240363701 | Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin

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Sku:  240363701
Condition:  New
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Door Shelf Bin used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore and Westinghouse models.

Directly Replaces: AP2116105, 891286, PS430206, EAP430206.


  • White.
  • 2 Liter door bin.
  • 14"W x 4.5"D x 6"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CRSE230KW0
Frigidaire CRSH237LW0
Frigidaire CRSH237LW1
Frigidaire CRSH237LW2
Frigidaire CRSH237LW3
Frigidaire CRSH237LW4
Frigidaire CRSH238MW1
Frigidaire CRSH238MW2
Frigidaire CRSH238MW3
Frigidaire FRS23BH5CB0
Frigidaire FRS23BH5CB1
Frigidaire FRS23BH5CQ0
Frigidaire FRS23BH5CQ1
Frigidaire FRS23BH5CW0
Frigidaire FRS23BH5CW1
Frigidaire FRS23F4CB0
Frigidaire FRS23F4CB2
Frigidaire FRS23F4CB3
Frigidaire FRS23F4CB4
Frigidaire FRS23F4CB5
Frigidaire FRS23F4CQ0
Frigidaire FRS23F4CQ2
Frigidaire FRS23F4CQ3
Frigidaire FRS23F4CQ4
Frigidaire FFHS2311LQ0
Frigidaire FFHS2311LQ2
Frigidaire FFHS2311LQ3
Frigidaire FRS23F4CQ5
Frigidaire FRS23F4CW0
Frigidaire FRS23F4CW2
Frigidaire FRS23F4CW3
Frigidaire FRS23F4CW4
Frigidaire FRS23F4CW5
Frigidaire FRS23F4DQ1
Frigidaire FRS23F4DQ2
Frigidaire FRS23F4DQ4
Frigidaire FRS23F4DW1
Frigidaire FGHS2334KB1
Frigidaire FGHS2334KE0
Frigidaire FGHS2334KP0
Frigidaire FGHS2334KQ0
Frigidaire FGHS2334KW1
Frigidaire FGHS2344KF1
Frigidaire FRS23FCDQ0
Frigidaire FRS23KF5CQ0
Frigidaire FRS23KF5CQ2
Frigidaire FRS23KF5CQ3
Frigidaire FRS23KF5CQ5
Frigidaire FRS23KF5DQ0
Frigidaire FRS23KF5DQ1
Frigidaire FRS23KF5DQ2
Frigidaire FRS23KF5DQ4
Frigidaire FRS23KF5DQ7
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DQ0
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DQ1
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DQ2
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DQ3
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DQ4
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DQ6
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DQ7
Frigidaire CRSH237LB0
Frigidaire CRSH237LB1
Frigidaire CRSH237LB2
Frigidaire CRSH237LB3
Frigidaire CRSH237LB4
Frigidaire CRSH237LS0
Frigidaire CRSH237LS1
Frigidaire CRSH237LS2
Frigidaire CRSH237LS3
Frigidaire CRSH237LS4
Frigidaire CRSH238MB1
Frigidaire CRSH238MB2
Frigidaire CRSH238MB3
Frigidaire CRSH238MS1
Frigidaire CRSH238MS2
Frigidaire FRS23KF5DW7
Frigidaire FRS23F4DB2
Frigidaire FRS23F4DB4
Frigidaire FRS23F5AB1
Frigidaire FRS23F5AB2
Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB9
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB0
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB1
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB2
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB3
Frigidaire FRS23F5AB5
Frigidaire FRS23F5AB6
Frigidaire FRS23F5AB7
Frigidaire FRS23FCDB0
Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB3
Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB4
Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB5
Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB6
Frigidaire FRS23W3AWP
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KW0
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KW1
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KW2
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KW3
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KW4
Frigidaire FRS3R2FW0
Frigidaire FRS3R3EW0
Frigidaire FRS3R3EW2
Frigidaire FRS3R3EW4
Frigidaire FRS3R3EW5
Frigidaire FRS3R3EW6
Frigidaire FRS3R3EW7
Frigidaire FRS3R3EW9
Frigidaire FRS3R3JW0
Frigidaire FRS3R3JW1
Frigidaire FRS3R3JW2
Frigidaire FRS3R3JW3
Frigidaire FRS3R3JW4
Frigidaire FRS3R3JW5
Frigidaire WRS23MW3AWE
Frigidaire WRS23MW3AWF
Frigidaire WRS23MW3AWG
Frigidaire WRS23MW3AWJ
Frigidaire FRS3R4EB2
Frigidaire FRS3R4EQ2
Frigidaire FRS3R4EW2
Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB2
Frigidaire FRS23KF6CB0
Frigidaire FRS23KF6CB1
Frigidaire FRS23KF6CB2
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW0
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW1
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW2
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW3
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW4
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW5
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW6
