242252702 | Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

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Sku:  242252702
Condition:  New
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Water Inlet Valve used on some Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore and Westinghouse models.

Directly Replaces: AP5671757, 241734301, 241734302, 240531101, 240321801, 240505101, 240505102, 240508101, 240508102, 2692163, PS7784018.


  • Approx. 8"L x 4"W.
  • Triple solenoid water inlet valve assembly.
  • New quick connect fittings replace older style screw on fittings.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire EI23SS55HS0
Frigidaire EI23SS55HS1
Frigidaire EI23SS55HW0
Frigidaire EI23SS55HW1
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS0
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS1
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS2
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS3
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS4
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS5
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS6
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS7
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS8
Frigidaire E23CS75DSS9
Frigidaire E23CS75DSSA
Frigidaire E23CS75DSSC
Frigidaire E23CS75DSSE
Frigidaire E23CS78DSS0
Frigidaire E23CS78DSS1
Frigidaire E23CS78DSS3
Frigidaire E23CS78EPS0
Frigidaire E23CS78EPS1
Frigidaire E23CS78ESS0
Frigidaire E23CS78ESS1
Frigidaire E23BC68JPS3
Frigidaire E23BC68JPS4
Frigidaire E23BC68JPS5
Frigidaire E23BC68JPS6
Frigidaire EI23BC30KB1
Frigidaire EI23BC30KB2
Frigidaire EI23BC30KS1
Frigidaire EI23BC30KS2
Frigidaire EI23BC30KW1
Frigidaire E23CS75DSSF
Frigidaire E23CS75DSSG
Frigidaire E23CS75DSSH
Frigidaire E23CS78EPS2
Frigidaire E23CS78EPS3
Frigidaire E23CS78EPS4
Frigidaire E23CS78ESS2
Frigidaire E23CS78GPS1
Frigidaire E23CS78GPS2
Frigidaire E23CS78GPS3
Frigidaire E23CS78GPS4
Frigidaire E23CS78GSS1
Frigidaire E23CS78GSS2
Frigidaire E23CS78GSS3
Frigidaire E23CS78GSS4
Frigidaire E23CS78HPS5
Frigidaire E23CS78HPS6
Frigidaire E23CS78HSS4
Frigidaire E23CS78HSS5
Frigidaire EI23CS35KB0
Frigidaire GRS23F5AQ1
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS1
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS2
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS3
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS4
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS1
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS2
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS3
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS4
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS5
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS6
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS1
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS2
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS3
Frigidaire EW23BC71IS4
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS1
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS2
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS3
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS4
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS5
Frigidaire EW28BS71IS6
Frigidaire EI23CS35KS0
Frigidaire EI23CS35KS1
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS5
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS6
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS7
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS8
Frigidaire EI23CS55GS9
Frigidaire EI23CS65KS0
Frigidaire EI23CS65KS1
Frigidaire EI26SS30JS0
Frigidaire EI26SS30JS3
Frigidaire EI26SS35JS0
Frigidaire EI26SS35JS1
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS4
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS5
Frigidaire EI26SS55GS6
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS3
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS4
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS5
Frigidaire EW23CS70IS7
Frigidaire EW23CS85KS0
Frigidaire EW23CS85KS1
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS4
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS5
Frigidaire EW23SS65HS6
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS4
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS6
Frigidaire EI23BC36IS7
Frigidaire EI23BC51IS4
Frigidaire EI23BC51IS6
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS5
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS6
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS7
Frigidaire EI23BC56IS8
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS1
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS2
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS3
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB1
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB2
