3405184 | Whirlpool Dryer & Range Handle

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Sku:  3405184
Condition:  New
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Handle used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Estate, Inglis, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, and Whirlpool range and dryer models.

Directly Replaces: WP3405184, AP6008550, 3405184, 4319329, 98008486, PS11741690.


  • White.
  • Used as door handle on dryer models.
  • Used as broiler drawer handle on range models.
  • Approx. 5.3"L x 2.1"W.

Compatible with the following models:

Admiral 3ZAED4475TQ0
Admiral AED4370TQ0
Admiral AED4470TQ0
Admiral AGD4370TQ0
Admiral AGD4470TQ0
Admiral YAED4370TQ0
Admiral YAED4470TQ0
Amana 4KNED5800TQ0
Amana 4KNED5800TQ1
Amana AGG200AAW0
Amana AGG222VDB0
Amana AGG222VDB1
Amana AGG222VDW0
Amana AGG222VDW1
Amana AGG222VDW2
Amana AGG222VDW3
Amana AGG222VDW4
Amana AGP200VDW0
Amana AGP200VDW1
Amana AGR3311WDQ0
Amana AGR3311WDW0
Amana AGR3311WDW1
Amana AGR3311WDW2
Amana AGR3311WDW3
Amana AGR3530AAW0
Amana AGR4422VDB0
Amana AGR4422VDD0
Amana AGR4422VDS0
Amana AGR4422VDW0
Amana AGR4433XDB0
Amana AGR4433XDB1
Amana AGR4433XDB2
Amana AGR4433XDS0
Amana AGR4433XDS1
Amana AGR4433XDS2
Amana AGR4433XDW0
Amana AGR4433XDW1
Amana AGR4433XDW2
Amana MGDC100WQ0
Amana NED4500TQ0
Amana NED4500VQ0
Amana NED4500VQ2
Amana NED4600YQ0
Amana NED4700YQ0
Amana NED4800VQ0
Amana NED4800VQ1
Amana NED5100TQ1
Amana NED5200TQ0
Amana NED5240TQ0
Amana NED5400TQ0
Amana NED5500TQ0
Amana NED5800TQ0
Amana NGD4500VQ0
Amana NGD4500VQ2
Amana NGD4600YQ0
Amana NGD4700YQ0
Amana NGD4800VQ0
Amana NGD4800VQ1
Amana NGD4800VQ2
Amana NGD5100TQ0
Amana NGD5100TQ1
Amana NGD5100TQ2
Amana NGD5200TQ0
Amana NGD5240TQ0
Amana NGD5400TQ0
Amana NGD5500TQ0
Amana NGD5800TQ0
Amana YNED4500VQ0
Amana YNED4600YQ0
Amana YNED4700YQ0
Amana YNED4800VQ0
Amana YNED4800VQ1
Amana YNED5200TQ0
Amana YNED5500TQ0
Amana YNED5800TQ0
Crosley CED126SXQ0
Crosley CED126SXQ1
Crosley CED137SXQ0
Crosley CEDS563SQ0
Crosley CEDS563ST0
Crosley CEDS832VQ0
Crosley CEDS832VQ1
Crosley CEDX463MQ0
Crosley CEDX463MQ1
Crosley CEDX463RQ1
Crosley CEDX463RT1
Crosley CEDX463SQ0
Crosley CEDX563JQ0
Crosley CEDX563JQ1
Crosley CEDX563JQ2
Crosley CEDX631VQ1
Crosley CG11000VDV0
Crosley CGD126SXQ0
Crosley CGD126SXQ1
Crosley CGD126SXQ2
Crosley CGD137SXQ1
Crosley CGDS563SQ0
Crosley CGDS563ST0
Crosley CGDS832VQ0
Crosley CGDS832VQ1
Crosley CGDX463MQ1
Crosley CGDX463RQ0
Crosley CGDX463RQ1
Crosley CGDX463RT0
Crosley CGDX463RT1
Crosley CGDX463SQ0
Crosley CGDX563JQ0
Crosley CGDX563JQ1
Crosley CGDX563JQ2
