3412D025-09 | Whirlpool Range Sealed Surface Burner

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Sku:  3412D025-09
Condition:  New
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Sealed surface burner used on some Amana, Crosley, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, Maytag, and Whirlpool range models.

Directly Replaces: WP3412D025-09, 3412D024-28, AP4416934, 12001496, 1491401, 74003521, 74003966, AH2356993, EA2356993, PS2356993.


  • Approx. 4" Diameter.
  • Black.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool MGR5750ADA
Whirlpool MGR5729ADA
Whirlpool PGR5710BDQ
Whirlpool MGR5750BDW
Whirlpool MGR5755ADQ
Whirlpool PGR4410CDQ
Whirlpool MGR5750ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5755BDQ
Whirlpool MGR5745ADA
Whirlpool MGR5730BDQ
Whirlpool JGR8850ADA
Whirlpool MGR5770ADA
Whirlpool MGS5770ADQ
Whirlpool MGS5870ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5729ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5870ADA
Whirlpool CG34700BDQ
Whirlpool MGRH752BDQ
Whirlpool PGR4410BDQ
Whirlpool PGR5715BDQ
Whirlpool MGR4452BDQ
Whirlpool MGR5770BDQ
Whirlpool JGR8850ADQ
Whirlpool MGR4450BDQ
Whirlpool MGR5780BDQ
Whirlpool JGR8750ADA
Whirlpool MGR5730ADA
Whirlpool MGR5752BDQ
Whirlpool MGR5770ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5880BDQ
Whirlpool MGS5770ADA
Whirlpool JGR8730ADQ
Whirlpool JGR8750ADQ
Whirlpool JGR8750BDQ
Whirlpool JGR8850BDQ
Whirlpool MGC5430ADQ
Whirlpool MGR4410BDA
Whirlpool MGR4410BDQ
Whirlpool MGR4411BDQ
Whirlpool MGR4450BDA
Whirlpool MGR5710ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5720BDQ
Whirlpool MGR5721BDQ
Whirlpool MGR5730ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5775ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5870ADQ
Whirlpool MGR5870BDQ
Whirlpool MGRL752BDB14
Whirlpool MGRL752BDQ14
Whirlpool MGRL752BDW14
Whirlpool MGS5870ADA
Whirlpool SCG20200A
Whirlpool X3488VVDLT
Whirlpool C31315VBQ
Whirlpool CG34700ADD
Whirlpool CG34700ADQ
Whirlpool C31315VBM
Whirlpool CG34800ADQ
Magic Chef CGR3760ADA
Magic Chef CGR3760BDQ
Magic Chef CGS3760ADA
Magic Chef 31203PAA
Magic Chef 31203PAQ
Magic Chef 31315VBM
Magic Chef 8341VD
Magic Chef 8351VD
Magic Chef CGS3760ADQ
Magic Chef CGR3742CDQ
Magic Chef 8351VQ
Magic Chef 31213WAM
Magic Chef 6498VVD
Magic Chef CGR1420BDQ
Amana DCF3315AC

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