Frigidaire FRS23KR4AW7
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW0
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW1
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW2
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW3
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW4
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW5
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW6
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW8
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DW9
Frigidaire FRS23LH5DWN
Frigidaire FRS23R4AW0
Frigidaire FRS23F5AB3
Frigidaire FRS23F5AB4
Frigidaire FRS23F5AQ1
Frigidaire FRS23F5AQ2
Frigidaire FRS23F5AQ3
Frigidaire FRS23F5AQ4
Frigidaire FRS23F5AQ5
Frigidaire FRS23F5AQ6
Frigidaire FRS23F5AW1
Frigidaire FRS23F5AW2
Frigidaire FRS23F5AW3
Frigidaire FRS23F5AW4
Frigidaire FRS23F5AW5
Frigidaire FRS23F5AW6
Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB0
Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB1
Frigidaire FRS23HF5AB1
Frigidaire FRS23HF5AB2
Frigidaire FRS23KF6DB0
Frigidaire FRS23KF6DB1
Frigidaire FRS23KF6DB2
Frigidaire FRS23KF6DB5
Frigidaire FRS23KF6DB8
Frigidaire FRS3LR5ES0
Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB4
Frigidaire FRS23F4DW2
Frigidaire FRS23F4DW3
Frigidaire FRS23F4DW4
Frigidaire FRS23F5AW7
Frigidaire FRS23FCDW0
Frigidaire FRS23HF5AW1
Frigidaire FRS23HF5AW2
Frigidaire FRS23HF5AW3
Frigidaire FRS23HF5AW4
Frigidaire FRS23HF5AW5
Frigidaire FRS23KF5CW0
Frigidaire GRS23F5AQ0
Frigidaire GRS23F5AQ1
Frigidaire GRS23F5AQ3
Frigidaire GRS23F5AQ4
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB4
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB5
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB6
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB8
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB9
Frigidaire FRS23H5DSBA
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KB3
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KM3
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KS3
Frigidaire FRS3HR35KS5
Frigidaire FGHS2344KF4
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW8
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW0
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW2
Whirlpool FRS23F4CW0
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW7
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW2
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW3
Whirlpool FRS23HF5AW1
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW9
Whirlpool FRS23KF5DW4
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW5
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW1
Whirlpool FRS23W3AW2
Whirlpool FRS3R4EW0
Whirlpool FRS23KF5DW0
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW0
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW1
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW4
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW6
Whirlpool FRS23W3AW7
Whirlpool FRS23F4CW5
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW2
Whirlpool FRS23KF5CW0
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW0
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW4
Whirlpool FRS23KF7AW6
Whirlpool FRS23HF5AW3
Whirlpool FRS23W3AW5
Whirlpool FRS23F4CW3
Whirlpool FRS23F4DW2
Whirlpool FRS23F5AW4
Whirlpool FRS23F5AW5
Whirlpool FRS23KF6CW0
Whirlpool FRS23KF6CW1
Whirlpool FRS23LH5DW3
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW4
Whirlpool FRS23W3AW6
Whirlpool FRS23KF5DW2
Whirlpool FRS23KF7AW1
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW7
Whirlpool FRS3R3EW7
Whirlpool FRS3R4EW3
Whirlpool FRS23BH5CW0
Whirlpool FRS23F5AW2
Whirlpool FRS23F5AW3
Whirlpool FRS23HF5AW4
Whirlpool FRS23HF5AW5
Whirlpool FRS23KF7AQ6
Whirlpool FRS23KF7AW2
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AQ4
Whirlpool FRS23LH5DW0
Whirlpool FRS23LH5DW2

1 Year Limited Warranty

2 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Ashley on May 20th 2020

    Item was shipped super fast and fit great. It was also $15 cheaper then others. These replacement parts are overpriced in general but Appliancezone had it the cheapest and high quality too

  • 5
    good deal

    Posted by Mark on Jan 11th 2017

    it was what i was i what i looking for good price

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