005AYW
Whirlpool ADE9005AGW
Whirlpool ADG7005AWW
Whirlpool AEM197
Whirlpool AEM377
Whirlpool AEM397
Whirlpool AEM407L
Whirlpool AEM407L2
Whirlpool AEM407L2 (BOM: PAEM402L2)
Whirlpool AEM407W
Whirlpool AEM407W2
Whirlpool AEM407W2 (BOM: PAEM402W2)
Whirlpool AEM427L2
Whirlpool AEM427L2 (BOM: PAEM427L2)
Whirlpool AEM427W
Whirlpool AEM427W2
Whirlpool AEM427W2 (BOM: PAEM427W2)
Whirlpool AEM477L2
Whirlpool AEM477L2 (BOM: PAEM477L2)
Whirlpool AEM477W
Whirlpool AEM477W2
Whirlpool AEM477W2 (BOM: PAEM477W2)
Whirlpool AEM497L
Whirlpool AEM497L2
Whirlpool ALE230RAW
Whirlpool ALE230RCW
Whirlpool ALE331RAC
Whirlpool ALE331RAW
Whirlpool ALE331RCW
Whirlpool ALE443RAC
Whirlpool ALE443RAW
Whirlpool ALE443RCW
Whirlpool DE1020
Whirlpool DE1021
Whirlpool DE3010
Whirlpool DE3011
Whirlpool DE3231
Whirlpool DE3270
Whirlpool DE3271
Whirlpool DE3670
Whirlpool DE3671
Whirlpool DE3790
Whirlpool DE3791
Whirlpool DE3850
Whirlpool DE3851
Whirlpool DE6050
Whirlpool DE6051
Whirlpool DE6080
Whirlpool DE6081
Whirlpool DE6151
Whirlpool DE6171
Whirlpool DE6230
Whirlpool DE6231
Whirlpool DE6260
Whirlpool DE6261
Whirlpool DE9021
Whirlpool DG1030
Whirlpool FE0080
Whirlpool HE2003
Whirlpool HE2030
Whirlpool HE2050
Whirlpool HE2250
Whirlpool HE2430
Whirlpool HE2970
Whirlpool HE3003
Whirlpool HE3060
Whirlpool HE4003
Whirlpool HE4030
Whirlpool HE4070
Whirlpool HE4103
Whirlpool HE4203
Whirlpool HE4270
Whirlpool HE4330
Whirlpool HE4350
Whirlpool HE4430
Whirlpool HE4503
Whirlpool HE5003
Whirlpool HE5330
Whirlpool HE6003
Whirlpool HE6350
Whirlpool AE3213
Whirlpool AE3413
Whirlpool AE4113
Whirlpool AE4213
Whirlpool AE4413
Whirlpool AE5113
Whirlpool AE5213
Whirlpool AE5413
Whirlpool AE7133
Whirlpool AE7233
Whirlpool AE9133
Whirlpool AE9233
Whirlpool AE9433
Whirlpool AEE933
Whirlpool AEE953
Whirlpool AEM333
Whirlpool AEM353
Whirlpool CDE6505AZW
Whirlpool CDE6505W
Whirlpool CDE9500AZW
Whirlpool CDE9500W
Whirlpool CDE9505AZW
Whirlpool CDE9505W
Whirlpool CDG6505W
Whirlpool CDG9500W
Whirlpool CDG9505W
Whirlpool CYE3005AGW
Whirlpool CYE3005AKW
Whirlpool CYE3005AYW
Whirlpool CYE3005AZW
Whirlpool CYG1005AWW
Whirlpool CYG3005AWW
Whirlpool HYE2205AGW
Whirlpool HYE2205AKW
Whirlpool MDE208DAYW
Whirlpool MDE2706AYW
Whirlpool MDE2706AZW
Whirlpool MDE308DAYW
Whirlpool AEM497L2 (BOM: PAEM497L2)
Whirlpool AEM497W2 (BOM: PAEM497W2)
Whirlpool AEM677L2 (BOM: PAEM677L2)
Whirlpool AEM677W2 (BOM: PAEM677W2)
Whirlpool AEM697L2 (BOM: PAEM697L2)
Whirlpool AEM697W2 (BOM: PAEM697W2)
Whirlpool AGM409L2 (BOM: PAGM409L2)
Whirlpool AGM409W2 (BOM: PAGM409W2)
Whirlpool AGM429L2 (BOM: PAGM429L2)
Whirlpool AGM429W2 (BOM: PAGM429W2)
