285671 | Whirlpool Washer Lid Switch

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Sku:  285671
Condition:  New
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Lid switch used on some Estate, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Roper, and Whirlpool washer models.

Directly Replaces: 285671, AP3094500, 2927, 3352629, 3352630, 3352631, 3352632, 3352634, 3355808, 8134, AH334600, EA334600, PS334600.


  • Approx. 25"L.
  • Direct drive washer lid switch.
  • Comes with harness.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool LSR5233AW0
Whirlpool LSR7233DQ0
Whirlpool LSC8244DQ0
Whirlpool LSR7233BW0
Whirlpool LLR9245BQ1
Whirlpool LLR6144BQ0
Whirlpool LLR6233AW0
Whirlpool LLR8233BW0
Whirlpool LSR7233DQ1
Whirlpool LA5558XTW2
Whirlpool LLR7144DQ0
Whirlpool LA8860XWQ0
Whirlpool LA9100XTW1
Whirlpool LLR6144AQ0
Whirlpool CA2762XYW0
Whirlpool LSV6233AW0
Whirlpool LSC8244BQ0
Whirlpool LSR7233BQ0
Whirlpool LA5580XTW1
Whirlpool KAWE577BWH1
Whirlpool LST7233AW0
Whirlpool LBR5133AW0
Whirlpool LSR7233BW2
Whirlpool KAWE560WWH3
Whirlpool LLR6144BW0
Whirlpool LLR9245DQ0
Whirlpool LSN8244AQ0
Whirlpool LST8244DQ0
Whirlpool LLR8245AW0
Whirlpool LST8244AQ0
Whirlpool LSR5233AN0
Whirlpool LST7233DQ1
Whirlpool LA5550XTW0
Whirlpool KAWE670BWH0
Whirlpool LSR7233DZ0
Whirlpool RAL5144AW0
Whirlpool LSC8244BQ1
Whirlpool RAL5144BW0
Whirlpool LSR7233BN0
Whirlpool LSV7244AQ0
Whirlpool LST7233DQ0
Whirlpool LST8244BQ0
Whirlpool RAX7245BW0
Whirlpool LA8580XWW2
Whirlpool LSC9355DQ0
Whirlpool LSR6244AW0
Whirlpool RAX7245AW0
Whirlpool LSR7233BW1
Whirlpool CA2762XYN0
Whirlpool KAWE577BWH0
Whirlpool LA9500XTW1
Whirlpool LLR6144BQ1
Whirlpool LSC6244AW0
Whirlpool LSR7233DW0
Whirlpool RAK2751KQ0
Whirlpool RAL5144BW1
Whirlpool LA5668XTW1
Whirlpool LBR6133DQ0
Whirlpool LSC8244DZ0
Whirlpool LSR8244DQ0
Whirlpool LSV7233BW0
Whirlpool RAB4232DW0
Whirlpool AL5143VW1
Whirlpool LA7780XSW2
Whirlpool LLR6144AW0
Whirlpool LSR5233EQ0
Whirlpool LSR7233BQ2
Whirlpool TAWS700DQ0
Whirlpool AX6245VW1
Whirlpool LBR2121DW0
Whirlpool LLT8233AW1
Whirlpool LSC8244BW0
Whirlpool LA5578XTW1
Whirlpool LA9500XTN1
Whirlpool LBR5232EQ0
Whirlpool LSR6233BW1
Whirlpool LST7233AQ0
Whirlpool RAX7245BQ1
Whirlpool KAWE570BWH1
Whirlpool KAWE767WWH0
Whirlpool KAWE777BWH0
Whirlpool LA5558XTN2
Whirlpool LBT6133AW0
Whirlpool LLT8233AW0
Whirlpool LSC9355AW0
Whirlpool LSR6233BW0
Whirlpool LSR7233DZ1
Whirlpool RAL5144BQ1
Whirlpool GCAM2792TQ0
Whirlpool KAWE667BWH0
Whirlpool KAWE677BWH1
Whirlpool KAWE777BWH1
Whirlpool LA5525XTW0
Whirlpool LA7680XTW1
Whirlpool CA2751XYW0
Whirlpool CAP2762EW0
Whirlpool KAWE660WWH3
Whirlpool LA8200XWW1
Whirlpool LA9100XTN1
Whirlpool LLR5144BQ0
Whirlpool LSP8245AW0
Whirlpool RAB3132DW0
Whirlpool RAL6245BW1
Whirlpool CAP2761JQ0
Whirlpool KAWE560WWH2
Whirlpool LA5300XTW1
Whirlpool LA5580XTN1
Whirlpool LLN8244AW0
Whirlpool LLR8233BW1
Whirlpool LLV7233AW0
Whirlpool LSC9245BN0
Whirlpool LSP6244AN0
