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  • 316433300 | Frigidaire Oven Screw
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316433300 | Frigidaire Oven Screw

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SKU: 316433300

Screw used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Kelvinator, and Kenmore oven models.

Directly Replaces: 316433300, AP3776990, 1062600, AH978302, EA978302, PS978302.


  • Approx. 2.25"L.
  • Black.
  • Oven door handle screw.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire CFEF355FBA
Frigidaire CFEF355FSB
Frigidaire CFEF366GSA
Frigidaire CGLGF388DQC
Frigidaire CGLGF388DQE
Frigidaire CGLGF388DQF
Frigidaire CGLGF388DQG
Frigidaire CRE3880GQQA
Frigidaire CRE3880GQQB
Frigidaire CCRE3880LWC
Frigidaire CCRE3880LWF
Frigidaire CCRE350GBBB
Frigidaire CFEF355FBC
Frigidaire CFEF355FCC
Frigidaire CFEF355FCD
Frigidaire CFEF355FSC
Frigidaire CFEF355FSD
Frigidaire FEF366MXHCA
Frigidaire FEF366MXHCB
Frigidaire FEFL79GBA
Frigidaire BGEF3032KBC
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBC
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBD
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBE
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBF
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBG
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBH
Frigidaire CCRE350GBBC
Frigidaire CCRE360GBBD
Frigidaire CCRE3860LBA
Frigidaire CCRE3860LBB
Frigidaire CCRE3860LBE
Frigidaire CCRE3870MBA
Frigidaire GLEF369DBH
Frigidaire GLEF369DBJ
Frigidaire GLEF369DBK
Frigidaire CGLEFM97DBJ
Frigidaire CGLEFM97DBK
Frigidaire CGLEFM97DSJ
Frigidaire CGLEFM97DSK
Frigidaire GLEF388GBA
Frigidaire GLEF388GSA
Frigidaire FGFL87GSC
Frigidaire FGFL87GSD
Frigidaire FGFL87GSE
Frigidaire FGFL87GSF
Frigidaire FGFL87GSG
Frigidaire FGFL87GSH
Frigidaire CGLGF388DSC
Frigidaire CGLGF388DSE
Frigidaire CGLGF388DSF
Frigidaire CGLGF388DSG
Frigidaire CGLGF389GSA
Frigidaire CGLGF389GSB
Frigidaire CGLGF389GSC
Frigidaire CGLGF389GSD
Frigidaire GLEF389GSA
Frigidaire GLEF389GSB
Frigidaire GLEF389HSA
Frigidaire GLEF389HSB
Frigidaire GLEF389HSC
Frigidaire GLEFM397DSA
Frigidaire BGEF3032KBA
Frigidaire BGEF3032KBB
Frigidaire BGEF3032KWA
Frigidaire BGEF3032KWB
Frigidaire BGEF3032KWC
Frigidaire CCRE3880LWA
Frigidaire CCRE3880LWB
Frigidaire CFEF3020LBA
Frigidaire CFEF3020LBC
Frigidaire CFEF3020LBD
Frigidaire CFEF3020LBE
Frigidaire CFEF3020LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3020LWC
Frigidaire CFEF3020LWD
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBA
Frigidaire BGGF3031KBB
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWA
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWB
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWC
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWD
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWE
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWF
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWG
Frigidaire BGGF3031KWH
Frigidaire LEEFM389FEF
Frigidaire FGFB75DSB
Frigidaire FGFB75DSC
Frigidaire FGFB75DSE
Frigidaire FGFB75DSF
Frigidaire FGFB75DSG
Frigidaire CFGF366DSB
Frigidaire CFGF366DSD
Frigidaire CFGF366DSF
Frigidaire CFGF366FSA
Frigidaire CFGF366FSB
Frigidaire CFGF366FSC
Frigidaire CFGF366FSD
Frigidaire CFGF366FSE
Frigidaire CFGF368GSA
Frigidaire CFGF368GSB
Frigidaire CFGF368GSC
Frigidaire CFGF368GSD
Frigidaire CFGF368GSE
Frigidaire CFGF368GSF
Frigidaire CFGF368GSG
Frigidaire CFGFL79GSA
Frigidaire CFGFL79GSD