Whirlpool AGM479L2 (BOM: PAGM479L2)
Whirlpool AGM479W2 (BOM: PAGM479W2)
Whirlpool AGM499L2 (BOM: PAGM499L2)
Whirlpool AGM499W2 (BOM: PAGM499W2)
Whirlpool AGM679L2 (BOM: PAGM679L2)
Whirlpool AGM679W2 (BOM: PAGM679W2)
Whirlpool AGM699L2 (BOM: PAGM699L2)
Whirlpool AGM699W2 (BOM: PAGM699W2)
Whirlpool CE4317L2 (BOM: PCE4317L2)
Whirlpool ALE643RBC
Whirlpool ALE643RBW
Whirlpool AEM433
Whirlpool AEM453
Whirlpool AEM633
Whirlpool AEM653
Whirlpool AG3219
Whirlpool AG3419
Whirlpool AG4119
Whirlpool AG4219
Whirlpool MDE4658AYW
Whirlpool MDE4806AYW
Whirlpool MDE4806AZW
Whirlpool MDE5806AYK
Whirlpool MDE5806AYW
Whirlpool MDE5806AZK
Whirlpool MDE5806AZW
Whirlpool MDET446AYW
Whirlpool MDET446AZW
Whirlpool MDG4658AWW
Whirlpool MDG4806AWW
Whirlpool MDG5806AWK
Whirlpool MDG5806AWW
Whirlpool MDGT446AWW
Whirlpool NDE8805AYW
Whirlpool NDE8805AZW
Whirlpool NDG8805AWW
Whirlpool ALG230RAW
Whirlpool ALG230RCW
Whirlpool ALG331RAC
Whirlpool ALG331RAW
Whirlpool ALG331RMC
Whirlpool ALG331RMW
Whirlpool MDE3706AGW
Whirlpool MDE3706AKW
Whirlpool MDE3706AYW
Whirlpool AEM497W
Whirlpool AEM497W2
Whirlpool AA3110
Whirlpool AA3111
Whirlpool AA3210
Whirlpool AA3410
Whirlpool AA4110
Whirlpool AA4111
Whirlpool AA4210
Whirlpool AA4211
Whirlpool AA4410
Whirlpool AA4411
Whirlpool AA5121
Whirlpool AA5220
Whirlpool AA5221
Whirlpool AA5222
Whirlpool AA5420
Whirlpool AA5421
Whirlpool AA6121
Whirlpool AA6221
Whirlpool AA6421
Whirlpool AA7131
Whirlpool AA7231
Whirlpool AA8431
Whirlpool AA9131
Whirlpool AA9231
Whirlpool AA9431
Whirlpool ALE643RCW
Whirlpool ALE866SBC
Whirlpool ALE866SBW
Whirlpool ALE866SCW
Whirlpool ALG443RAC
Whirlpool ALG443RAW
Whirlpool ALG443RCW
Whirlpool ALG643RBC
Whirlpool ALG643RBW
Whirlpool ALG643RMC
Whirlpool ALG643RMW
Whirlpool ALG866SBC
Whirlpool ALG866SBW
Whirlpool ALG866SCW
Whirlpool SDE305DAYW
Whirlpool DLG330RAW
Whirlpool DLG330RCW
Whirlpool LGA10AW (BOM: PLGA10AW)
Whirlpool LGA20AW (BOM: PLGA20AW)
Whirlpool CW4202L (BOM: PCW4202L)
Whirlpool CW4202W (BOM: PCW4202W)
Whirlpool AG4419
Whirlpool AG5119
Whirlpool AG5219
Whirlpool AG5419
Whirlpool AG7139
Whirlpool AG7239
Whirlpool AG9139
Whirlpool AG9239
Whirlpool AG9439
Whirlpool AGE939
Whirlpool AGE959
Whirlpool AGM339
Whirlpool AGM359
Whirlpool AGM439
Whirlpool AGM459
Whirlpool AGM639
Whirlpool AGM659
Whirlpool KG5319
Whirlpool KG5519
Whirlpool KG6539
Whirlpool NG2119
Whirlpool MDE3706AZW
Whirlpool MDE3757AYW
Whirlpool ALW210RAW
Whirlpool ALW432RAW
Whirlpool ALW480DAC
Whirlpool ALW480DAW
Whirlpool ALW540RAC
Whirlpool ALW540RAW
Whirlpool NDE2330AYW

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