316538904 | Frigidaire Appliance Light Bulb

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Sku:  316538904
Condition:  New
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Light bulb used on some Admiral, Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Gibson, Hotpoint, JC Penney, Kelvinator, and Kenmore appliances.

Directly Replaces: 316538904, AP6987284, 316538901, 241555401, 5303013071, 240436702, 171840, 173421, 218926201, 241529103, 241552901, 31956, 374L001P01, 374L002P01, 374T012R01, 374T020P01, 374T025P01, 5300063749, 5304448955, 55771, 7241555401, 75303013071, 8006-19, 8006-38-4, 8006-38-7, 8063-2, 8529, G185162, G28087, G28178, G30055, G39122, G54494, K1027373, K1027374, K1081270, K1101291, K1134642, K1135453, K1137227, K1144690, K1168823, K1227370, M1088506, M1088822, M1090078, P067007, P067018, Q000007422, Q000007428, Q000023556, Q000063746.


  • Approx. 3.25"L x 2"W.
  • 130V, 40W.

Compatible with the following models:

Admiral 14090A
Admiral 14090B
Admiral 18020-0A
Admiral 18090-0F
Admiral 18090-OA
Admiral 18090-OB
Admiral 18090-OC
Admiral 18090-OD
Admiral 18090-OE
Admiral 19060A
Admiral 19090A
Admiral 19204-0A
Admiral 19404-OA
Admiral 19404-OC
Admiral 19424E
Admiral 19494A
Admiral 19494B
Admiral 19502A
Admiral 19504-0A
Admiral 19514-0A
Admiral 19514-0B
Admiral 19534-0A
Admiral 19534-0B
Admiral 19534-7A
Admiral 19534-7B
Admiral 19572A
Admiral 19574A
Admiral 19574B
Admiral 19574C
Admiral 19574D
Admiral 19584A
Admiral 19584B
Admiral 19684
Admiral 19784B
Admiral 19802-0A
Admiral 19804-0A
Admiral 19812-0A
Admiral 19814-0A
Admiral 19822-0
Admiral 19822-1
Admiral 19822-7
Admiral 19824-0A
Admiral 19824-0C
Admiral 19824-1A
Admiral 19824-7A
Admiral 19824-7C
Admiral 19864A
Admiral 19864B
Admiral 19874A
Admiral 19874B
Admiral 19874C
Admiral 19884A
Admiral 19884B
Admiral 19894A
Admiral 19902-0A
Admiral 19903-0A
Admiral 19922-0A
Admiral 19922-7A
Admiral 19923-0A
Admiral 19923-7A
Admiral 19924-0A
Admiral 19924-0B
Admiral 19924-7A
Admiral 19924-7B
Admiral 19972-0A
Admiral 19972A
Admiral 19972B
Admiral 19972C
Admiral 19973A
Admiral 19973B
Admiral 19973C
Admiral 19992A
Admiral 20022-0A
Admiral 21090-0A
Admiral 21103-0A
Admiral 21133-A
Admiral 211340
Admiral 211347
Admiral 211440
Admiral 211447
Admiral 21153-0B
Admiral 21163-0A
Admiral 211640
Admiral 21504-0A
Admiral 21514-0A
Admiral 21514-0B
Admiral 21514-0C
Admiral 21524-0A
Admiral 21534-0A
Admiral 21534-7A
Admiral 21594A
Admiral 21594B
Admiral 21594C
Admiral 21822-0
Admiral 21822-1
Admiral 21822-7
Admiral 21924-0A
Admiral 21924-0B
Admiral 21924-7A
Admiral 21924-7B
Admiral 21954A
Admiral 21954B
Admiral 21954C
Admiral 21954D
Admiral 21974A
Admiral 21974B
Admiral 21994-7A
Admiral 21994-OA
Admiral 22274A
Admiral 22304-0A
Admiral 22304-0B
Admiral 22402-0A
Admiral 22402-0B
Admiral 22404-0A
Admiral 22404-0B
Admiral 22404-0C
Admiral 22512-0A
Admiral 22512-0B
Admiral 22572A
Admiral 22774A
Admiral 22874A
Admiral 22902-OA
Admiral 22903-7A
Admiral 22903-OA
Admiral 22922-0A
Admiral 22922-7A
Admiral 22972A
Admiral 22972B
Admiral 23173-0A
Admiral 231740
Admiral 23274A
Admiral 23524-0A
Admiral 23802-0A
Admiral 23802-0B
Admiral 23822-0A
Admiral 23822-7A
Admiral 23874A
Admiral 23874B
Admiral 23892-OA
Admiral 23902-0A
Admiral 23903-0A
Admiral 23922-0A
Admiral 23922-7A
Admiral 23923-0A
Admiral 23923-7A
Admiral 23972A
Admiral 23972B
Admiral 23973A
Admiral 23973B
Admiral 24472A
Admiral 24522-0A
Admiral 24522-7A
Admiral 24774A
Admiral 2477AB
Admiral 2484-40A
Admiral 2484-42A
Admiral 2484-43A
Admiral 2484-45A
Admiral 2484-47A
Admiral 24874A
Admiral 24902A
Admiral 24903-OA
Admiral 24972A
Amana 1999CIWEW-P1171101WW
Frigidaire 15304-0A
Frigidaire 15304-7A
Frigidaire 177040A
Frigidaire 177047A
Frigidaire 17714-0A
Frigidaire 17714-7A
Frigidaire 178040A
Frigidaire 178047A
Frigidaire 19844A
Frigidaire 19844B
Frigidaire 19844C
Frigidaire 19844D
Frigidaire 2129A
Frigidaire 2129B
Frigidaire 2129C
Frigidaire 21844A
Frigidaire 2231
Frigidaire 2241
Frigidaire 2281
Frigidaire 2343-87A
Frigidaire 2440A
Frigidaire 2447A
Frigidaire 2448A
Frigidaire 2448B
Frigidaire 2450A
Frigidaire 2450C
Frigidaire 2450E
Frigidaire 2458A
Frigidaire 2467A
Frigidaire 2468A
Frigidaire 2477A
Frigidaire 2478A
Frigidaire 2478B
Frigidaire 2488A
Frigidaire 2530A
Frigidaire 2530B
Frigidaire 2530C
Jenn-Air 24882
Kenmore 1197498893
Kenmore 1199018813
Kenmore 1199018883
Kenmore 1199038813
Kenmore 1199038883
Kenmore 1199058813
Kenmore 1199058883
Kenmore 1199078813
Kenmore 1199078883
Kenmore 25331420100
Kenmore 25331422100
Kenmore 25331424100
Kenmore 25331427100
Kenmore 25331428100
Kenmore 25331429100
Kenmore 25331610100
Kenmore 25331612100
Kenmore 25331614100
Kenmore 25331619100
Kenmore 25331840100
Kenmore 25331842100
Kenmore 25331844100
Kenmore 25331849100
Kenmore 25331870100
Kenmore 25331872100
Kenmore 25331874100
Kenmore 25331879100
Kenmore 25336600890
Kenmore 25336600891
Kenmore 25336600892
Kenmore 25336600894
Kenmore 25336600895
Kenmore 25336600896
Kenmore 25336600898
Kenmore 25336601890
Kenmore 25336601891
Kenmore 25336601892
Kenmore 25336601894
Kenmore 25336601895
Kenmore 25336601896
Kenmore 25336601898
Kenmore 25336608890
Kenmore 25336608891
Kenmore 25336608892
Kenmore 25336608894

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