316075103 | Frigidaire Oven Bake Element

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Condition:  New
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Bake Element used on some Admiral, Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Montgomery Wards, Tappan, Universal and Westinghouse.

Directly Replaces: 316075103, AP2125026, 316075104, 316282600, 09990062, 316075100, 316075102, 3203534, F83-455.


  • Approx. 20"W x 19"L.
  • Approx. 14" between terminals.
  • Watts: 2800/2100.
  • Volts: 240/208.
  • .250" Male Terminal, push in connection.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CCRE312GWWB
Frigidaire CCRE350GBBB
Frigidaire CFEF311GSC
Frigidaire CFEF355FCD
Frigidaire CGEF312GSB
Frigidaire CWEF310GSC
Frigidaire FEF366MXHCB
Frigidaire CCRE350GBBC
Frigidaire CCRE360GBBD
Frigidaire CCRE3860LBA
Frigidaire CCRE3860LBB
Frigidaire CCRE3860LBE
Frigidaire CCRE360GSSB
Frigidaire CFEF366GCB
Frigidaire CFEF376GCB
Frigidaire CCRE350GWWB
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWB
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWE
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWF
Frigidaire CFEF364HSA
Frigidaire CFEF364HSB
Frigidaire CFEF364HSC
Frigidaire CFEF364HSD
Frigidaire CFEF364HSE
Frigidaire CFEF366GSB
Frigidaire CFEF366GSC
Frigidaire CFEF366GSD
Frigidaire CFEF366GSE
Frigidaire FEF366ESF
Frigidaire FEF366ESG
Frigidaire FEF366ESH
Frigidaire FEF366ESJ
Frigidaire CCRE350GWWC
Frigidaire CCRE360GWWB
Frigidaire CCRE360GWWD
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWB
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWC
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWD
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWB
Frigidaire TEF351EWE
Frigidaire TEF351EWF
Frigidaire CFEF368JCA
Frigidaire CFEF368JCB
Frigidaire CFEF368JCC
Frigidaire CFEF368JCD
Frigidaire FEF368GBB
Frigidaire FEF368GBC
Frigidaire FEF368GBD
Frigidaire FEF368GCB
Frigidaire FEF368GCC
Frigidaire FEF368GCD
Frigidaire FEF368GCE
Frigidaire FEF368GCF
Frigidaire FEF368GMB
Frigidaire FEF368GMD
Frigidaire FEF368GME
Frigidaire FEF368GMF
Frigidaire FEFL67GCB
Frigidaire FEFL67HCA
Frigidaire CFEF376GBB
Frigidaire CFEF376GBE
Frigidaire CFEF376GCC
Frigidaire CFEF376GCF
Frigidaire CFEF376GSB
Frigidaire CFEF376GSE
Frigidaire CRE3880GQQC
Frigidaire CRE3880GQQF
Frigidaire CRE3880GWWC
Frigidaire CRE3880GWWF
Frigidaire CRE3880HSSB
Frigidaire CRE3880HSSE
Frigidaire FEF368GQB
Frigidaire FEF368GSB
Frigidaire CCRE3530LBA
Frigidaire CCRE3530LWA
Frigidaire CRE3500GWBB
Frigidaire CRE3500GWBD
Frigidaire CRE3500GWBE
Frigidaire CRE3500KWBA
Frigidaire CRE3510LWA
Frigidaire CRE3510LWB
Frigidaire CRE3510LWC
Frigidaire CRE3510LWD
Frigidaire CRE3510LWE
Frigidaire CCRE312GWWC
Frigidaire CCRE360GBBB
Frigidaire TEF317BWG
Frigidaire CCRE3530LBB
Frigidaire CCRE3530LBD
Frigidaire CFEF3016LBA
Frigidaire CFEF3016LBB
Frigidaire CFEF3016LBD
Frigidaire CFEF3016LBE
Frigidaire CFEF3016LBF
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSA
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSB
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSC
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSD
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSE
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSF
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSG
Frigidaire CRE3880GQQD
Frigidaire CRE3880GQQE
Frigidaire CRE3860GBBC
Frigidaire CRE3860GWWC
Frigidaire FEF352FBE
Frigidaire FEF352FSE
Frigidaire FEF352HCD
Frigidaire FEF354GBD
Frigidaire FEF354GSD
Frigidaire TEF361GSD
Frigidaire WWEF3005KWB
Frigidaire CFEF312GSC
Frigidaire CFEF320GSB
Frigidaire CFEF320GSC
Frigidaire FEF317HBA
Frigidaire FEF375GCB
Frigidaire FEF375GCC
Frigidaire FEF336ECG
Frigidaire CCRE3530LWB
Frigidaire CCRE3530LWD
Frigidaire CCRE3530LWE
Frigidaire CFEF3005LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3005LWB
Frigidaire CFEF3005LWC
Frigidaire CRE3520GWWC
Frigidaire CFEF3005LWD
Frigidaire CFEF3005LWE
Frigidaire FEF336ECH
Frigidaire FEF336ECJ
Frigidaire FEF339LCA
Frigidaire CFEF355FSE
Frigidaire FEFB66ECF
Frigidaire FEFB66ECG
