3-81329 | Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Timer

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Sku:  3-81329
Condition:  New
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Defrost timer used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Estate, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, and Whirlpool refrigerator and freezer models.

Directly Replaces: WP3-81329, AP6007513, 3-81329, 14220685, 4357124, 68001115, R9800559.


  • Approx. 3.25"L x 1.5"W x 2.25"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Maytag MQU2057AEW
Maytag MQU1556AEW
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKS01
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKQ01
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ05
Whirlpool EV171NYMS03
Whirlpool EVL201NXRQ00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ07
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS07
Whirlpool EV170NXJW00
Whirlpool EV200NXJW00
Amana AFU1567BW
Whirlpool EV150NXEN00
Whirlpool EV171NYMS05
Whirlpool EV200NXKQ00
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ02
Amana AUF200KW
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKB01
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS08
Whirlpool EV170NYLB00
Whirlpool EV170NYLB01
Whirlpool EV171NYMQ04
Whirlpool EV171NYMQ05
Whirlpool EV200NXEW01
Whirlpool EV200NXGW00
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ03
Whirlpool SVF15NRHW01
Maytag DNF20J
Whirlpool EL87TRRRV00
Whirlpool EV150NXGW00
Whirlpool EV150NXMQ01
Whirlpool EV171NYMS02
Whirlpool EV200NXEN00
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ00
Amana AFU1767AW
Amana AFU2067AW
Amana AFU2067BW
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKS00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ05
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ08
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS05
Whirlpool EL87TRRRQ00
Whirlpool EV120NXRQ00
Whirlpool EV150NXEN01
Whirlpool EV150NXGW02
Whirlpool EV161NZRQ00
Whirlpool EV170NYLQ00
Whirlpool EV170NYLS00
Whirlpool EV171NYMQ02
Whirlpool EV181NCRCQ01
Whirlpool EV187NYRV00
Whirlpool EV200NXDN01
Whirlpool EV200NXDW00
Whirlpool EV200NXDW01
Whirlpool EV200NXEN01
Whirlpool EV200NXEW04
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ04
Whirlpool EV201NZRQ00
Whirlpool EV250NXKQ00
Whirlpool EV250NXRQ00
Whirlpool SVF15NRJW00
Whirlpool 7EL87TRRRV00
Whirlpool 7EL87TRRRV01
Whirlpool 7EL87TRRRV03
Whirlpool 7EL87TRRRV04
Whirlpool 7EV187NYRV00
Whirlpool 7EV187NYRV01
Whirlpool 7EV187NYRV03
Whirlpool 7EV187NYRV05
Amana AFU1567AW
Amana AFU1767BW
Maytag AQF1201TRW03
Maytag AQF1613TEW03
Maytag AQF1613TEW04
Amana AQF1613TEW05
Maytag AQF2013TEW03
Maytag AQF2013TEW04
Amana AQF2013TEW05
Amana AQU1627BRW
Maytag AQU1627BRW03
Maytag AQU1827BRW03
Maytag AQU2027BRW03
Maytag AQU2027BRW04
Maytag AQU2027BRW05
Maytag AQU2027BRW06
Amana AUF150KW
Amana AUF150KW
Amana AUF170KW
Amana AUF170KW
Amana AUF170KW
Maytag CFU2046ARW
Maytag CFU2046GRW
Whirlpool DUF570WDD01
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKB00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKB02
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKQ00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKQ02
Whirlpool EL7ATRRKS02
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ01
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ01
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ02
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ02
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ03
