3196037 | Whirlpool Oven Adjustable Leveling Leg

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Sku:  3196037
Condition:  New
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Adjustable Leveling Leg used on some Amana, Crosley, Estate, Ikea, Inglis, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP3196037, 3196037, AP2988952, 504672, 98005306, AH340180, EA340180, PS340180, W10153610.


  • Approx. 2-1/2"L x 2"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool KESS907SBB01
Whirlpool KESS907SBB02
Whirlpool KESS907SBL01
Whirlpool KESS907SBL02
Whirlpool KESS907SSS01
Whirlpool KESS907SSS02
Whirlpool KESS907SWW01
Whirlpool KESS907SWW02
Whirlpool KGRS807XSP00
Whirlpool KGRS807XSP01
Whirlpool KGSS907SBL01
Whirlpool KGSS907SBT01
Whirlpool KGSS907SSS01
Whirlpool KGSS907SWH01
Whirlpool GFG461LVB2
Whirlpool GFG461LVQ2
Whirlpool GFG461LVS2
Whirlpool GFG461LVT2
Whirlpool RF262LXSB0
Whirlpool RF262LXSB1
Whirlpool RF262LXSB2
Whirlpool RF262LXSB3
Whirlpool RF262LXSB4
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ0
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ1
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ2
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ3
Whirlpool RF262LXSQ4
Whirlpool RF262LXST0
Whirlpool RF262LXST1
Whirlpool RF262LXST2
Whirlpool RF262LXST3
Whirlpool RF262LXST4
Whirlpool RF262LXSW0
Whirlpool RF262LXSW1
Whirlpool GFG461LVB0
Whirlpool GFG461LVB1
Whirlpool GFG461LVQ0
Whirlpool GFG461LVQ1
Whirlpool GFG461LVS0
Whirlpool GFG461LVS1
Whirlpool GFG461LVT0
Whirlpool GFG461LVT1
Whirlpool GFG464LVB0
Whirlpool GFG464LVB1
Whirlpool GFG464LVB2
Whirlpool GFG464LVQ0
Whirlpool GFG464LVQ1
Whirlpool GFG464LVS0
Whirlpool GFG464LVS1
Whirlpool GFG464LVS2
Whirlpool GFG471LVB0
Whirlpool KGSA906PBL00
Whirlpool KGSA906PBL01
Whirlpool KGSA906PBL02
Whirlpool KGSA906PBT00
Whirlpool KGSA906PBT01
Whirlpool KGSA906PBT02
Whirlpool KGSA906PSS00
Whirlpool KGSA906PSS01
Whirlpool KGSA906PSS02
Whirlpool KGSA906PWH00
Whirlpool KGSA906PWH01
Whirlpool KGSA906PWH02
Whirlpool KGSI901PBL00
Whirlpool KGSI901PBL01
Whirlpool KGSI901PBL02
Whirlpool KGSI901PBS00
Whirlpool KGSI901PBS01
Whirlpool KGSI901PBS02
Whirlpool KGSI901PSS00
Whirlpool KGSI901PWH00
Whirlpool KGSI901PWH01
Whirlpool KGSI901PWH02
Whirlpool SF262LXSB0
Whirlpool SF262LXSQ0
Whirlpool SF262LXST0
Whirlpool SF262LXSW0
Whirlpool MER5605WB0
Whirlpool MER5605WW0
Whirlpool MER7662WB0
Whirlpool MER7662WB1
Whirlpool MER7662WQ1
Whirlpool MER7662WS0
Whirlpool MER7662WS1
Whirlpool MER7662WT0
Whirlpool MER7662WW0
Whirlpool MER7662WW1
Whirlpool MER7664XB0
Whirlpool MER7664XS0
Whirlpool MER7664XW0
Whirlpool RF272LXTD0
Whirlpool RF265LXTB0
Whirlpool RF265LXTB1
Whirlpool RF265LXTB2
Whirlpool RF265LXTB3
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ0
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ1
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ2
Whirlpool RF265LXTQ3
Whirlpool RF265LXTS0
Whirlpool RF265LXTS1
Whirlpool RF265LXTS2
Whirlpool RF265LXTS3
Whirlpool RF265LXTT0
Whirlpool RF265LXTT1
Whirlpool RF265LXTT2
Whirlpool RF265LXTT3