Crosley CGDX631VQ1
Crosley YCEDS563SQ0
Crosley YCEDX463RQ1
Estate AGR3300XDW0
Estate EED4100WQ0
Estate EED4300SQ0
Estate EED4300TQ0
Estate EED4300VQ0
Estate EED4300VQ1
Estate EED4400TQ0
Estate EED4400VQ0
Estate EED4400WQ0
Estate EED4400WQ1
Estate EGD4100WQ0
Estate EGD4300SQ0
Estate EGD4300TQ0
Estate EGD4300VQ0
Estate EGD4300VQ1
Estate EGD4400TQ0
Estate EGD4400VQ0
Estate EGD4400WQ0
Estate EGD4400WQ1
Estate TEDX640EQ0
Estate TEDX640EQ1
Estate TEDX640EQ2
Estate TEDX640JQ0
Estate TEDX640JQ1
Estate TEDX640JQ2
Estate TEDX640PQ0
Estate TEDX640PQ1
Estate TGDX640EQ0
Estate TGDX640EQ1
Estate TGDX640EQ2
Estate TGDX640EQ3
Estate TGDX640JQ0
Estate TGDX640JQ1
Estate TGDX640JQ2
Estate TGDX640JQ3
Estate TGDX640PQ0
Estate TGDX640PQ1
Estate TGP200VDQ0
Estate TGP300TQ0
Estate TGP300TQ1
Estate TGP305RV0
Estate TGP305RV1
Estate TGP305RV2
Estate TGP305RV3
Estate TGP305RW0
Estate TGP305RW1
Estate TGP305RW2
Estate TGP305RW3
Estate TGP305TQ0
Estate TGP305TQ1
Estate TGP305TQ2
Estate TGP305TT0
Estate TGP305TT1
Estate TGP305TT2
Estate TGP310TQ0
Estate TGP310TQ1
Estate TGP314TQ0
Estate TGP314TT0
Estate YEED4300TQ0
Estate YEED4300VQ0
Estate YEED4300VQ1
Estate YEED4400TQ0
Estate YEED4400WQ0
Inglis IED4300SQ0
Inglis IED4400VQ0
Inglis IED4400VQ1
Inglis IES5000RQ0
Inglis IES5000RQ1
Inglis IGD4300SQ0
Inglis IGD4300TQ0
Inglis IGD4400VQ1
Inglis IGD4400VQ2
Inglis IGS5000RQ0
Inglis IGS5000RQ1
Inglis IJ70001
Inglis IJ70002
Inglis IJ70003
Inglis IJ72000
Inglis IJ72001
Inglis IJ72003
Inglis IJ80001
Inglis IJ80002
Inglis IJ82001
Inglis IJ82002
Inglis IJ84001
Inglis IJ84002
Inglis IP70000
Inglis IP72000
Inglis IP80000
Inglis IP80001
Inglis IP82000
Inglis IP82001
Inglis IP84000
Inglis IP84001
Inglis IS72000
Inglis IS80000
Inglis IS82000
Inglis IS84000
Inglis IV85000
Inglis IV85001
Inglis IV86000
Inglis IV86001
Inglis IV87000
Inglis IV87001
Inglis YIED4400VQ1
Inglis YIED4400VQ2
Inglis YIED4600YQ0
Inglis YIED4700YQ0
Kenmore 11010022600
Kenmore 11060012000
Kenmore 11060012001
Kenmore 11060012002
Kenmore 11060172000
Kenmore 11060172001
Kenmore 11060172002
Kenmore 11060202990
Kenmore 11060212990
Kenmore 11060232000
Kenmore 11060232001
Kenmore 11060232002
Kenmore 11060832990
Kenmore 11060842990
Kenmore 11060852990
Kenmore 11060854990
Kenmore 11060857990
Kenmore 11060882990
Kenmore 11060884990
Kenmore 11060887990
Kenmore 11062202100
Kenmore 11062202101
Kenmore 11062212100
Kenmore 11062212101
Kenmore 11062512100
Kenmore 11062512101
Kenmore 11062512102
Kenmore 11062514100
Kenmore 11062514101
Kenmore 11062514102

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