Frigidaire FEFB66ECH
Frigidaire FEFB66ECJ
Frigidaire FEFB66ECK
Frigidaire FEFB66ECM
Frigidaire TEF326FBC
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWC
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWD
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWE
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWF
Frigidaire FEF336FMD
Frigidaire FEF336FME
Frigidaire FEF336FMF
Frigidaire FEF339LCB
Frigidaire TEF326FSC
Frigidaire TEF326FSD
Frigidaire TEF326FSE
Frigidaire TEF326FSF
Frigidaire CFEF355FBD
Frigidaire CFEF355FCE
Frigidaire CFEF355FCF
Frigidaire CFEF366EME
Frigidaire CFEF366EMF
Frigidaire CFEF366EMG
Frigidaire CFEF366EMH
Frigidaire CFEF366EMJ
Frigidaire CFEF366GBB
Frigidaire CFEF366GBC
Frigidaire FEF368GSC
Frigidaire FEF368GSD
Frigidaire FEFL63HSA
Frigidaire FEFL63HSB
Frigidaire FEFL63HSC
Frigidaire FEFL63HSD
Frigidaire KAEF3016MWA
Frigidaire KAEF3016MWB
Frigidaire KAEF3016MWC
Frigidaire KAEF3016MWD
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWG
Frigidaire CFEF3018LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3018LWB
Frigidaire CFEF3018LWC
Frigidaire CFEF3018LWD
Frigidaire CFEF3018LWE
Frigidaire CFEF3018LWF
Frigidaire FEF368GQC
Frigidaire FEF368GQD
Frigidaire FEF312BSG
Frigidaire FEF336ECK
Frigidaire FEF336ECM
Frigidaire CRE3580GWWB
Frigidaire CRE3580GWWC
Frigidaire CRE3580GWWD
Frigidaire CRE3580LWA
Frigidaire LFEF3011LWA
Frigidaire LFEF3011LWB
Frigidaire LFEF3011LWC
Frigidaire LFEF3011LWD
Frigidaire CFEF376GCD
Frigidaire CFEF376GCG
Frigidaire FEF303CWH
Frigidaire FEF303CWJ
Frigidaire FEF303HWA
Frigidaire FEF303HWB
Frigidaire FEF303KWA
Frigidaire FEF303KWB
Frigidaire FEF317HSA
Frigidaire FFEF3000MWA
Frigidaire FFEF3000MWB
Frigidaire CFEF3048LSA
Frigidaire CFEF3048LSD
Frigidaire CFEF3048LSE
Frigidaire CFEF3048LSF
Frigidaire CFEF3048LSG
Frigidaire CFEF3048LSH
Frigidaire FEF316BQG
Frigidaire FFEF3005MQA
Frigidaire FFEF3005MQB
Frigidaire CFEF3018LBA
Frigidaire CFEF3018LBB
Frigidaire CFEF3018LBC
Frigidaire CFEF3018LBD
Frigidaire CFEF3018LBE
Frigidaire CFEF3018LBF
Frigidaire CFEF3018LMA
Frigidaire CFEF3018LMB
Frigidaire CFEF3018LMC
Frigidaire CFEF3018LMD
Frigidaire CFEF3018LME
Frigidaire CFEF3018LMF
Frigidaire CFEF3018LMG
Frigidaire CFEF366GCG
Frigidaire CRE3580LSA
Frigidaire CRE3580LSB
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSH
Frigidaire CFEF3046LSJ
Frigidaire CRE3530LBA
Frigidaire CRE3530LBB
Frigidaire CRE3530LBC
Frigidaire CRE3530LBD
Frigidaire CRE3530LBE
Frigidaire CRE3530LWA
Frigidaire CRE3530LWB
Frigidaire CRE3530LWC
Frigidaire CRE3530LWD
Frigidaire CRE3530LWE
Frigidaire WWEF3004KWD
Frigidaire WWEF3004KWE
Frigidaire XFEF3005LQA
Frigidaire XFEF3005LQB
Frigidaire FEF352FBD

90 Day Limited Warranty

7 Reviews

  • 5
    Baking element

    Posted by Charles H Emery Jr on Oct 10th 2019

    This is the third element I've had to buy, in the last 6 years. Evidently, my oven doesn't like elements. Lol. Fortunately, Appliance Zone always has Exactly what I need !! Thanks again.

  • 5
    Product is Perfect

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 24th 2019

    I was directed to buy my oven baking coil with the right model number because I had the wrong one. I wasn't sure if the one I received was going to work, but it fit perfectly.

  • 5
    Dependable Oven Elements

    Posted by Unknown on May 8th 2017

    Ordered these elements on short notice and received them in 2 days. Were correct part and easily installed.

  • 5
    Great Bargain - Great Service

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 18th 2017

    Works as advertised.

  • 5
    appliance zone always saves me money

    Posted by martin d. cathcart on Aug 10th 2016

    Put it in works great

  • 5
    New element

    Posted by Tammi Avila on Feb 19th 2016

    The old element was burnt out and this one works great. Shipping was fast and free. Thanks

  • 5
    Great oven element

    Posted by Bryan on Feb 1st 2016

    I got the heating element and installed. The part came when they said it would come and it works well.

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