240337103 | Frigidaire Refrigerator Crisper Drawer (Clear)

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Sku:  240337103
Condition:  New
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Crisper Drawer used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Universal and Westinghouse models.

Directly Replaces: AP2115849, 240337107, 240337102, 240337108, 891037, AH429854, EA429854, PS429854.


  • Clear.
  • Approx.: 8"H x 11"W x 17"D.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire BLRT86TEB8
Frigidaire BLRT86TEB9
Frigidaire BLRT86TEBA
Frigidaire BLRT86TES8
Frigidaire BLRT86TES9
Frigidaire BLRT86TESA
Frigidaire BLRT86TEW8
Frigidaire BLRT86TEW9
Frigidaire BLRT86TEWA
Frigidaire CGHT1846MF2
Frigidaire CGHT1846MF4
Frigidaire CGHT1846MP2
Frigidaire CGHT1846MP4
Frigidaire CRT18CDMB0
Frigidaire CRT18CDMB1
Frigidaire CRT18CDMW0
Frigidaire CRT18CDMW1
Frigidaire CRT18HCDMS0
Frigidaire CFHT1842LS0
Frigidaire CFHT1842LS1
Frigidaire CFHT1842LS2
Frigidaire CFHT1842LS3
Frigidaire CFHT1842LS4
Frigidaire CFHT1842LS6
Frigidaire CFHT1842LS7
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS0
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS1
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS2
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS3
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS4
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS5
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS6
Frigidaire CFHT1843LS7
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK0
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK1
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK2
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK3
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK4
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK5
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM0
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM3
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS0
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS3
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW0
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW3
Frigidaire CRT185ILB2
Frigidaire CRT185ILS2
Frigidaire CRT185ILW2
Frigidaire CRT185LB2
Frigidaire CRT185LS2
Frigidaire CRT185LW2
Frigidaire CRTE187AK0
Frigidaire CRTE187AS0
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK7
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK8
Frigidaire CFTR1826LK9
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM1
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM2
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM4
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM5
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM6
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM7
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM8
Frigidaire CFTR1826LM9
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS1
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS2
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS4
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS5
Frigidaire GLHT184TJB0
Frigidaire CRTE183ABK
Frigidaire CRTE183ABL
Frigidaire CRTE183ABM
Frigidaire CRTE183AQ0
Frigidaire CRTE183AQJ
Frigidaire CRTE183AQK
Frigidaire CRTE183AQL
Frigidaire CRTE183AQM
Frigidaire CRTE183ASH
Frigidaire CRTE183ASK
Frigidaire CRTE183ASL
Frigidaire CRTE183ASM
Frigidaire CRTE183AW0
Frigidaire CFHT1814LZ0
Frigidaire CFHT1814LZ1
Frigidaire CFHT1814LZ3
Frigidaire CFHT1814LZ4
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP0
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP1
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP2
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP3
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP4
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP5
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP6
Frigidaire CFHT1826LP7