Whirlpool RF265LXTY0
Whirlpool RF265LXTY1
Whirlpool RF265LXTY2
Whirlpool RF265LXTY3
Whirlpool RF362LXTB1
Whirlpool RF362LXTQ1
Whirlpool RF362LXTS1
Whirlpool RF362LXTT1
Whirlpool RF367LXSB0
Whirlpool GW395LEPB02
Whirlpool GW395LEPB03
Whirlpool GW395LEPB04
Whirlpool GW395LEPB05
Whirlpool GW395LEPQ02
Whirlpool GW395LEPQ03
Whirlpool GW395LEPQ04
Whirlpool GW395LEPQ05
Whirlpool GW395LEPS02
Whirlpool GW395LEPS03
Whirlpool GW395LEPS04
Whirlpool GW395LEPS05
Whirlpool GW395LEPT02
Whirlpool GW395LEPT03
Whirlpool GW395LEPT04
Whirlpool GW395LEPT05
Whirlpool KGRA806PBL02
Whirlpool KGRA806PBT02
Whirlpool KGRA806PSS02
Whirlpool KGRA806PWH02
Whirlpool KGRK806PBL02
Whirlpool KGRK806PBT02
Whirlpool KGRK806PSS02
Whirlpool KGRK806PWH02
Whirlpool KGRS807SBL00
Whirlpool FES355RQ0
Whirlpool FES355RQ1
Whirlpool FES355RQ2
Whirlpool FES355TB0
Whirlpool FES355TB1
Whirlpool FES355TQ0
Whirlpool FES355TQ1
Whirlpool FES356RD0
Whirlpool FES356RD1
Whirlpool FES356RD2
Whirlpool FES356RD3
Whirlpool FES356RD4
Whirlpool IES355RQ0
Whirlpool IES355RQ1
Whirlpool IES355RQ2
Whirlpool IES356RD0
Whirlpool IES356RD2
Whirlpool IES366RS0
Whirlpool IES366RS1
Whirlpool IES366RS2
Whirlpool IES366RS3
Whirlpool IES366SQ0
Whirlpool RF196LXKB1
Whirlpool RF196LXKP1
Whirlpool RF362LXSB0
Whirlpool RF362LXSB1
Whirlpool RF362LXSQ0
Whirlpool RF362LXSQ1
Whirlpool RF362LXSS0
Whirlpool RF362LXSS1
Whirlpool RF362LXST0
Whirlpool RF362LXST1
Whirlpool GFE461LVB0
Whirlpool GFE461LVQ0
Whirlpool GFE461LVS0
Whirlpool GFE461LVT0
Whirlpool WFE361LVB0
Whirlpool WFE361LVD0
Whirlpool WFE361LVQ0
Whirlpool WFE361LVS0
Whirlpool WFE361LVT0
Whirlpool AER5522VAS0
Whirlpool AER5522VAW0
Whirlpool AER5522VCS0
Whirlpool AER5522VCW0
Whirlpool AER5822VAB0
Whirlpool AER5822VAD0
Whirlpool AER5822VAS0
Whirlpool AER5822VAW0
Whirlpool AER5830VAB0
Whirlpool AER5830VAD0
Whirlpool AER5830VAS0
Whirlpool AER5830VAW0
Whirlpool AER5844VAB0
Whirlpool AER5844VAD0
Whirlpool AER5844VAS0
Whirlpool AER5844VAW0
Whirlpool AGR5844VDB0
Whirlpool AGR5844VDB1
Whirlpool AGR5844VDD0
Whirlpool AGR5844VDD1
Whirlpool AGR5844VDS0
Whirlpool AGR5844VDS1
Whirlpool AGR5844VDW0
Whirlpool AGR5844VDW1
Whirlpool AGR6011VDB0
Whirlpool AER5523XAB0
Whirlpool AER5523XAQ0
Whirlpool AER5523XAW0
Whirlpool TEP340VQ0
Whirlpool TES325VQ0
Whirlpool TES325VT0
Whirlpool TES355VB0
Whirlpool TES355VQ0
Whirlpool TGS325VB0
Whirlpool TGS325VB1
Whirlpool TGS325VB2
Whirlpool TGS325VQ0
Whirlpool TGS325VQ1
Whirlpool TGS325VQ2
Whirlpool TGS325VT0
Whirlpool TGS325VT1
Whirlpool TGS325VT2
Whirlpool GS395LEGB4
Whirlpool GS395LEGT4
Whirlpool GS395LEGZ4
Whirlpool KDRS807SSS03
Whirlpool KDRS807SSS04
Whirlpool KDRS807SSS05
Whirlpool KDRS807XSP00
Whirlpool KDRS807XSP01
Whirlpool KDSS907SSS03
Whirlpool KDSS907SSS04
Whirlpool KDSS907SSS05
Whirlpool KDSS907XSP00
Whirlpool KDSS907XSP01
Whirlpool YKDRS807SS03
Whirlpool YKDRS807SS04
Whirlpool YKDSS907SS03
Whirlpool YKDSS907SS04
Whirlpool GFG471LVB1
Whirlpool GFG471LVB2
Whirlpool RF385PXGB2
Whirlpool RF385PXGN2
Whirlpool RF385PXGQ2
Whirlpool RF385PXGT2
Whirlpool RF385PXGW2

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