31001556 | Whirlpool Dryer Igniter

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Sku:  31001556
Condition:  New
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Igniter used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, Maytag, Montgomery Wards, Norge, and Whirlpool dryer models.

Directly Replaces: WP31001556, 31001556, AP4038992, 1033270, 53-0305, 53-0689, AH2031055, EA2031055, LA-1021, LA1021, PS2031055.


  • Approx. 9"L x 1"W.
  • Glow bar igniter with wire harness.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool ADE7000AYW
Whirlpool ADG7000AWW
Whirlpool ADG9000AWW
Whirlpool PYGT244AWW
Whirlpool CDG6500Q
Whirlpool CDG6500W
Whirlpool CDG8500W
Whirlpool CYG3004AWW
Whirlpool HYG2460AWW
Whirlpool HYG3460AWW
Whirlpool HYG3657AWW
Whirlpool HYG3658AWW
Whirlpool MCG8000AWQ
Whirlpool MCG8000AWW
Whirlpool PYG2300AGW
Whirlpool PYGS244AWW
Whirlpool PYGT344AWW
Whirlpool PYGT444AWW
Whirlpool PYG2300AWW
Whirlpool LNC8764A71
Whirlpool PYG2000AWW
Whirlpool PYG2200AWW
Whirlpool LNC8766A71
Whirlpool PYG3200AWW
Whirlpool PYG4500AWW
Whirlpool CDG6000W
Whirlpool PYG4558AWW
Whirlpool LNC8760A01
Whirlpool LNC8760A71
Whirlpool ADG20K3W
Whirlpool JDG1000W
Whirlpool PYG3300AWW
Whirlpool PYG3360AWW
Whirlpool PYG4557AWW
Whirlpool CDG20T6W
Whirlpool CDG22B7V
Whirlpool PYG1000AWW
Whirlpool AYG1000AWW
Whirlpool CDG20P8W
Whirlpool CDG22B8V
Whirlpool CDG8000W
Whirlpool ADG20K2A
Whirlpool ADG20K2H
Whirlpool ADG20K2W
Whirlpool ADG20K3A
Whirlpool ADG20K3H
Whirlpool ADG20K4A
Whirlpool ADG20K4H
Whirlpool ADG20K4W
Whirlpool ADG20L1A
Whirlpool ADG20L1H
Whirlpool ADG20L1W
Whirlpool ADG20L2A
Whirlpool ADG20L2H
Whirlpool ADG20L2W
Whirlpool ADG20L4A
Whirlpool ADG20L4H
Whirlpool ADG20M3V
Whirlpool AYG1200AWA
Whirlpool AYG1200AWW
Whirlpool AYG2200AGW
Whirlpool CDG20C7
Whirlpool CDG20C7A
Whirlpool CDG20C7H
Whirlpool CDG20M6
Whirlpool CDG20M6A
Whirlpool CDG20M6H
Whirlpool CDG20M8
Whirlpool CDG20M8A
Whirlpool CDG20P6AC
Whirlpool CDG20P6HC
Whirlpool CDG20P6WC
Whirlpool CDG20P7A
Whirlpool CDG20P7AC
Whirlpool CDG20P7W
Whirlpool CDG20P7WC
Whirlpool CDG20P8A
Whirlpool CDG20P8AC
Whirlpool CDG20P8D
Whirlpool CDG20P8DC
Whirlpool CDG20P8HC
Whirlpool CDG20P8WC
Whirlpool CDG20R7A
Whirlpool CDG20R7AC
Whirlpool CDG20R7H
Whirlpool CDG20R7W
Whirlpool CDG20R7WC
Whirlpool CDG20T6A
Whirlpool CDG20T7A
Whirlpool CDG20T7W
Whirlpool CDG20T8A
Whirlpool CDG20T8V
Whirlpool CDG20T8W
Whirlpool CDG22B6M
Whirlpool CDG22B7M
Whirlpool CDG22B8M
Whirlpool CDG6000A
Whirlpool CDG6000Q