Frigidaire DGHT1844KF1
Frigidaire DGHT1844KF2
Frigidaire DGHT1844KF4
Frigidaire DGHT1844KF5
Frigidaire DGHT1844KF7
Frigidaire DGHT1844KF8
Frigidaire DGHT1844KR0
Frigidaire DGHT1844KR2
Frigidaire DGHT1844KR4
Frigidaire DGHT1844KR5
Frigidaire DGHT1844KR7
Frigidaire DGHT1844KR8
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB0
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB1
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB2
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB3
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB5
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB6
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB8
Frigidaire FGHT1834KB9
Frigidaire FGHT1834KQ0
Frigidaire FGHT1846KE0
Frigidaire FGHT1846KE1
Frigidaire FGHT1846KE2
Frigidaire FGHT1846KE4
Frigidaire FGHT1846KE5
Frigidaire FGHT1846KE7
Frigidaire FGHT1846KF0
Frigidaire FGHT1846KF1
Frigidaire FGHT1846KF2
Frigidaire FGHT1846KF4
Frigidaire FGHT1846KF5
Frigidaire FGHT1846KF7
Frigidaire FGHT1846KP0
Frigidaire FGHT1846KP1
Frigidaire FGHT1846KP2
Frigidaire FGHT1846KP4
Frigidaire FGHT1846KP5
Frigidaire FGHT1846KP7
Frigidaire FGHT1846KR0
Frigidaire FGHT1846KR1
Frigidaire FGHT1846KR2
Frigidaire FRT185BSB0
Frigidaire FRT185BSB3
Frigidaire FRT185BSK0
Frigidaire FRT185BSK3
Frigidaire FRT18FP5DK0
Frigidaire FRT18FP5DQ0
Frigidaire FRT18FP5DS0
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW1
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW2
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW4
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW5
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW7
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW8
Frigidaire CFTR1826LW9
Frigidaire CRT182HNW0
Frigidaire CRT182HNW1
Frigidaire CRT182HNW2
Frigidaire CRT182NW0
Frigidaire CRT182NW2
Frigidaire FRT18B5JB0
Frigidaire FRT18B5JB4
Frigidaire FRT18B5JM0
Frigidaire FRT18B5JM4
Frigidaire FRT18B5JQ0
Frigidaire FRT18B5JQ4
Frigidaire FRT18B5JW0
Frigidaire FRT18B5JW4
Frigidaire FRT18B5JZ0
Frigidaire FRT18B5JZ4
Frigidaire FRT18G6JB0
Frigidaire FRT18G6JB4
Frigidaire FRT18G6JQ0
Frigidaire FRT18G6JQ4
Frigidaire FRT18G6JW0
Frigidaire FRT18G6JW4
Frigidaire FRT18IB5JQ0
Frigidaire FRT18IB5JW0
Frigidaire CRT185HLB0
Frigidaire CRT185HLB1
Frigidaire CRT185HLB2
Frigidaire CRT185HLB3
Frigidaire CRT185HLB4
Frigidaire CRT185HLB6
Frigidaire CRT185HLQ1
Frigidaire CRT185HLQ2
Frigidaire CRT185HLQ3
Frigidaire CRT185HLQ4
Frigidaire CRT185HLQ6
Frigidaire CRT185HLS0
Frigidaire CRT185HLS1
Frigidaire CRT185HLS2
Frigidaire CRT185HLS3
Frigidaire CRT185HLS4
Frigidaire CRT185HLW0
Frigidaire CRT185HLW1
Frigidaire CRT185HLW2
Frigidaire CRT185HLW3
Frigidaire CRT185HLW4
Frigidaire CRT185HLW5
Frigidaire CRT185HLW6
Frigidaire CRT185ILB0
Frigidaire GLHT188WHB1
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS9
Frigidaire CFTR1826LS8
Frigidaire CRT181LW1
Frigidaire CRT181LW3
Frigidaire CRT185ILB3
Frigidaire CRT185ILS3
Frigidaire GLHT188WHB2
Frigidaire GLHT188WHB3
Frigidaire GLHT188WHW1
Frigidaire GLHT188WHW2
Frigidaire FRT18HS6DSC
Frigidaire PLHT189SSBE
Frigidaire PLHT189SSKE
Frigidaire CFHT1843LW1
Frigidaire CFHT1843LW2
Frigidaire CRT185ILW0
Frigidaire CRT185ILW1
Frigidaire CRT185ILW3
Frigidaire CRT185ILW4
Frigidaire CRT185ILW5
Frigidaire CRT185ILW7
Frigidaire CRT185LW0
Frigidaire CRT185LW1
Frigidaire CRT185LW3
Frigidaire CRT185LW4
Frigidaire CRT185LW5
Frigidaire CRT185LW7
Frigidaire LGHT1837LE0
Frigidaire LGHT1837LE1
Frigidaire LGHT1837LE3
Frigidaire LGHT1837LE4
Frigidaire LGHT1837LE5
Frigidaire LGHT1837LE6
Frigidaire LGHT1837LE7
Frigidaire LGUI1849LE0
Frigidaire LGUI1849LE1
Frigidaire LGUI1849LE2
Frigidaire FGUI1849LE0
Frigidaire FGUI1849LE1
Frigidaire FGUI1849LE2
Frigidaire FGUI1849LF0
Frigidaire FGUI1849LF1
Frigidaire FGUI1849LF2
Frigidaire FGUI1849LP0
Frigidaire FGUI1849LP1
Frigidaire FGUI1849LP2

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