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ03
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ04
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ04
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMQ05
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS00
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS01
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS01
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS02
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS02
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS03
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS03
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS04
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS04
Whirlpool EL7ATRRMS05
Whirlpool EL7JWKLMQ02
Whirlpool EL7JWKLMQ03
Whirlpool EL7JWKLMQ04
Whirlpool EL7JWKLMS02
Whirlpool EL7JWKLMS03
Whirlpool EL7JWKLMS04
Whirlpool EL87TRRRQ01
Whirlpool EL87TRRRQ02
Whirlpool EL87TRRRQ05
Whirlpool EL87TRRRQ06
Whirlpool EL87TRRRS00
Whirlpool EL87TRRRS01
Whirlpool EL87TRRRS02
Whirlpool EL87TRRRS05
Whirlpool EL87TRRRS06
Whirlpool EL87TRRRV01
Whirlpool EL87TRRRV02
Whirlpool EL87TRRRV05
Whirlpool EL87TRRRV06
Whirlpool EL88TRRWQ00
Whirlpool EL88TRRWQ01
Whirlpool EL88TRRWQ02
Whirlpool EL88TRRWQ03
Whirlpool EL88TRRWS00
Whirlpool EL88TRRWS01
Whirlpool EL88TRRWS02
Whirlpool EL88TRRWS03
Whirlpool EL8ATRRRQ00
Whirlpool EL8ATRRRQ02
Whirlpool EL8ATRRRQ05
Whirlpool EL8ATRRRQ06
Whirlpool EL8ATRRRS00
Whirlpool EL8ATRRRS02
Whirlpool EL8ATRRRS05
Whirlpool EV120NXRQ03
Whirlpool EV150NXEW0
Whirlpool EV150NXEW00
Whirlpool EV150NXEW1
Whirlpool EV150NXEW2
Whirlpool EV150NXGW01
Whirlpool EV150NXMQ00
Whirlpool EV150NXMQ02
Whirlpool EV160NZTQ00
Whirlpool EV160NZTQ01
Whirlpool EV160NZTQ02
Whirlpool EV161FZTQ00
Whirlpool EV161NZRQ02
Whirlpool EV161NZRQ04
Whirlpool EV161NZRQ05
Whirlpool EV161NZTQ00
Whirlpool EV161NZTQ01
Whirlpool EV161NZTQ02
Whirlpool EV165NXTN00
Whirlpool EV170NXGW00
Whirlpool EV170NXGW01
Whirlpool EV170NYKB00
Whirlpool EV170NYKQ00
Whirlpool EV170NYKS00
Whirlpool EV170NYLQ01
Whirlpool EV170NYLS01
Whirlpool EV171NYMQ00
Whirlpool EV171NYMQ01
Whirlpool EV171NYMQ03
Whirlpool EV171NYMS00
Whirlpool EV171NYMS01
Whirlpool EV171NYMS04
Whirlpool EV180NZBQ00
Whirlpool EV181NZRQ00
Whirlpool EV181NZRQ02
Whirlpool EV181NZRQ04
Whirlpool EV181NZRQ05
Whirlpool EV181NZTQ01
Whirlpool EV181NZTQ02
Whirlpool EV181NZTQ03
Whirlpool EV185NXTN00
Whirlpool EV185NXTN01
Whirlpool EV187NYRQ00
Whirlpool EV187NYRQ01
Whirlpool EV187NYRQ02
Whirlpool EV187NYRQ04
Whirlpool EV187NYRQ05
Whirlpool EV187NYRQ06
Whirlpool EV187NYRS00
Whirlpool EV187NYRS01
Whirlpool EV187NYRS02
Whirlpool EV187NYRS04
Whirlpool EV187NYRS05
Whirlpool EV187NYRS06
Whirlpool EV187NYRV01
Whirlpool EV187NYRV02
Whirlpool EV187NYRV04
Whirlpool EV187NYRV05
Whirlpool EV187NYRV06
Whirlpool EV188NYWQ00
Whirlpool EV188NYWQ01
Whirlpool EV188NYWQ02
Whirlpool EV188NYWS00
Whirlpool EV188NYWS01
Whirlpool EV188NYWS02
Whirlpool EV188NYWV00
Whirlpool EV200NXDN00
Whirlpool EV200NXEN02
Whirlpool EV200NXEN03
Whirlpool EV200NXEN04
Whirlpool EV200NXEW00
Whirlpool EV200NXEW02
Whirlpool EV200NXEW03
Whirlpool EV200NXGW01
Whirlpool EV200NXGW02
Whirlpool EV200NXGW03
Whirlpool EV200NXKQ02
Whirlpool EV200NXKQ04
Whirlpool EV200NZBQ00
Whirlpool EV200NZTQ00
Whirlpool EV200NZTQ01
Whirlpool EV200NZTQ02
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ01
Whirlpool EV201NZRQ01
Whirlpool EV201NZRQ04
Whirlpool EV201NZRQ07

1 Year Limited Warranty

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