Frigidaire CFGFL87GSA
Frigidaire CGLGF382DSC
Frigidaire CGLGF382DSE
Frigidaire CGLGF382DSF
Frigidaire CGLGF382DSG
Frigidaire CGLGF386GSA
Frigidaire CGLGF386GSC
Frigidaire CGLGF386GSD
Frigidaire FGFL67DBB
Frigidaire FGFL67DBD
Frigidaire FGFL67DBF
Frigidaire FGFL67DBG
Frigidaire FEFB78DQA
Frigidaire FEFB78DQB
Frigidaire FEFB78DQD
Frigidaire FEFB78DQF
Frigidaire FEFB78DQG
Frigidaire FEFB78DQH
Frigidaire FEFB78DQJ
Frigidaire FEFB78DQK
Frigidaire FEFB78DQL
Frigidaire FGFB75DQB
Frigidaire FGFB75DQC
Frigidaire FGFB75DQE
Frigidaire FGFB75DQF
Frigidaire FGFB75DQG
Frigidaire GLEF369DQA
Frigidaire GLEF369DQB
Frigidaire GLEF369DQD
Frigidaire GLEF369DQF
Frigidaire GLEF369DQG
Frigidaire GLEF369DQH
Frigidaire GLEF369DQJ
Frigidaire GLGF376DQB
Frigidaire GLGF376DQC
Frigidaire CCRE350GBBA
Frigidaire CCRE360GBBA
Frigidaire CFEF3019MBA
Frigidaire CFEF355FBB
Frigidaire CFEF355FCA
Frigidaire CFEF355FCB
Frigidaire CFEF366EMB
Frigidaire CFEF366EMC
Frigidaire CFEF366EMD
Frigidaire CFEF366GBA
Frigidaire CFEF366GCA
Frigidaire CFEF366GCB
Frigidaire CFEF376GBA
Frigidaire CFEF376GCA
Frigidaire CFEF376GCB
Frigidaire CGEF3032KBA
Frigidaire CGEF3032KBB
Frigidaire CGEF3032KWA
Frigidaire CGEF3032KWB
Frigidaire GLEF384HSA
Frigidaire GLEF384HSB
Frigidaire CCRE350GWWA
Frigidaire CCRE350GWWB
Frigidaire CCRE360GWWA
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWB
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWE
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWF
Frigidaire CFEF3019MWA
Frigidaire CFEF355FSA
Frigidaire CFEF364HSA
Frigidaire CFEF376GSA
Frigidaire CGLEF379DSE
Frigidaire CGLEF379DSF
Frigidaire CGLEF379DSG
Frigidaire CGLEF379DSH
Frigidaire CGLEF379DSJ
Frigidaire CGLEF379DSK
Frigidaire CRG3490LWA
Frigidaire CRG3490LWB
Frigidaire CRG3490LWC
Frigidaire CRG3490LWD
Frigidaire CGLGF388DBC
Frigidaire CGLGF388DBE
Frigidaire CGLGF388DBF
Frigidaire CGLGF388DBG
Frigidaire CFEF364HSB
Frigidaire CFEF364HSC
Frigidaire CFEF364HSD
Frigidaire CFEF364HSE
Frigidaire CFEF366GSB
Frigidaire CFEF366GSC
Frigidaire CFEF366GSD
Frigidaire CFEF366GSE
Frigidaire FEF364FSA
Frigidaire FEF364FSB
Frigidaire FEF364FSC
Frigidaire FEF366ESA
Frigidaire FEF366ESB
Frigidaire FEF366ESC
Frigidaire FEF366ESD
Frigidaire FEF366ESE
Frigidaire FEF366ESF
Frigidaire FEF366ESG
Frigidaire FEF366ESH
Frigidaire FEF366ESJ
Frigidaire FEF366ESK
Frigidaire FEF366ESM
Frigidaire CCRE350GWWC
Frigidaire CCRE360GWWB
Frigidaire CCRE360GWWD
Frigidaire CCRE3860LWA
Frigidaire CCRE3870MWA
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWB
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWC
Frigidaire CFEF3014LWD
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWA
Frigidaire CFEF3016LWB
Frigidaire FEFLM66ESA
Frigidaire FEFLM66ESB
Frigidaire FEFLM66ESC
Frigidaire CGEF3032MBA
Frigidaire CGEF3032MBB
Frigidaire LEEFM389FEA
Frigidaire LEEFM389FEB
Frigidaire CFGF368GBC
Frigidaire CFGF368GBD
Frigidaire CFGF368GCD
Frigidaire CFGF368GCE
Frigidaire CFGF368GMB
Frigidaire CFGF368GMC
Frigidaire CRG3480IQQA
Frigidaire CRG3480IQQB
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSA
Frigidaire CRG3480ISSB
Frigidaire CRG3480IWWA
Frigidaire CRG3480IWWB
Frigidaire FGF366EBH
Frigidaire FGF366ESH
Frigidaire FGF368GBE
Frigidaire FGF368GBF
Frigidaire FGF368GCE
Frigidaire FGF368GCF
Frigidaire FGF368GMD
Frigidaire FGF368GME
Frigidaire FGF368GQE
Frigidaire FGF368GQF
Frigidaire CFGF366DBB

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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