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW1
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW2
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB1
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB2
Frigidaire EW23BC71IB3
Frigidaire EI23CS35KB1
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB0
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB1
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB2
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB3
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB4
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB5
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB6
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB7
Frigidaire EI23CS55GB8
Frigidaire EI26SS30JB0
Frigidaire EI26SS30JB1
Frigidaire EI26SS30JS1
Frigidaire EI26SS30JW1
Frigidaire EI26SS35JB0
Frigidaire EI26SS35JB1
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB0
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB1
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB2
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB3
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB4
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB5
Frigidaire EI26SS55GB6
Frigidaire EW23CS65GB0
Frigidaire EI26SS30JW0
Frigidaire EI28BS36IB4
Frigidaire EI28BS36IS4
Frigidaire EI28BS36IW4
Frigidaire EI28BS51IB4
Frigidaire EI28BS51IB5
Frigidaire EI28BS51IB6
Frigidaire EI28BS51IS4
Frigidaire EI28BS51IS5
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB1
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB2
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB3
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB4
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB5
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB6
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB8
Frigidaire EI28BS56IB9
Frigidaire EI28BS56IBA
Frigidaire EI28BS56IBB
Frigidaire EI28BS56IBC
Frigidaire EI28BS56IBD
Frigidaire EI28BS56IBE
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS7
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS8
Frigidaire EI28BS56IS9
Frigidaire EI28BS56ISA
Frigidaire EI28BS56ISB
Frigidaire EI28BS56ISC
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS4
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS5
Frigidaire E23BC78IPS6
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS4
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS5
Frigidaire E23BC78ISS6
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB3
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB4
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB6
Frigidaire EI23BC56IB7
Frigidaire EI23BC56IW3
Whirlpool FRS26R4CB1
Whirlpool FRS26R2AW6
Whirlpool FRS26R4AW5
Whirlpool FRS26R4CW0
Whirlpool FRS26R2AWA
Whirlpool FRS26R2AWG
Whirlpool FRS26R4CW1
Whirlpool FRS26R4AW6
Whirlpool FRS26R2AW8
Whirlpool FRS26F5AW0
Whirlpool FRS26R4AW1
Whirlpool FRS26R2AW5
Whirlpool FRS26F4CW0
Whirlpool FRS26R4CW3
Whirlpool FRS26KR4CW1
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW8
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW0
Whirlpool FRS26R4AW0
Whirlpool FRS26R4AW2
Whirlpool FRS26R4CWB
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW2
Whirlpool FRS26LH5DB0
Whirlpool FRS26LH5DS0
Whirlpool FRS23F4CW0
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW7
Whirlpool GLRS264ZAW1
Whirlpool FRS26F5AW1
Whirlpool FRS26HF5AW3
Whirlpool FRS26RBCW1
Whirlpool FRS26R2AW3
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW2
Whirlpool FRS23R4CW3
Whirlpool FRS26R4CWE
Whirlpool FRS26R4CW6
Whirlpool FRS26HF6BW2
Whirlpool FRS6R3EW1
Whirlpool GLRS267ZAW1
Whirlpool FRS23HF5AW1
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW9
Whirlpool FRS26F4CW1
Whirlpool FRS26KR4AB0
Whirlpool FRS26HF5AW4
Whirlpool FRS26HF6BW6
Whirlpool GLRS267ZCW1
Whirlpool FRS23KF5DW4
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW5
Whirlpool FRS26LH5DQ0
Whirlpool FRS26R4CW5
Whirlpool FRS26FCDW0
Whirlpool FRS26HF5AW2
Whirlpool FRS26KR4DW6
Whirlpool FRS26LH5DW0
Whirlpool FRS26R4AW7
Whirlpool FRS26RBCW3
Whirlpool FRS23R4AW1
Whirlpool FRS26HF5AW0
Whirlpool FRS26HF6BW1
Whirlpool FRS26HF7BW0
Whirlpool FRS26R2AW4
Whirlpool FRS3R4EW0
Whirlpool GLRS267ZDW2
Whirlpool FRS23KF5DW0
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW0
Whirlpool FRS23KR4AW1

1 Year Limited Warranty

2 Reviews

  • 5
    Water inlet valve

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 21st 2016

    Good price and works perfect

  • 5
    Leaking valve

    Posted by Tyler on Mar 25th 2016

    New part came in quick, got it installed which was easy. Leak has stopped and is working perfect now. great prices and great service at appliancezone! Thanks

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