3149404 | Whirlpool Range Infinite Switch

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Sku:  3149404
Condition:  New
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Infinite Switch used on some Amana, Estate, Ikea, Inglis, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP3149404, 3149404, AP3095448, 2711, 310179, 311847, 311856, 311857, 314144, 3148951, AH336993, EA336993, PS336993.


  • 240 Volts.
  • 5.2- 6.6 amp.
  • 6" Infinite Switch. For 8" Infinite Switch order part 3149400.
  • Approx. 2-1/4"W x 2-3/8"L.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool CERS858TCD0
Whirlpool CERS858TCW0
Whirlpool FEC330BL0
Whirlpool FEC330BW0
Whirlpool FEP310EN1
Whirlpool FEP310GN1
Whirlpool FEP310KN0
Whirlpool FEP310KV1
Whirlpool FEP310KV2
Whirlpool FEP310KV3
Whirlpool FEP310KV4
Whirlpool FEP310KW3
Whirlpool FEP310KW6
Whirlpool FEP310VQ0
Whirlpool FEP310YW0
Whirlpool FEP320BL1
Whirlpool FEP320BW0
Whirlpool FEP320EW0
Whirlpool FEP320EW1
Whirlpool FEP320GN0
Whirlpool FEP320GN1
Whirlpool FEP320KN0
Whirlpool FEP320YW0
Whirlpool FEP320YW1
Whirlpool FEP320YW2
Whirlpool FEP330BL0
Whirlpool FEP330BL1
Whirlpool FEP330BQ0
Whirlpool FEP330BQ1
Whirlpool FEP330EN1
Whirlpool FEP330EQ0
Whirlpool FEP330EQ1
Whirlpool FEP330EW0
Whirlpool FEP330GN0
Whirlpool FEP330GN1
Whirlpool FEP330GQ0
Whirlpool FEP330GQ1
Whirlpool FEP330GW0
Whirlpool FEP330GW1
Whirlpool FEP330KN0
Whirlpool FEP330KN1
Whirlpool FEP330KQ0
Whirlpool FEP330KW0
Whirlpool FEP330KW1
Whirlpool FEP330YW0
Whirlpool FEP330YW1
Whirlpool FEP330YW2
Whirlpool FEP340YW0
Whirlpool FEP340YW1
Whirlpool FEP350BL0
Whirlpool FEP350BW0
Whirlpool FEP350BW1
Whirlpool FEP350YW0
Whirlpool FEP350YW1
Whirlpool FEP350YW2
Whirlpool FES310YW1
Whirlpool FES330GN0
Whirlpool FES330GN1
Whirlpool FES330GW1
Whirlpool FES330KN0
Whirlpool FES340YW0
Whirlpool FES340YW1
Whirlpool FES355YW0
Whirlpool FES355YW1
Whirlpool FES355YW2
Whirlpool GERC4110PB0
Whirlpool GERC4110PB1
Whirlpool GERC4110PB2
Whirlpool GERC4110PB3
Whirlpool GERC4110PQ0
Whirlpool GERC4110PQ1
Whirlpool GERC4110PQ2
Whirlpool GERC4110PQ3
Whirlpool GERC4110PS0
Whirlpool GERC4110PS1
Whirlpool GERC4110PS2
Whirlpool GERC4110PS3
Whirlpool GERC4110PT0
Whirlpool GERC4110PT1
Whirlpool GERC4110PT2
Whirlpool GERC4110SB2
Whirlpool GERC4110SQ0
Whirlpool GERC4110SQ2
Whirlpool GERC4110SS0
Whirlpool GERC4110SS2
Whirlpool GERC4120PB0
Whirlpool GERC4120PB1
Whirlpool GERC4120PB2
Whirlpool GERC4120PB3
Whirlpool GERC4120PQ0
Whirlpool GERC4120PQ1
Whirlpool GERC4120PQ2
Whirlpool GERC4120PQ3
Whirlpool GERC4120PS0
Whirlpool GERC4120PS1
Whirlpool GERC4120PS2
Whirlpool GERC4120PS3
Whirlpool GERC4120PT0
Whirlpool GERC4120PT1
Whirlpool GERC4120SB0
Whirlpool GERC4120SB2
Whirlpool GERC4120SQ0
Whirlpool GERC4120SQ2
Whirlpool GERC4120SS0
Whirlpool GERC4120SS2
Whirlpool GERP4120SB0
Whirlpool GERP4120SB2
Whirlpool GERP4120SQ0
Whirlpool GERP4120SQ2
Whirlpool GERP4120SS0
Whirlpool GERP4120SS2
Whirlpool GFE461LVB0
Whirlpool GFE461LVB1
Whirlpool GFE461LVQ0
Whirlpool GFE461LVQ1
Whirlpool GFE461LVS0
