285170 | Whirlpool Washer Faucet Coupler Kit

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Sku:  285170
Condition:  New
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Faucet coupler kit used on some Kenmore and Whirlpool dishwasher and washer models.

Directly Replaces: WP285170, 285170, AP2914793, 3249, AH334438, EA334438, PS334438.


  • Faucet coupler collar kit.
  • Includes retainer ring, collar, spring, and 4 slides.
  • Collar Diameter is approx. 2".

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool LC4900XMW0
Whirlpool LC4900XKW0
Whirlpool DP3000XRN2
Whirlpool DP3000XRN3
Whirlpool DP3000XRW0
Whirlpool LC4900XMW1
Whirlpool LC4900XSW1
Whirlpool LC4900XTF0
Whirlpool DP3000XRW1
Whirlpool DP3800XLW0
Whirlpool DP3800XLW1
Whirlpool DP3801XLW0
Whirlpool DP3840XPN0
Whirlpool DP3840XPN1
Whirlpool DP3840XPN2
Whirlpool DP3880XMW0
Whirlpool DP4800XMW0
Whirlpool DP4800XSG0
Whirlpool DP4800XSN0
Whirlpool DP4800XSW0
Whirlpool DP6000XRP0
Whirlpool LC4900XTG0
Whirlpool LC4900XTM0
Whirlpool LC4900XTN0
Whirlpool LC4900XTW0
Whirlpool LC4900XTW1
Whirlpool LPR6244AN0
Whirlpool LPR6244AW0
Whirlpool DP1098XRN0
Whirlpool DP1098XRN1
Whirlpool DP3000XRN1
Whirlpool DP3000XRN0
Whirlpool DP3000XRG0
Whirlpool DP1098XRW1
Whirlpool DP1098XRW0
Whirlpool DP8700XTN5
Whirlpool DP8700XTN4
Whirlpool DP6880XLP0
Whirlpool DP6880XLP1
Whirlpool DP8500XTN5
Whirlpool DP3000XRN4
Whirlpool DP3000XRN6
Whirlpool DP8350XVN0
Whirlpool DP8350XVN1
Whirlpool DP8350XVN2
Whirlpool DP8500XTN3
Whirlpool DP8500XTN4
Whirlpool DP6881XLP0
Whirlpool DP6881XLP1
Whirlpool DP8500XTN0
Whirlpool DP8700XTW2
Whirlpool DP6000XRP1
Whirlpool DP6000XRP2
Whirlpool DP8500XTN1
Whirlpool DP8500XTN2
Whirlpool DP8700XTN0
Whirlpool DP8700XTN1
Whirlpool DP8700XTN2
Whirlpool DP8700XTN3
Whirlpool SHF5504W0
Whirlpool GDP6880XLP0
Whirlpool GDP6880XLP1
Whirlpool GDP8700XTN0
Whirlpool GSHF7804W1
Whirlpool GSHF7884P0
Whirlpool GSHF7884P1
Whirlpool GSHF7884P2
Whirlpool SHF7884P1
Whirlpool SHF7884P2
Whirlpool SHF7804W1
Whirlpool SHF7884P0
Whirlpool GSHF7804W0
Whirlpool GDP6000XRP0
Whirlpool GDP6000XRP1
Whirlpool SHF5584P1
Whirlpool SHF5584P2
Whirlpool SHF5884P1
Whirlpool SHF5884P2
Whirlpool SHF3804W2
Whirlpool LC4600XKW0
Whirlpool GDP8700XTN1
Whirlpool GDP8700XTN2
Whirlpool GDP8700XTN3
Whirlpool 11084670700
Whirlpool 6651779583
Whirlpool 11084090630
Whirlpool 11084670800
Whirlpool 11084090830
Whirlpool 11084390100
Whirlpool 11084390110
Whirlpool 11084390200
Whirlpool 11084390210
Whirlpool 11084390300
Whirlpool 11084390310
Whirlpool 11084390400
Whirlpool 11084390410
Whirlpool 11084390600
Whirlpool 11084390610
Whirlpool 11084390700
Whirlpool 11084390710
Whirlpool 11084390800
Whirlpool 11084390810
Whirlpool 6651777581
Whirlpool 6651778580
Whirlpool 11084671100
Whirlpool 11084090130
Whirlpool 6651770592
Whirlpool 11084671300
Whirlpool 6651770590
Whirlpool 6651770591
Whirlpool 11084670100
Whirlpool 11084670300
Whirlpool 11084671600
Whirlpool 11084671700
Whirlpool 11084671800
Whirlpool 11084870100
Whirlpool 11084670600
Whirlpool 6651778582
Whirlpool 6651779581
Whirlpool 6651779582
Whirlpool 11084870110
Whirlpool 11084870300
Whirlpool 11084090430
Whirlpool 11084870600
Whirlpool 11084870610
Whirlpool 11084870700
Whirlpool 11084870800
Whirlpool 11084870810
Whirlpool 11094570100
Whirlpool 11094570800
Whirlpool 11084090230
Whirlpool 6651777580
Whirlpool 6651779580
Whirlpool 6651778581
Whirlpool 11084070120
Whirlpool 11084070820
Whirlpool 11084370100
Whirlpool 11084370110
Whirlpool 11084370800
Whirlpool 11084370810

90 Day Limited Warranty

2 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 18th 2016

    I also took a chance on ordering this product because I didn't want to pay $100 for a replacement hose assembly. It worked great, just wished we could have found the o-ring. Either way, it worked.

  • 5
    Not just for kenmore or whirlpool!

    Posted by Mike on Mar 17th 2016

    Took a chance on this for our ge model # gsc3500n10ww because I refuse to pay $100 for replacement hose assembly.... worked excellent!

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