241872513 | Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Gasket

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Sku:  241872513
Condition:  New
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Door Gasket used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Universal and Westinghouse models.

Directly Replaces: AP4374868, 241872506, 240542118, 5304439523, 1465365, 240370906, 240390701, 240514606, 240514608, 240542106, 5304439521, AH2331952, EA2331952, PS2331952.


  • White.
  • Approx. 42"H by 28"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CRTE217IAQ1
Frigidaire CRTE217IAQ2
Frigidaire CRTE217IAW1
Frigidaire CRTE217IAW2
Frigidaire CRT216HLQ0
Frigidaire CRT216HLQ1
Frigidaire CRT216HLQ2
Frigidaire CRT216HLQ3
Frigidaire CRT216HLQ4
Frigidaire CRT216HLQ6
Frigidaire CRT216HLW0
Frigidaire CRT216HLW1
Frigidaire FFHI2117LW0
Frigidaire FFHI2117LW1
Frigidaire FFHI2117LW2
Frigidaire FFHI2126LW0
Frigidaire FFHI2126LW1
Frigidaire FFHI2126LW2
Frigidaire FFHI2126LW5
Frigidaire FFHI2126LW6
Frigidaire FFHT2117LW0
Frigidaire FFHT2117LW1
Frigidaire FFHT2117LW2
Frigidaire FFHT2117LW3
Frigidaire FFHT2117LW6
Frigidaire FFHT2126LW0
Frigidaire FFHT2126LW1
Frigidaire FFHT2126LW2
Frigidaire FFHT2126LW3
Frigidaire FFHT2126LW4
Frigidaire FFHT2126LW6
Frigidaire FFTI2117LW0
Frigidaire FFTR2126LW0
Frigidaire FFTR2126LW1
Frigidaire FFTR2126LW2
Frigidaire FFTR2126LW3
Frigidaire FFTR2126LW4
Frigidaire FGTD23V6MW1
Frigidaire PHT219JKM0
Frigidaire PHT219JKM1
Frigidaire PHT219JKM2
Frigidaire FRT21HS6JW1
Frigidaire FRT21IS6JW3
Frigidaire FRT21S6JW5
Frigidaire FGUI2149LF0
Frigidaire FGUI2149LF1
Frigidaire FGUI2149LF2
Frigidaire FGUI2149LF3
Frigidaire FGUI2149LP0
Frigidaire FGUI2149LP1
Frigidaire FGUI2149LP2
Frigidaire FGUI2149LP3
Frigidaire FGUI2149LR0
Frigidaire FGUI2149LR1
Frigidaire CRT216HLW2
Frigidaire CRT216HLW3
Frigidaire CRT216HLW4
Frigidaire CRT216HLW6
Frigidaire CRT21HCDMW0
Frigidaire GLHT218WHW2
Frigidaire LGUI2149LP0
Frigidaire LGUI2149LP1
Frigidaire LGUI2149LP2
Frigidaire FGHT2146KP1
Frigidaire FGHT2146KP2
Frigidaire FGHT2146KP3
Frigidaire FGUI2149LR2
Frigidaire FPHI2187KF1
Frigidaire FPHI2187KF2
Frigidaire FPHI2187KR1
Frigidaire CRTE217AQ2
Whirlpool LGHT1837LP0
Whirlpool LGHT1837LP1
Whirlpool LGHT1837LP3
Whirlpool LGHT1837LP4
Whirlpool LGHT2137LP0
Whirlpool LGHT2137LP1
Whirlpool LGHT2137LP2
Whirlpool LGUI1849LP0
Whirlpool LGUI1849LP1
Whirlpool LGUI1849LP2
Whirlpool LGUI2149LP0
Whirlpool LGUI2149LP1
Frigidaire FGHT2146KP0
Frigidaire FPHI2187KF0
Frigidaire FPHI2187KR0
Frigidaire FPHI2187KR2
Frigidaire CRTE217AQ3
Frigidaire CRTE217IAQ0
Frigidaire FPHI21X7LF0
Frigidaire LGHT2137LP0
Frigidaire LGHT2137LP1
Frigidaire LGHT2137LP2
Frigidaire LGHT2137LP3
Frigidaire LGHT2137LP6
Frigidaire FFHT2126LQ0
Frigidaire FFHT2126LQ1
Frigidaire FFHT2126LQ2
Frigidaire FFHT2126LQ3
Frigidaire FFHT2126LQ4
Frigidaire FFHT2126LQ5
Frigidaire FFHT2126LQ7
Frigidaire FFTR2126LQ0
Frigidaire FFTR2126LQ2
Frigidaire FFTR2126LQ3
Frigidaire FFTR2126LQ4
Frigidaire FFTR2126LQ5
Frigidaire FFTR2126LQ6
Frigidaire FFTR2126LQ7
Frigidaire FRT21B4JW1
Frigidaire FRT21B4JW2
Frigidaire FRT21B4JW3
Frigidaire FPUI2188LF0
Frigidaire FPUI2188LF1
Frigidaire FPUI2188LF2
