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  • 31605 | Whirlpool Range Cooktop Care Kit
  • 31605 grid

31605 | Whirlpool Range Cooktop Care Kit

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SKU: 31605

Cooktop Care Kit used on many different Amana, Jenn Air, KitchenAid, Maytag and Whirlpool Range models.

Directly Replaces: AP3177824, 31576, 31464, 31580, 31614, 959474, AH734397, EA734397, PS734397.


  • Includes:
    • (1) 8 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner.
    • (1) 4 fl. oz. bottle of protectant.
    • (1) Protectant Applicator.
    • (1) Scraper.
    • (6) Cleaning Pads.


  1. Clean: Use the cooktop cleaner and a dry, unused cleaning pad remove light soils or water spots. For heavier soil buildup and baked on spills, use the cooktop scraper to remove the residue without scratching the cooktop surface.
  2. Coat: After the cooktop has been cleaning apply a small amount of concentrated cooktop protectant directly to the surface.
  3. Buff: Using a protectant applicator, spread and work in the cooktop protectant uniformly until the surface is clear and sparkling.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool CWE4100ACB10
Whirlpool CWE4100ACE10
Whirlpool CWE4800ACB25
Whirlpool CWE4800ACE27
Whirlpool CWE4800ACS14
Whirlpool CWE5100ACB10
Whirlpool CWE5800ACB25
Whirlpool CWE5800ACE28
Whirlpool CWE5800ACS14
Whirlpool AER5823XCS1
Whirlpool AER5823XCW1
Whirlpool AER5844VCB2
Whirlpool AER5844VCS2
Whirlpool AER5844VCW2
Whirlpool AER6011VAB0
Whirlpool AER6011VAS0
Whirlpool AER6011VAW0
Whirlpool GFG461LVB2
Whirlpool GFG461LVQ2
Whirlpool GFG461LVS2
Whirlpool GFG461LVT2
Whirlpool GW397LXUB05
Whirlpool GW397LXUQ06
Whirlpool GW397LXUS05
Whirlpool GW397LXUT05
Whirlpool JES9860BAS19
Whirlpool WFE361LVB1
Whirlpool WFE361LVD1
Whirlpool WFE361LVQ1
Whirlpool WFE361LVS1
Whirlpool MGC7636WB00
Whirlpool MGC7636WW00
Whirlpool GW397LXUT06
Whirlpool JES9860BAB18
Whirlpool JES9860BAW18
Whirlpool JES9860CAB00
Whirlpool JES9860CAB01
Whirlpool JES9860CAS00
Whirlpool JES9860CAS01
Whirlpool JES9860CAS02
Whirlpool JES9860CAW00
Whirlpool JES9860CAW01
Whirlpool JES9860CCB00
Whirlpool JES9860CCS00
Whirlpool JES9860CCS01
Whirlpool WFE381LVB1
Whirlpool WFE381LVQ1
Whirlpool WFE381LVS1
Whirlpool WFE301LVB0
Whirlpool WFE301LVQ0
Whirlpool WFE301LVS0
Whirlpool WFE366LVB1
Whirlpool WFE366LVQ1
Whirlpool WFE366LVS1
Whirlpool WFE366LVT1
Whirlpool WFE371LVB1
Whirlpool WFE371LVQ1
Whirlpool WFE371LVS1
Whirlpool WFE361LVT1
Whirlpool MER8880AB0
Whirlpool MER8880AS0
Whirlpool MER8880AW0
Whirlpool WFE374LVB1
Whirlpool WFE374LVQ1
Whirlpool WFE374LVS1
Whirlpool KERS202BBL0
Whirlpool KERS202BSS0
Whirlpool KERS202BWH0
Whirlpool KERS303BBL0
Whirlpool KERS303BSS0
Whirlpool KERS303BWH0
Whirlpool KERS306BSS0
Whirlpool KGCC506RBL05
Whirlpool KGCC506RWW05
Whirlpool KGCC566RBL05
Whirlpool YWFE361LVB0
Whirlpool YWFE361LVQ0
Whirlpool YWFE361LVS0
Whirlpool YWFE366LVB0
Whirlpool YWFE366LVQ0
Whirlpool YWFE366LVS0
Whirlpool MER8670AB0
Whirlpool MER8670AS0
Whirlpool MER8670AW0
Whirlpool MER8674AB0
Whirlpool MER8674AS0
Whirlpool MER8674AW0
Whirlpool WFE520C0AB0
Whirlpool WFE520C0AS0
Whirlpool WFE520C0AW0
Whirlpool WFE524CLAB0
Whirlpool MGT8885XB00
Whirlpool MGT8885XS00
Whirlpool MGT8885XW00
Whirlpool JES9860CCS02
Whirlpool MER8775AB0
Whirlpool MER8775AS0
Whirlpool MER8775AW0
Whirlpool MGR7685AB0
Whirlpool MGR7685AS0
Whirlpool MGR7685AW0
Whirlpool WFE330W0AB0
Whirlpool WFE330W0AS0
Whirlpool WFE330W0AW0
Whirlpool JES9860CCW00
Whirlpool WFE540H0AB0
Whirlpool WFE540H0AE0
Whirlpool WFE540H0AH0
Whirlpool WFE540H0AS0
Whirlpool WFE540H0AW0
Whirlpool WFE710H0AE0
Whirlpool WFE710H0AH0
Whirlpool WFE710H0AS0
Whirlpool WFE714HLAS0
Whirlpool WFE720H0AS0
Whirlpool YWFE540H0AB0
Whirlpool YWFE540H0AS0
Whirlpool YWFE540H0AW0
Whirlpool YWFE710H0AB0
Whirlpool YWFE710H0AS0
Whirlpool YWFE710H0AW0
Whirlpool MGR8670AB0
Whirlpool MGR8670AS0
Whirlpool MGR8670AW0
Whirlpool MGR8674AB0
Whirlpool MGR8674AS0
Whirlpool MGR8674AW0
Whirlpool KGCC566RWW05
Whirlpool WFE320M0AB0
Whirlpool WFE320M0AS0
Whirlpool WFE320M0AW0
Whirlpool WFE510S0AB0
Whirlpool WFE510S0AD0
Whirlpool WFE510S0AS0
Whirlpool WFE510S0AT0
Whirlpool WFE510S0AW0
Whirlpool WFE524CLAS0
Whirlpool WFE524CLAW0
Whirlpool YWFE330W0AB0
Whirlpool YWFE330W0AS0
Whirlpool YWFE330W0AW0
Whirlpool YWFE510S0AB0
Whirlpool YWFC150M0AB0
Whirlpool YWFC150M0AS0
Whirlpool YWFC150M0AW0
Whirlpool YWFE510S0AS0
Whirlpool YWFE510S0AW0
Whirlpool YWFE530C0AB0
Whirlpool YWFE530C0AS0
Whirlpool YWFE530C0AW0
Whirlpool YMER8670AB0
Whirlpool YMER8670AS0
Whirlpool YMER8670AW0
Whirlpool YMER8775AS0
Whirlpool YMER8880AB0
Whirlpool YMER8880AS0
Whirlpool YMER8880AW0
Whirlpool RF212PXSQ4
Whirlpool YWFE381LVB0
Whirlpool YWFE381LVQ0
Whirlpool YWFE381LVS0

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

Product Reviews

  1. Wonderful cleaning kit

    Posted by jackson on Feb 9th 2016

    Great price and makes cleaning much easier!

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