Whirlpool LSP6244AW0
Whirlpool LSR5132AW0
Whirlpool LSR6233BN0
Whirlpool TAWS700BQ1
Whirlpool AL6245VW1
Whirlpool GCAM2792MQ0
Whirlpool KAWE570BWH0
Whirlpool KAWE667BWH1
Whirlpool LA5100XTW1
Whirlpool LA5300XTN1
Whirlpool LA7680XTN1
Whirlpool LLC7244BQ1
Whirlpool LLR6144BN0
Whirlpool LLR9245BQ0
Whirlpool LSC8245AN0
Whirlpool LSC8245AW0
Whirlpool LSC9355BN0
Whirlpool LSE9355BQ0
Whirlpool LSV8245AN0
Whirlpool RAB1121EW0
Whirlpool RAL5144BQ0
Whirlpool RAX7245BW1
Whirlpool TAWL650AW0
Whirlpool TAWS700BN0
Whirlpool TAWS700BN1
Whirlpool CAP2761EW0
Whirlpool KAWE670BWH1
Whirlpool LA5200XTW1
Whirlpool LA5558XTW1
Whirlpool LA9480XWW2
Whirlpool LA9680XWN1
Whirlpool LBR4232DW0
Whirlpool LBR5133AW1
Whirlpool LLR6233AN0
Whirlpool LLR7144DZ0
Whirlpool LLT8244AQ0
Whirlpool LSC9355BW0
Whirlpool LSC9355DZ0
Whirlpool LST8244BQ1
Whirlpool LST8244BZ0
Whirlpool RAB4232EW0
Whirlpool TAWB600EQ0
Whirlpool AL3132WW1
Whirlpool CAM2762JQ0
Whirlpool KAWE470BWH0
Whirlpool KAWE760WAL3
Whirlpool KAWE778BAL1
Whirlpool LLR8245DQ0
Whirlpool LLT8244BQ0
Whirlpool LSC8244BN0
Whirlpool LSC8244BZ0
Whirlpool LSC9355AN0
Whirlpool LSN7233BW1
Whirlpool LSP9355AW0
Whirlpool LSR6132DQ0
Whirlpool LSR7233BN1
Whirlpool LSR7233BN2
Whirlpool LSR8244BW0
Whirlpool LST6132BW1
Whirlpool LST6132DQ0
Whirlpool RAB4132AW0
Whirlpool KAWE560WAL3
Whirlpool KAWE578BAL1
Whirlpool KAWE660WAL3
Whirlpool KAWE760WWH3
Whirlpool LA5668XTN1
Whirlpool LA9200XWN1
Whirlpool LLR8233DQ0
Whirlpool LLR8245BW0
Whirlpool LLT8244BQ1
Whirlpool LSC8244BW1
Whirlpool LSC9245BW0
Whirlpool LSC9245BW1
Whirlpool LSC9355BQ0
Whirlpool LSL9355DQ0
Whirlpool LSN7233BW0
Whirlpool LSP8244BW0
Whirlpool LSS9244EQ0
Whirlpool LST7233AN0
Whirlpool LST9355AW0
Whirlpool LST9355DQ0
Whirlpool LSV8245AW0
Whirlpool TAWB600DQ0
Whirlpool TAWL650BW0
Whirlpool 7LSC8244BN0
Whirlpool KAWE540WWH2
Whirlpool KAWE660WWH2
Whirlpool KAWE742WAL3
Whirlpool KAWE767BWH0
Whirlpool KAWE770BAL0
Whirlpool KAWE770BWH0
Whirlpool LA5280XTW1
Whirlpool LA5558XTN1
Whirlpool LA6058XTW1
Whirlpool LA9300XTN1
Whirlpool LA9300XTW1
Whirlpool LBR6233AW0
Whirlpool LLC7244AQ0
Whirlpool LLR5144BQ1
Whirlpool LLT7144AN0
Whirlpool LLT7144BQ0
Whirlpool LLT8233AN0
Whirlpool LLT8233AW2
Whirlpool LSC8244BN1
Whirlpool LSP9355AG0
Whirlpool LSR8244BW2
Whirlpool LST7233AG0
Whirlpool LST7233AQ1
Whirlpool LST9245AN0
Whirlpool LSV7244AW0
Whirlpool RAL6245BW0
Whirlpool TAWL400WW1
Whirlpool 6LBR7255AQ0
Whirlpool AL4132VG1
Whirlpool CA2751XYN0
Whirlpool CAP2782BW0
Whirlpool KAWE560WAL2
Whirlpool KAWE565BWH0
Whirlpool KAWE677BWH0
Whirlpool KAWE678BAL1
Whirlpool KAWE742WWH3
Whirlpool KAWE760WWH2
Whirlpool KAWE764WWH2
Whirlpool LA5300XTF1
Whirlpool LA5380XTW1
Whirlpool LA5400XTW1
Whirlpool LA5550XTN0
Whirlpool LA6058XTN1
Whirlpool LA6888XTW1
Whirlpool LA8800XTW1
Whirlpool LA9200XWW1
Whirlpool LA9300XYW0
Whirlpool LA9320XYW0
Whirlpool LA9480XWN2
Whirlpool LBR1121EW0

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