297441903 | Frigidaire Freezer Wire Shelf

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Sku:  297441903
Condition:  New
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Wire shelf used on some Frigidaire deep freezer models.

Directly Replaces: 297441903, AP5952300, 3513706, PS10060274.


  • White.
  • Approx. 24"L x 16.25"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CFUF14QWA
Frigidaire CFUF14QWB
Frigidaire CFUF14QWD
Frigidaire CFUMC17QWA
Frigidaire CFUMC21QW0
Frigidaire FFFU14F1RW1
Frigidaire FFFU14F1RW2
Frigidaire FFFU14F1RW4
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWA
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWB
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWC
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWD
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWE
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWF
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWG
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWH
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWK
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWL
Frigidaire FFFU14F2QWM
Frigidaire FFFU14M1QWB
Frigidaire FFFU14M1QWC

1 Year Limited Warranty

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