3400805 | Whirlpool Appliance Screw

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Sku:  3400805
Condition:  New
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Appliance Screw used on some Amana, Crosley, Dacor, Estate, Ikea, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Roper and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP3400805, 3400805, AP3083018, 8181759, 3400837, 12991102, 67006769, 8170456, 8170463, 8189880, 828033, 98004219, 98015526, AH346071, EA346071, PS346071.


  • Approx. 1/2"L
  • This screw is used on different appliance such as Washers, Dryers, Stove/Range, Refrigerators, Range Hoods, and Microwaves.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool JFC2089HTB12
Whirlpool JFC2089HTB3
Whirlpool JFC2089HTB4
Whirlpool JFC2089HTW12
Whirlpool JFC2089HTW3
Whirlpool JFC2089HTW4
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB0
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB1
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB2
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB3
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB4
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB5
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB7
Whirlpool JFC2089WTB9
Whirlpool JFC2089WTW0
Whirlpool JFC2089WTW1
Whirlpool JFC2089WTW2
Whirlpool JFI2089AEB10
Whirlpool JFI2089AEP10
Whirlpool JFI2089AES10
Whirlpool JFI2089AEW10
Whirlpool JFI2089ATS10
Whirlpool JFI2589AEP10
Whirlpool JFI2589AES10
Whirlpool FGP305KV3
Whirlpool GB18DKXJW00
Whirlpool GB22DKXGB02
Whirlpool GB22DKXJB01
Whirlpool GHW9250MQ1
Whirlpool GHW9400PL3
Whirlpool GHW9460PL4
Whirlpool GZ5730XRB1
Whirlpool GZ5730XRS1
Whirlpool GZ5736XRQ1
Whirlpool AFI2538AEB12
Whirlpool AFI2538AEB13
Whirlpool AFI2538AEB3
Whirlpool AFI2538AEQ12
Whirlpool AFI2538AEQ13
Whirlpool AFI2538AEQ3
Whirlpool AFI2538AES00
Whirlpool AFI2538AES12
Whirlpool AFI2538AES13
Whirlpool AFI2538AES3
Whirlpool AFI2538AEW12
Whirlpool AFI2538AEW13
Whirlpool AFI2538AEW3
Whirlpool MFI2266AEB10
Whirlpool MFI2266AEU10
Whirlpool MFI2568AEW12
Whirlpool SF114PXSW2
Whirlpool SF3020EKQ4
Whirlpool SF3020EKW1
Whirlpool SF315PEKT1
Whirlpool TGP325LQ0
Whirlpool 11042832201
Whirlpool 11042834200
Whirlpool 11045986400
Whirlpool 7MGHW9150PW1
Whirlpool 7MGHW9150PW2
Whirlpool AFI2538AEQ00
Whirlpool AFI2538AEW00
Whirlpool FGP300KV2
Whirlpool FGP300KW1
Whirlpool FGP300KW2
Whirlpool FGP337KN0
Whirlpool GB22DKXGW02
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPS01
Whirlpool GHW9300PW3
Whirlpool GHW9460PL1
Whirlpool GHW9460PW2
Whirlpool GHW9460PW4
Whirlpool GZ5730XLT0
Whirlpool GZ5736XLS0
Whirlpool GZ5736XRB0
Whirlpool CE11000VAV0
Whirlpool CG11000VDV0
Whirlpool CGR3300XDW0
Whirlpool CGRP305TDW0
Whirlpool FGP300KN0
Whirlpool FGP300KN2
Whirlpool FGP305KN1
Whirlpool FGP305KN2
Whirlpool FGP305KV4
Whirlpool FGP305KW7
Whirlpool FGP314TQ0
Whirlpool FGP325KN0
Whirlpool FGP325KN1
Whirlpool FGP325KW1
Whirlpool FGP337KQ0
Whirlpool FGP337KW1
Whirlpool GB18DKXJB00
Whirlpool GB18DKXJT00
Whirlpool GB22DKXJB00
Whirlpool GB22DKXJT00
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPB00
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPB01
