241511701 | Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Bin

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Sku:  241511701
Condition:  New
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Door bin used on some Frigidaire refrigerator models.

Directly Replaces: 241511701, AP3770692, PS976767, 1056498.


  • Approx. 2"L x 16"W x 4"H.
  • Clear.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire FLSC238DW0
Frigidaire FLSC238DW1
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DW0
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DW1
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DW2
Frigidaire FGHC2334KE0
Frigidaire FGHC2334KE1
Frigidaire FGHC2334KE2
Frigidaire FGHC2334KP0
Frigidaire FGHC2334KP1
Frigidaire FGHC2334KP2
Frigidaire FGHC2342LF0
Frigidaire FGHC2342LF1
Frigidaire FGHC2342LF2
Frigidaire FGHC2342LF3
Frigidaire FGHC2344KF0
Frigidaire FGHC2344KF1
Frigidaire FGHC2344KF2
Frigidaire FLSC238DB0
Frigidaire FLSC238DB1
Frigidaire FLSC238DB2
Frigidaire FLSC238DB4
Frigidaire FLSC238DB6
Frigidaire FLSC238DBB
Frigidaire FLSC238DS0
Frigidaire FLSC238DS1
Frigidaire FLSC238DS2
Frigidaire FLSC238DS3
Frigidaire FLSC238DS4
Frigidaire FLSC238DS5
Frigidaire FLSC238DS8
Frigidaire FLSC238DSA
Frigidaire FLSC238DSB
Frigidaire FLSC238JS0
Frigidaire FLSC238JS1
Frigidaire FLSC238JS2
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DB1
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DB2
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DB3
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DB5
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DS1
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DS4
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DSN
Frigidaire FLSC238DS6
Frigidaire FLSC238DSN
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB6
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB8
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSBA
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSBB
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSBC
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSBE
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSBP
Frigidaire FSC23F7FSB0
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB1
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB3
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB4
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB5
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB6
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB7
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB8
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB0
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB1
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB2
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB3
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB4
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB5
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB6
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB7
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB8
Frigidaire FSC23F7DB9
Frigidaire FSC23F7DBA
Frigidaire FSC23F7DBC
Frigidaire FLSC238DS7
Frigidaire FLSC238DS9
Frigidaire FLSC238DW4
Frigidaire FLSC238DW6
Frigidaire FLSC238DWB
Frigidaire FSC23F7DW8
Frigidaire LGHC2342LF0
Frigidaire FSC23F7FB0
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB1
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB3
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB4
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB5
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB6
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB7
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB8
Frigidaire FSC23F7HB9
Frigidaire FSC23F7HBA
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DS2
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DS3
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DS5
Frigidaire FLSC23F6DS7
Frigidaire FSC23BBDSB2
Frigidaire FSC23BBDSB5
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB2
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB5
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB7
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB9
Frigidaire LGHC2342LF1
Frigidaire LGHC2342LF2
Frigidaire LGHC2342LF3
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDB7
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDS7
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDB0
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDB1
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDB3
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDB5
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDS0
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDS1
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDS3
Frigidaire FSC23F7TDS5
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSB9
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSBA
Frigidaire FSC23F7HSBB
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW1
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW3
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW4
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW5
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW6
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW7
Frigidaire FLSC238DW2
Frigidaire FSC23BBDSB0
Frigidaire FSC23BBDSB1
Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB1
Frigidaire FSC23F7DW3
Frigidaire FSC23F7DW5
Frigidaire FSC23F7DW6
Frigidaire FSC23F7DW7
Frigidaire FSC23F7DW9
Frigidaire FSC23F7DWA
Frigidaire FSC23F7DWC
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW8
Frigidaire FSC23F7HW9
Frigidaire FSC23F7HWA
Whirlpool FLSC238DS6
Whirlpool FLSC238DSN
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB7
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSBA
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB9
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DS5
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB0
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB8
Whirlpool FLSC238DB2
Whirlpool FLSC238DS8
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW0
Whirlpool FSC23F7TDS0
Whirlpool FLSC238DB0
Whirlpool FLSC238DS7
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DS1
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DSN
Whirlpool FSC23F7HSB1
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB0
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB3
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB8
Whirlpool FSC23F7TDW0
Whirlpool FLSC238DS1
Whirlpool FLSC238DS5
Whirlpool FLSC238DW2
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DS7
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB2
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSBC
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB1
Whirlpool FSC23F7TDB0
Whirlpool FSC23F7TDS5
Whirlpool FLSC238DS0
Whirlpool FLSC238DS9
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DB1
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DS2
Whirlpool FSC23BBDSB0
Whirlpool FSC23BBDSB2
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB5
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB1
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB6
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSBB
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSBP
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW5
Whirlpool FGHC2334KE0
Whirlpool FGHC2334KE1
Whirlpool FGHC2334KE2
Whirlpool FGHC2334KP0
Whirlpool FGHC2334KP1
Whirlpool FGHC2334KP2
Whirlpool FGHC2342LF0
Whirlpool FGHC2342LF1
Whirlpool FGHC2342LF2
Whirlpool FGHC2344KF0
Whirlpool FGHC2344KF1
Whirlpool FGHC2344KF2
Whirlpool FLSC238DB1
Whirlpool FLSC238DB4
Whirlpool FLSC238DB6
Whirlpool FLSC238DBB
Whirlpool FLSC238DS2
Whirlpool FLSC238DS3
Whirlpool FLSC238DS4
Whirlpool FLSC238DSA
Whirlpool FLSC238DSB
Whirlpool FLSC238DW0
Whirlpool FLSC238DW1
Whirlpool FLSC238DW4
Whirlpool FLSC238DW6
Whirlpool FLSC238DWB
Whirlpool FLSC238JS0
Whirlpool FLSC238JS1
Whirlpool FLSC238JS2
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DB2
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DB3
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DB5
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DS3
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DS4
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DW0
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DW1
Whirlpool FLSC23F6DW2
Whirlpool FSC23BBDSB1
Whirlpool FSC23BBDSB3
Whirlpool FSC23BBDSB5
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB1
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB2
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB4
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB6
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB7
Whirlpool FSC23F7DB9
Whirlpool FSC23F7DBA
Whirlpool FSC23F7DBC
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB3
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB4
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSB5
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSBE
Whirlpool FSC23F7DSBN
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW3
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW4
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW6
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW7
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW8
Whirlpool FSC23F7DW9
Whirlpool FSC23F7DWA
Whirlpool FSC23F7DWC
Whirlpool FSC23F7FB0
Whirlpool FSC23F7FSB0
Whirlpool FSC23F7FW0
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB3
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB4
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB5
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB6
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB7
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB8
Whirlpool FSC23F7HB9
Whirlpool FSC23F7HBA
Whirlpool FSC23F7HSB3

90 Day Limited Warranty

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    Door Bin

    Posted by John on Aug 4th 2020

    I received the bin promptly and was very easy to install.I will be ordering more items as well as referring Appliancezone.com to all my neighbors and coworkers. TY!

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