Whirlpool GFE461LVS1
Whirlpool GFE461LVT0
Whirlpool GFE461LVT1
Whirlpool GFE471LVB0
Whirlpool GFE471LVQ0
Whirlpool GFE471LVS0
Whirlpool GR396LXGT2
Whirlpool GR396LXGZ2
Whirlpool GR399LXGZ0
Whirlpool GR438LXRQ0
Whirlpool GR438LXRQ1
Whirlpool GR438LXRQ2
Whirlpool GR448LXPB2
Whirlpool GR448LXPB3
Whirlpool GR448LXPQ2
Whirlpool GR448LXPS3
Whirlpool RF302BXKV1
Whirlpool RF302BXVF0
Whirlpool RF302BXVG0
Whirlpool RF302BXVG1
Whirlpool RF302BXVG2
Whirlpool RF302BXVG3
Whirlpool RF302BXVM0
Whirlpool RF302BXVN2
Whirlpool RF302BXVW0
Whirlpool RF302BXVW1
Whirlpool RF302BXXG1
Whirlpool RF302BXXG2
Whirlpool RF302BXXQ1
Whirlpool RF302BXXQ2
Whirlpool RF302BXYG0
Whirlpool RF302BXYG1
Whirlpool RF302BXYG2
Whirlpool RF302BXYN1
Whirlpool RF302BXYQ0
Whirlpool RF302BXYQ1
Whirlpool RF302BXYQ2
Whirlpool RF302BXYW1
Whirlpool RF302PXXQ0
Whirlpool RF302PXXQ1
Whirlpool RF303BXPW0
Whirlpool RF303PXKT3
Whirlpool RF305PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF305PXDW0
Whirlpool RF305PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF306BXVN0
Whirlpool RF306BXVW0
Whirlpool RF306BXVW1
Whirlpool RF306BXVW2
Whirlpool RF3100XVW0
Whirlpool RF3100XVW1
Whirlpool RF3100XVW2
Whirlpool RF3100XVW3
Whirlpool RF3105XXW0
Whirlpool RF3105XXW1
Whirlpool RF3105XXW2
Whirlpool RF310PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF310PXVF0
Whirlpool RF310PXVG0
Whirlpool RF310PXVM0
Whirlpool RF310PXVW2
Whirlpool RF310PXVW3
Whirlpool RF310PXXW0
Whirlpool RF310PXXW2
Whirlpool RF3120XPW0
Whirlpool RF313PXVT0
Whirlpool RF3140XPN0
Whirlpool RF315PCYW1
Whirlpool RF315PCYW2
Whirlpool RF315PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF315PXYG1
Whirlpool RF315PXYG2
Whirlpool RF327PXPW0
Whirlpool RF3300XVW0
Whirlpool RF3300XVW1
Whirlpool RF3300XVW2
Whirlpool RF3300XVW3
Whirlpool RF3305XXW0
Whirlpool RF3305XXW1
Whirlpool RF3305XXW2
Whirlpool RF330PXDQ0
Whirlpool RF330PXDZ0
Whirlpool RF330PXVW1
Whirlpool RF330PXVW2
Whirlpool RF330PXXW0
Whirlpool RF330PXYW1
Whirlpool RF332BXPW0
Whirlpool RF333PXVT0
Whirlpool RF336PXPW0
Whirlpool RF340BXKW0
Whirlpool RF3500XEN0
Whirlpool RF3500XEW0
Whirlpool RF350PXHN1
Whirlpool RF352BXKW0
Whirlpool RF352BXKW1
Whirlpool RF354BXEW1
Whirlpool RF3600XXW0
Whirlpool RF3600XXW2
Whirlpool RF3600XYW0
Whirlpool RF3600XYW1
Whirlpool RF3600XYW2
Whirlpool RF360BXWW0
Whirlpool RF3620XVW0
Whirlpool RF3620XVW1
Whirlpool RF3620XVW2
Whirlpool RF3620XVW3
Whirlpool RF362BXBN1
Whirlpool RF362BXBW0
Whirlpool RF362BXBW1
Whirlpool RF362LXSQ1
Whirlpool RF362LXST1
Whirlpool RF362LXTB0
Whirlpool RF362LXTB1
Whirlpool RF362LXTB2
Whirlpool RF362LXTS1
Whirlpool RF362LXTT0
Whirlpool RF362LXTT1
Whirlpool RF362LXTT2
Whirlpool RF362LXTT3
Whirlpool RF362LXTY0
Whirlpool RF363PXVT1
Whirlpool RF363PXVT2
Whirlpool RF364PSBQ0
Whirlpool RF364PSBW0
Whirlpool RF365BXYN1
Whirlpool RF365BXYW1
Whirlpool RF365PXYZ2
Whirlpool RF367LXSB2
Whirlpool RF367LXSQ2
Whirlpool RF367LXSQ3
Whirlpool RF367LXSQ4
Whirlpool RF367LXSS1
Whirlpool RF367LXSS2

90 Day Limited Warranty

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