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  • 309645501 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Accordion Curtain

309645501 | Frigidaire Air Conditioner Accordion Curtain

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SKU: 309645501

Accordion Curtain used on some Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore and Westinghouse Air Conditioner models.

Directly Replaces: 309645501, AP2122910, 309626501, 309626504, 917750, AH435673, EA435673, PS435673.


  • Left or Right side curtain.
  • Approx. 13.25"L x 5"W.

309645501 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Frigidaire FAA053M7A1
Frigidaire FAA055M7A1
Frigidaire FAA056M7A1
Frigidaire FAA063M7A1
Frigidaire FAA065M7A1
Frigidaire FAC051K7A4
Frigidaire FAC051K7A6
Frigidaire FAC052K7A10
Frigidaire FAC052K7A3
Frigidaire FAC052K7A4
Frigidaire FAC052K7A5
Frigidaire FAC052K7A6
Frigidaire FAC052K7A8
Frigidaire FAC066L7A2
Frigidaire FAC082M7A1
Frigidaire FAC083M7A1
Frigidaire FAC084K7A3
Frigidaire FAC085K7A7
Frigidaire FAC085M7A1
Frigidaire FAC086L7A2
Frigidaire FAC102M1A1
Frigidaire FAC104M1A1
Frigidaire WAA053M7A1
Frigidaire WAC052K7A7
Frigidaire FAC054K7A3
Frigidaire 25374106301
Frigidaire 25370055992
Frigidaire 25370055993
Frigidaire 25373055300
Frigidaire 25373055301
Frigidaire 25373106200
Frigidaire 25375088300
Frigidaire 25375088301
Frigidaire 25378055890
Frigidaire 25378055891
Frigidaire 25378088890
Frigidaire 25378088891
Frigidaire 25378088892
Frigidaire 25378106890
Frigidaire 25379069990
Frigidaire 25379088990
Frigidaire 25379088991
Frigidaire 25379106990
Frigidaire 25374106300
Frigidaire WAC052K7A1
Frigidaire WAC052K7A4
Frigidaire 25370055990
Frigidaire GAC083K7A2
Frigidaire WAC053L7A1
Frigidaire WAC083K7A5
Frigidaire WAC052K7A2
Frigidaire GAC083K7A1
Frigidaire WAC053K7A1
Frigidaire WAC083K7A1
Frigidaire WAC083K7A2
Frigidaire WAC103K1A1
Frigidaire WAC083K7A4
Frigidaire WAC052K7A6
Whirlpool FAC083K7A4
Whirlpool FAC082H7A2
Whirlpool FAC082J7A6
Whirlpool FAC083J7A2
Whirlpool WAC103G1A2
Whirlpool FAC083K7A1
Whirlpool FAC054J7A4
Whirlpool FAC103K1A2
Whirlpool FAC065L7A1
Whirlpool FAC083W7A1C
Whirlpool FAC084K7A1
Whirlpool FAC084K7A2
Whirlpool FAC085K7A2
Whirlpool FAC103G1A1
Whirlpool FAC103H1A1
Whirlpool FAS255J2A1
Whirlpool GAC052K7A1
Whirlpool GAC052K7A2
Whirlpool GAC053T7A2C
Whirlpool GAC082G7A1
Whirlpool GAC082G7A8
Whirlpool GAC083F7A3
Whirlpool FAC052J7A3
Whirlpool FAC053J7A1
Whirlpool FAC053J7A2
Whirlpool FAC053L7A1
Whirlpool FAC054K7A6
Whirlpool FAC055J7A3
Whirlpool FAC055K7A3
Whirlpool FAC055K7A4
Whirlpool FAC064L7A1
Whirlpool FAC064L7A2
Whirlpool FAC065J7A3
Whirlpool FAC065L7A2
Whirlpool FAC066L7A1
Whirlpool FAC083K7A5
Whirlpool FAC085K7A4
Whirlpool FAC085K7A5
Whirlpool FAC086L7A1
Whirlpool FAC088L7A1
Whirlpool FAC089L7A1
Whirlpool FAC089L7A2
Whirlpool FAC103J1A1
Whirlpool FAC103J1A2
Whirlpool FAC105L1A1
Whirlpool FAC105L1A2
Whirlpool GAC103G1A1
Whirlpool WAC083W7A1B
Whirlpool FAC052G7A3
Whirlpool FAC054K7A2
Whirlpool FAC055J7A1
Whirlpool FAC055K7A2
Whirlpool FAC083K7A2
Whirlpool FAC084K7A4
Whirlpool FAC085K7A1
Whirlpool FAC103K1A1
Whirlpool WAC082G7A8
Whirlpool FAC052G7A1
Whirlpool FAC064J7A3
Whirlpool FAC064J7A5
Whirlpool FAC064K7A1
Whirlpool FAC064K7A2
Whirlpool FAC065J7A1
Whirlpool FAC065J7A2
Whirlpool FAC065K7A1
Whirlpool FAC082G7A3
Whirlpool FAC082G7A4
Whirlpool FAC082G7A8
Whirlpool FAC053J7A3
Whirlpool FAC054K7A1
Whirlpool FAC055J7A2
Whirlpool FAC055K7A1
Whirlpool FAC056G7A1
Whirlpool FAC064J7A2

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1 Year Limited Warranty

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