318196634 | Frigidaire Range Knob

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Sku:  318196634
Condition:  New
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Knob used on some Frigidaire range models.

Directly Replaces: 318196634, AP2129335, 938022, AH648841, EA648841, PS648841.


  • Approx. 2.5" Diameter.
  • Black.

Compatible with the following models:

Frigidaire FEF455BBF
Frigidaire FEF455BBG
Frigidaire FEF455BBH
Frigidaire FEC30S6AB1
Frigidaire GLEC36S8ABB
Frigidaire GLEC36S8ABC
Frigidaire FED367ABC
Frigidaire FED367ABD
Frigidaire FED367ABE
Frigidaire FES367ABC
Frigidaire FES367ABD
Frigidaire FES367ABE
Frigidaire FES367BCA
Frigidaire FES367BCB
Frigidaire FED355ABD
Frigidaire FED355ABE
Frigidaire FED355ABF
Frigidaire FED367ABF
Frigidaire FED355ABC
Frigidaire FES355ABC
Frigidaire FES355ABD
Frigidaire FES355ABE
Frigidaire FEC36S7EBA
Frigidaire FEC36S7ECA
Frigidaire GLEC30S8ABB
Frigidaire GLEC30S8ABC
Frigidaire PLES389CCB
Frigidaire PLES389CCC
Frigidaire FEF455BBB
Frigidaire FEF455BBC
Frigidaire FEF455BBD
Frigidaire FEF455BBE
Frigidaire FES367ABG
Frigidaire FES367ABH
Frigidaire FEC32S6ABB
Frigidaire FEC32S6ABC
Frigidaire FEC32S6ABE
Frigidaire FEC32S6ABF
Frigidaire FEC30S6ABE
Frigidaire FEC36S6EBA
Frigidaire FEC26C2ACB
Frigidaire FEC26C2ACC
Frigidaire FEC30C4ABC
Frigidaire FEC30C4ACB
Frigidaire FEC30C4ACC
Frigidaire GLEC36S8EB1
Frigidaire FEC36C4AC1
Frigidaire FEC36C4ACB
Frigidaire FEC36C4ACC
Frigidaire FEC36C4ACD
Frigidaire FEC30C4AC1
Frigidaire FEC30C4ACD
Frigidaire FEF455BBA
Frigidaire FEC36S6EBB
Frigidaire FEC36S7EBB
Frigidaire FEC36S7ECB
Frigidaire FEC32C4AC1
Frigidaire FEC32C4ACD
Frigidaire FEC30S7EBB
Frigidaire FEC30S7ECB
Frigidaire FEC30S6ABF
Frigidaire FEC30S7EBA
Frigidaire FEC30S7ECA
Frigidaire FES355ABF
Frigidaire FEC30S7EB1
Frigidaire FEC30S7EC1
Frigidaire GLEC30S8EB1
Frigidaire PLES389CCA
Frigidaire FES367ABF
Frigidaire FEC26C2ACD
Frigidaire FEC30C4AB1
Frigidaire FEC30S6ABB
Frigidaire FEC30S6ABC
Frigidaire FEC30S6ABD
Frigidaire PLES389ACB
Frigidaire PLES389ACC
Frigidaire PLES389ACD
Frigidaire FEC30C4ABD
Frigidaire FEC30C4ABE
Frigidaire FEC32C4ACB
Frigidaire GLEC30S8CBA
Frigidaire GLEC30S8CBB
Frigidaire GLEC30S8CBC
Frigidaire GLEC30S8EBA
Frigidaire GLEC30S8EBB
Frigidaire GLEC36S8CBA
Frigidaire GLEC36S8CBB
Frigidaire GLEC36S8CBC
Frigidaire GLEC36S8EBA
Frigidaire FES367BCC
Frigidaire GLEC36S8EBB
Frigidaire FEC36S6EB1
Frigidaire FEC32C4ACC
Whirlpool FEC30S6ABF
Whirlpool FEC30S6ABE
Whirlpool PLES389ACD
Whirlpool FEC30S6ABC
Whirlpool FEC30C4ACD
Whirlpool FEC32S6ABF
Whirlpool FEF455BBA
Whirlpool FEF455BBB
Whirlpool GLEC30S8CBB
Whirlpool PLES389ACB
Whirlpool FEF455BBE
Whirlpool GLEC30S8ABB
Whirlpool PLES389CCB
Whirlpool FEC30S7ECA
Whirlpool FEC32S6ABC
Whirlpool FEC36S6EBB
Whirlpool FES367ASG
Whirlpool GLEC30S8CBA
Whirlpool GLEC36S8CBB
Whirlpool GLEC36S8CBC
Whirlpool GLEC36S8EBA
Whirlpool GLEC36S8EBB
Whirlpool PLES389ACC
Whirlpool PLES389CCA
Whirlpool FEC30S7EBB
Whirlpool FEC32C4ACD
Whirlpool FEC36S7ECB
Whirlpool FED355ABD
Whirlpool FED355ABF
Whirlpool FEF455BBC
Whirlpool FES355ABE
Whirlpool FES367ABE
Whirlpool FES367AQG
Whirlpool FES367ASC
Whirlpool GLEC30S8EBB
Whirlpool FEC26C2ACB
Whirlpool FEC26C2ACC
Whirlpool FEC26C2ACD
Whirlpool FEC30C4AB1
Whirlpool FEC30C4ABC
Whirlpool FEC30C4ABD
Whirlpool FEC30C4ABE
Whirlpool FEC30C4AC1
Whirlpool FEC30C4ACB
Whirlpool FEC30C4ACC
Whirlpool FEC30S6AB1
Whirlpool FEC30S6ABB
Whirlpool FEC30S6ABD
Whirlpool FEC30S7EB1
Whirlpool FEC30S7EBA
Whirlpool FEC30S7EC1
Whirlpool FEC30S7ECB
Whirlpool FEC32C4AC1
Whirlpool FEC32C4ACB
Whirlpool FEC32C4ACC
Whirlpool FEC32S6ABB
Whirlpool FEC32S6ABE
Whirlpool FEC36C4AC1
Whirlpool FEC36C4ACB
Whirlpool FEC36C4ACC
Whirlpool FEC36C4ACD
Whirlpool FEC36S6EB1
Whirlpool FEC36S6EBA
Whirlpool FEC36S7EBA
Whirlpool FEC36S7EBB
Whirlpool FEC36S7ECA
Whirlpool FED355ABC
Whirlpool FED355ABE
Whirlpool FED367ABC
Whirlpool FED367ABD
Whirlpool FED367ABE
Whirlpool FED367ABF
Whirlpool FEF455BBD
Whirlpool FEF455BBF
Whirlpool FEF455BBG
Whirlpool FEF455BBH
Whirlpool FES355ABC
Whirlpool FES355ABD
Whirlpool FES355ABF
Whirlpool FES367ABC
Whirlpool FES367ABD
Whirlpool FES367ABF
Whirlpool FES367ABG
Whirlpool FES367ABH
Whirlpool FES367AQC
Whirlpool FES367BCA
Whirlpool FES367BCB
Whirlpool FES367BCC
Whirlpool GLEC30S8ABC
Whirlpool GLEC30S8CBC
Whirlpool GLEC30S8EB1
Whirlpool GLEC30S8EBA
Whirlpool GLEC36S8ABB
Whirlpool GLEC36S8ABC
Whirlpool GLEC36S8CBA
Whirlpool GLEC36S8EB1
Whirlpool PLES389CCC

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