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPQ00
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPQ01
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPS00
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPT00
Whirlpool GB2SHDXPT01
Whirlpool GB2SHKXKB00
Whirlpool GB2SHKXKT00
Whirlpool GB8SHKXKB00
Whirlpool GB8SHKXKQ00
Whirlpool GB8SHKXKT00
Whirlpool GHW9160PW2
Whirlpool GHW9250MQ2
Whirlpool GHW9400PT2
Whirlpool GHW9400PT3
Whirlpool GHW9460PL2
Whirlpool GHW9460PL3
Whirlpool GHW9460PW3
Whirlpool GI0FSAXVA00
Whirlpool GI0FSAXVB00
Whirlpool GI0FSAXVQ00
Whirlpool GI0FSAXVY00
Whirlpool GI5FSAXVA00
Whirlpool GI5FSAXVB00
Whirlpool GI5FSAXVQ00
Whirlpool GI5FSAXVY00
Whirlpool GZ5730XLB0
Whirlpool GZ5730XLQ0
Whirlpool GZ5730XLS0
Whirlpool GZ5730XRB0
Whirlpool GZ5730XRQ0
Whirlpool GZ5730XRQ1
Whirlpool GZ5730XRS0
Whirlpool GZ5730XRT0
Whirlpool GZ5730XRT1
Whirlpool GZ5736XLB0
Whirlpool GZ5736XLQ0
Whirlpool GZ5736XLT0
Whirlpool GZ5736XRB1
Whirlpool GZ5736XRQ0
Whirlpool GZ5736XRS0
Whirlpool GZ5736XRS1
Whirlpool GZ5736XRT0
Whirlpool GZ5736XRT1
Whirlpool GHW9100LQ0
Whirlpool GHW9250ML2
Whirlpool GHW9150PW3
Whirlpool SF315PEKW0
Whirlpool GHW9150PW2
Whirlpool GHW9400PL4
Whirlpool GHW9250MT0
Whirlpool GHW9160PW0
Whirlpool GHW9250MW2
Whirlpool GHW9300PW0
Whirlpool SF310PEKW0
Whirlpool FGP305KW3
Whirlpool GHW9400PW1
Whirlpool SF315PEKQ0
Whirlpool 11042922200
Whirlpool GHW9400PL1
Whirlpool GHW9400PT0
Whirlpool GHW9100LQ2
Whirlpool 11044832200
Whirlpool GHW9250ML1
Whirlpool GHW9400PW4
Whirlpool GHW9250MW1
Whirlpool SF315PEPW1
Whirlpool GHW9250MQ0
Whirlpool GHW9400SU0
Whirlpool 11042926200
Whirlpool SF315PEPB1
Whirlpool MFI2067AES
Whirlpool FGP305KW0
Whirlpool GHW9460PL0
Whirlpool GHW9400PL2
Whirlpool SF315PEPW2
Whirlpool SF315PEKB1
Whirlpool MFW9600SQ0
Whirlpool SF3020EKQ3
Whirlpool SF310PEKW1
Whirlpool SF315PEPQ2
Whirlpool SF315PEPW3
Whirlpool MFW9700SQ1
Whirlpool 11042932200
Whirlpool GHW9460PW0
Whirlpool SF114PXSQ1
Whirlpool GHW9400PW2
Whirlpool MFW9700SB0
Whirlpool SF114PXSB1
Whirlpool SF315PEKV0
Whirlpool SF310PEKQ0
Whirlpool SF315PEMQ1
Whirlpool SF315PEPW0
Whirlpool GHW9250MT1
Whirlpool SF111PXSQ1
Whirlpool SF114PXSW0
Whirlpool SF303PEKW0
Whirlpool GHW9300PW1
Whirlpool GHW9400PT1
Whirlpool MFI2067AEB
Whirlpool MFW9600SQ1
Whirlpool SF315PEKQ1
Whirlpool SF315PEPQ4
Whirlpool GHW9250MT2
Whirlpool SF315PEMB1
Whirlpool FGP305KW5
Whirlpool FGP325KW0
Whirlpool GB22DKXJW01
Whirlpool GB2SHKXKQ00
Whirlpool GHW9160PW4
Whirlpool GHW9400PT4
Whirlpool SF310PEKQ1
Whirlpool SF315PEPB2
Whirlpool SF315PEPQ1
Whirlpool 11042822200
Whirlpool 11042924200
Whirlpool 11044932200
Whirlpool 11044936200
Whirlpool 7MGHW9100MW0
Whirlpool FGP305KW4
Whirlpool GB22DKXJW00
Whirlpool GHW9300PW2
Whirlpool SF114PXSW1
Whirlpool SF3020EKW0
Whirlpool TGP305TQ0
Whirlpool FGP300KN1
Whirlpool FGP300KW0
Whirlpool FGP305KW2
Whirlpool SF114PXSQ0
Whirlpool 7MGHW9150PW0
Whirlpool AFI2538AEB00
Whirlpool FGP305KN0
Whirlpool GHW9160PW1
Whirlpool GHW9400PW3
Whirlpool GHW9460PW1
Whirlpool MFI2568AES12
Whirlpool MFW9700SQ0
Whirlpool SF110AXSQ1
Whirlpool 11042832200
Whirlpool 11042934200

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