Frigidaire FPUI2188LF3
Frigidaire FPUI2188LR0
Frigidaire FPUI2188LR1
Whirlpool FFHT1826LQ0
Whirlpool FFHT1826LQ1
Whirlpool FFHT1826LQ2
Whirlpool FFHT1826LQ3
Whirlpool FFHT1826LQ4
Whirlpool FFHT1826LQ5
Whirlpool FFHT2126LQ0
Whirlpool FFHT2126LQ1
Whirlpool FFHT2126LQ2
Whirlpool FFHT2126LQ3
Whirlpool FFTR2126LB0
Whirlpool FFTR2126LK0
Whirlpool FFTR2126LM0
Whirlpool FFTR2126LQ0
Whirlpool FFTR2126LQ2
Whirlpool FFTR2126LQ3
Whirlpool FFTR2126LS0
Whirlpool FFTR2126LW0
Frigidaire WRT18MP5AWX
Frigidaire FRT21G2NW0
Frigidaire FGHT2134KW0
Frigidaire FGHT2134KW1
Frigidaire FGHT2134KW2
Frigidaire FGHT2134KW3
Frigidaire FGHT2134KW4
Frigidaire FGHT2134KW5
Frigidaire FGHT2134KW7
Frigidaire FGUI2149LR3
Frigidaire FPUI2188LR2
Frigidaire FPUI2188LR3
Frigidaire GRT21N6AQ0
Frigidaire GRT21N6AQ1
Frigidaire GRT21N6AQ2
Frigidaire GRT21N6AQ4
Frigidaire GRT21N6AQ5
Frigidaire GRT21N6AW0
Frigidaire GRT21N6AW1
Frigidaire GRT21N6AW4
Frigidaire GRT21N6AW5
Frigidaire FFTR2126LW5
Whirlpool FFHI2117LW0
Whirlpool FFHI2117LW1
Whirlpool FFHI2126LW1
Whirlpool FFTI2117LW0
Whirlpool FGUI2149LF0
Whirlpool FGUI2149LF1
Whirlpool FGUI2149LP0
Whirlpool FGUI2149LP1
Whirlpool FGUI2149LR0
Whirlpool FGUI2149LR1
Whirlpool FPHI2187KF0
Whirlpool FPHI2187KF1
Whirlpool FPHI2187KF2
Whirlpool FPHI2187KR0
Whirlpool FPHI2187KR1
Whirlpool FPHI2187KR2
Whirlpool FPHI21X7LF0
Whirlpool FPUI2188LF0
Whirlpool FPUI2188LF1
Whirlpool FPUI2188LR0
Whirlpool FPUI2188LR1
Whirlpool FRT21IL4FW7
Whirlpool FRT21IL4FW8
Whirlpool FRT21IL4FW9
Whirlpool FRT21IL4FWA
Whirlpool FRT21IL6JW2
Whirlpool FRT21IL6JW3
Whirlpool FRT21IL6JW4
Whirlpool FRT21IL6JW5
Whirlpool FRT21IS6JW1
Whirlpool FRT21IS6JW2
Whirlpool FRT21IS6JW3
Whirlpool FTMI21P5KW0
Whirlpool GLRT212IDWG
Whirlpool GLRT212IDWH
Whirlpool GLRT212IDWK
Whirlpool PHT219JKM2
Whirlpool PHT219JSM2
Whirlpool XGTI2145KF0
Whirlpool XGTI2145KR0
Whirlpool FRT18C4AW0
Whirlpool FRT18P5AW0
Whirlpool FRT18G5AQ1
Whirlpool FRT18G5AW1
Whirlpool FRT18P5AQ0
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EW6
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EW4
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EW8
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EW9
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EZ4
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EZ6
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EZ8
Whirlpool FRT8WR6EZ9
Whirlpool GLHT188WHW1
Whirlpool GLHT188WHW2
Whirlpool GLRT188WDW6
Whirlpool GLRT188WDW8
Whirlpool GLRT188WDWA
Whirlpool GLRT188WDWB
Whirlpool GLRT188WDWC
Whirlpool GLRT188WDZ6
Whirlpool GLRT188WDZ8
Whirlpool GLRT188WDZA
Whirlpool GLRT188WDZB
Whirlpool PHT189WHKM1
Whirlpool PHT189WHKM2
Whirlpool PHT189WHSM1
Whirlpool PHT189WHSM2
Whirlpool FPHI1887KF0
Whirlpool FPHI1887KF1
Whirlpool FPHI1887KF2
Whirlpool FPHI1887KR0
Whirlpool FPHI1887KR1
Whirlpool FPHI1887KR2
Whirlpool FPUI1888LF0
Whirlpool FPUI1888LF1
Whirlpool FPUI1888LF2
Whirlpool FPUI1888LR0
Whirlpool FPUI1888LR1
Whirlpool FPUI1888LR2
Whirlpool GLRT218WDW2
Frigidaire CRT21HSBMW0
Frigidaire GRT18C5AW0
Frigidaire GRT18C5AW2
Frigidaire GRT18C5AW4
Frigidaire GRT18C6AW0
Frigidaire GRT18C6AW1
Frigidaire GRT18C6AW2

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