33002239 | Whirlpool Dryer Door Switch

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Sku:  33002239
Condition:  New
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Door switch used on some Maytag and Whirlpool dryer models.

Directly Replaces: WP33002239, 33002239, AP4042772, 33001892, 517075, AH2035979, EA2035979, PS2035979.


  • Approx. 2"L x 0.75"W x 1.5"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool MDE16CSDGW
Whirlpool MDE16CSDYW
Whirlpool MDE16CSDZW
Whirlpool MDE16MNDGW
Whirlpool MDE16MNDYW
Whirlpool MDE16MNDZW
Whirlpool MDE16CSAGW
Whirlpool MDE16CSAYA
Whirlpool MDE16CSAYQ
Whirlpool MDE16CSAYW
Whirlpool MDE16CSAZA
Whirlpool MDE16MNAGW
Whirlpool MDE16MNAYW
Whirlpool MDE16MNAZW
Whirlpool MDG16CSBGW
Whirlpool MDE7550AGW
Whirlpool MDE3050AGW
Whirlpool MDG3050AAW
Whirlpool MDG3050AEW
Whirlpool MDG3050AGW
Whirlpool MDE3706AGW
Whirlpool MDE3706AKW
Whirlpool MDE6400AGW
Whirlpool MDG16MNDGW
Whirlpool MDG16MNDWW
Whirlpool MDG16CSDGW
Whirlpool MDG16CSDWQ
Whirlpool MDG16CSDWW
Whirlpool MDG8550AGW
Whirlpool MDG8550BGW
Whirlpool MDG2706AGW
Whirlpool MLE15MNAGW
Whirlpool MDE8426AAW
Whirlpool MDE8426AGW
Whirlpool MDG16CSAEW
Whirlpool MDG16CSAGW
Whirlpool MDG16CSAWA
Whirlpool MDG16CSAWW
Whirlpool MDG16CSAXW
Whirlpool MDG16MNAEW
Whirlpool MDG16MNAGW
Whirlpool MDG16MNAWW
Whirlpool MDG16MNBGW
Whirlpool MDG16MNSAW
Whirlpool MDG8426AAW
Whirlpool MDG8426AEW
Whirlpool MDG8426AGW
Whirlpool MDE8550AGW
Whirlpool MDE8550BGW
Whirlpool MDG16CSSAW
Whirlpool MHG15MNAGW
Whirlpool MLG15MNAEW
Whirlpool MLG15MNAGW
Whirlpool MUG15MNAGW
Whirlpool LSE7806GGE
Whirlpool LDG8426GGE
Whirlpool LDE8426GGE
Whirlpool LDE9806GGE
Whirlpool LDG8426AGE
Whirlpool LDG8426EGE
Whirlpool MDE12CSAGW
Whirlpool MDE12MNACW
Whirlpool MDE12MNADW
Whirlpool MDE12MNAGW
Whirlpool MDE16CSAKA
Whirlpool MDE16CSAKQ
Whirlpool MDG12CSAGW
Whirlpool MDG12CSEGW
Whirlpool MDG12MNAAW
Whirlpool MDG12MNAGW
Whirlpool MDG12MNEGW
Whirlpool MDG16CSAKA
Whirlpool MHE15MNAGW
Whirlpool MUE15MNAGW

1 Year Limited Warranty

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