Whirlpool CDG7500Q
Whirlpool CDG8000A
Whirlpool CYG1000AWW
Whirlpool LDGA200AAE
Whirlpool LNC8766B71
Whirlpool CDG22B6V
Whirlpool LDGA100BAE
Whirlpool ADG20L4W
Whirlpool CDG7500W
Whirlpool DG18F2WW
Whirlpool DGM204W
Whirlpool DGM205A
Whirlpool DGM205W
Whirlpool JDG2000W
Whirlpool LDGA100AAW
Whirlpool LDGA400AAL
Whirlpool LNC8760A77
Whirlpool LNC8766A00
Whirlpool CDG20P6A
Whirlpool CDG20P6W
Whirlpool CDG7000W
Whirlpool LDGA500AAW
Whirlpool DG18F2AM
Whirlpool DG18F2HW
Whirlpool DG18F2WN
Whirlpool DG20F8AM
Whirlpool DG20F8HW
Whirlpool DG20F8WW
Whirlpool DGJ181A
Whirlpool DGJ181H
Whirlpool DGJ181W
Whirlpool DGJ204A
Whirlpool DGJ204H
Whirlpool DGJ204W
Whirlpool DGJ208A
Whirlpool DGJ208H
Whirlpool DGJ208W
Whirlpool DGL203A
Whirlpool DGL203AC
Whirlpool DGL203H
Whirlpool DGL203HC
Whirlpool DGL203WC
Whirlpool DGM202A
Whirlpool DGM202H
Whirlpool DGM202W
Whirlpool DGM204A
Whirlpool DGM204H
Whirlpool DGM205AC
Whirlpool DGM205WC
Whirlpool DGN202A
Whirlpool DGN202W
Whirlpool DGN203A
Whirlpool DGN203W
Whirlpool DGN204A
Whirlpool DGN204V
Whirlpool DGN204W
Whirlpool DGP223M
Whirlpool DGP223V
Whirlpool DGP224V
Whirlpool PYG3250AWW
Whirlpool PYG4500AWQ
Whirlpool JDG1000A
Whirlpool JDG2000A
Whirlpool JDG3000A
Whirlpool JDG3000W
Whirlpool LDG1000AAE
Whirlpool LDG9127A
Whirlpool LDG9127H
Whirlpool LDG9127W
Whirlpool LDGA100AAL
Whirlpool LDGA100BAM
Whirlpool LDGA200AAL
Whirlpool LDGA200AAM
Whirlpool LDGA200AAW
Whirlpool LDGA300AGE
Whirlpool LDGA400AAE
Whirlpool LDGA400AAM
Whirlpool LDGA400AAW
Whirlpool LDGA500AAE
Whirlpool LDGA500AAL
Whirlpool LDGA500AAM
Whirlpool GDGM253A
Whirlpool GDGM253ALP
Whirlpool GDGM253H
Whirlpool GDGM253W
Whirlpool GDGM253WLP
Whirlpool GDGM253YLP
Whirlpool ADG20N3V
Whirlpool DGL203W
Whirlpool CYG1004AWW
Magic Chef YG20JN2
Magic Chef YG204KA
Magic Chef YG204KW
Magic Chef YG204LW
Magic Chef YG205KV
Magic Chef YG208KA
Magic Chef YG208KV
Magic Chef YG208KW
Magic Chef YG209KA
Magic Chef YG209KY
Magic Chef YG20EA1
Magic Chef YG20EA2
Magic Chef YG20EA4
Magic Chef YG20EN1
Magic Chef YG20EY1
Magic Chef YG20EY2
Magic Chef YG20EY4
Magic Chef YG20FA1
Magic Chef YG20FA2
Magic Chef YG20FA3
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Magic Chef YG20FA4K
Magic Chef YG20FA5
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Magic Chef YG20JY25
Magic Chef YG20JY4
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Magic Chef YG216KW
Magic Chef YG224LM
Magic Chef YG226LM
Magic Chef YG228LM

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