37001142 | Whirlpool Dryer Lint Filter (White)

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Sku:  37001142
Condition:  New
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Lint Filter used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Magic Chef, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: WP37001142, 37001142, AP4047169, 40124401, 1164530, 37001142A, 40126901, 40126902, 5-3627, 503627, 503627P, AH1814710, EA1814710, PS1814710, Y503627.


  • White.
  • Approx. 17"L x 7-1/2"W.

*NOTE*: Part no longer comes with felt seal.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool ADE7005AKW
Whirlpool ADE7005AYW
Whirlpool ADE9005AGW
Whirlpool ADG7005AWW
Whirlpool CDE6505AZW
Whirlpool CDE6505W
Whirlpool CDE9500AZW
Whirlpool CDE9500W
Whirlpool CDE9505AZW
Whirlpool CDE9505W
Whirlpool CDG6505W
Whirlpool CDG9500W
Whirlpool CDG9505W
Whirlpool CYE3005AGW
Whirlpool CYE3005AKW
Whirlpool CYE3005AYW
Whirlpool CYE3005AZW
Whirlpool CYG1005AWW
Whirlpool CYG3005AWW
Whirlpool HYE2205AGW
Whirlpool HYE2205AKW
Whirlpool MDE208DAYW
Whirlpool MDE2706AYW
Whirlpool MDE2706AZW
Whirlpool MDE308DAYW
Whirlpool MDE4658AYW
Whirlpool MDE4806AYW
Whirlpool MDE4806AZW
Whirlpool MDE5806AYK
Whirlpool MDE5806AYW
Whirlpool MDE5806AZK
Whirlpool MDE5806AZW
Whirlpool MDET446AYW
Whirlpool MDET446AZW
Whirlpool MDG4658AWW
Whirlpool MDG4806AWW
Whirlpool MDG5806AWK
Whirlpool MDG5806AWW
Whirlpool MDGT446AWW
Whirlpool NDE8805AYW
Whirlpool NDE8805AZW
Whirlpool NDG8805AWW
Whirlpool MDE3706AGW
Whirlpool MDE3706AKW
Whirlpool MDE3706AYW
Whirlpool SDE305DAYW
Whirlpool MDE3706AZW
Whirlpool MDE3757AYW
Whirlpool PDET910AYW
Whirlpool PDET910AZW
Whirlpool PDET920AYW
Whirlpool PDET920AZW
Whirlpool PDGT910AWW
Whirlpool PDGT920AWW
Whirlpool MDE3758AYW
Whirlpool MDE3758AZW
Whirlpool MDET236AYW
Whirlpool MDET236AZW
Whirlpool MDET336AYW
Whirlpool MDET336AZW
Whirlpool MDG2706AWW
Whirlpool MDG270SAWW
Whirlpool MDG3706AWW
Whirlpool MDG3757AWW
Whirlpool MDG3758AWW
Whirlpool MDGT236AWW
Whirlpool MDE508DAYK
Whirlpool MDE508DAYW
Whirlpool MDG508DAWK
Whirlpool MDG508DAWW
Whirlpool SDE305DAZW
Whirlpool SDE515DAYW
Whirlpool SDE515DAZW
Whirlpool SDG305DAWW
Whirlpool SDG515DAWW
Whirlpool SDE2606AYW
Whirlpool SDE3606AYQ
Whirlpool SDE3606AYW
Whirlpool SDE3606AZW
Whirlpool SDE4606AYW
Whirlpool SDE4606AZW
Whirlpool SDE4000AYW
Whirlpool SDE4000AZW
Whirlpool SDG4000AWW
Whirlpool MDG208DAWW
Whirlpool MDG308DAWW
Whirlpool MDGT336AWW
Whirlpool NDE2335AYW
Whirlpool NDE2335AZW
Whirlpool NDG2335AWW
Whirlpool SDE405DAYW
Whirlpool SDG2606AWW
Whirlpool SDG3606AWW
Whirlpool SDG4606AWW
Whirlpool SDG3606AWQ
Whirlpool MDG2706AGW
Whirlpool NDE5805AYW
Whirlpool SDE505DAYQ
Whirlpool SDG505DAWQ
Amana NDE2335AYW
Amana NDG2335AWW
Amana NDE2335AZW
Whirlpool SDE5401AYW
Whirlpool SDE5401AZW
Whirlpool SDE5701AYQ
Whirlpool SDE5701AYW
Whirlpool SDE5701AZW
Whirlpool SDG5401AWW
Whirlpool SDG5401AXW
Whirlpool SDG5701AWQ
Whirlpool SDG5701AWW
Whirlpool SDE505DAYW
Whirlpool SDE505DAZW
Whirlpool SDG505DAWW
Whirlpool SDG505DAXW
Whirlpool SDG405DAWW
Amana DLE330RAW
Amana LEA30AW
Amana ALE643RBW
Amana LEA60AW
Amana DLG330RAW
Amana LGA30AW
Amana LGA60AW
Amana ALE643RAW
Amana ALE331RAW
Amana LEA50AW
Amana LEA10AW
Amana ALG643RAW
Amana ALG866SBW
Amana ALE443RAW
Amana ALG643RBW
Amana LED20AW
Amana LGA50AW
Amana LGD20AW
Amana LGA10AW
Amana ALG331RAW
Amana ALG866SAW
Amana LGA50AL
Amana LGA80AW
Amana ALE230RAW
Amana NDE5805AYW
Amana ALG443RAW
Amana ALE866SAW
Amana LEA80AW
Amana LGA90AW
Amana LEA90AW
Amana ALE565SAW
Amana LEA20AW
Amana LGA20AW
Amana LGA30AL
Amana ALE643RAC
Amana ALE868QAW
Amana ALG230RAW
Amana NDE8805AYW
Amana ALE331RAC
Amana ALE866SAC
Amana ALE956EAW
Amana ALG868QAW
Amana LEA30AL
Amana ALE643RBC
Amana ALG443RAC
Amana ALG643RAC
Amana ALG956EAW
Amana LGS10AW
Amana ALG643RBC
Amana LGA60AL
Amana LGA80AL
Amana LGS19AW
Amana LGS34AW
Amana NDG8805AWW
Amana ALE120RAW
Amana LES10AW
Amana NDG5805AWW
Amana ALG866SAC
Amana LEA60AL
Amana SLE332RAW
Amana ALG565SAW
Amana ALG866SCW
Amana LES34AW
Amana ALE331RCW
Amana ALE443RAC
Amana ALG331RAC
Amana DLG330RCW
Amana LEA80AL
Amana LEA90AL
Amana LES19AW
Amana SLE120RAW
Amana ALE665SAW
Amana ALE866SBC
Amana ALG866SBC
Amana DLE330RCW
Amana LEA50AL
Amana SLG120RAW
Amana ALG443RCW
Amana ALG565SAC
Amana ALG643RMC
Amana ALG643RMC1
Amana ALG643RMW
Amana ALG643RMW1
Amana ALG665SAC
Amana ALG665SAW
Amana ALG868QCW
Amana ALG956EAC
Amana LEA20AL
Amana LEC10AW
Amana LEC20AW
Amana LEC30AW
Amana LEC32AW
Amana LEC50AW
Amana LEC60AW
Amana LEC80AW
Amana LEC90AW
Amana LED32AW
Amana LED57AW
Amana ALE230RCW
Amana ALE443RCW
Amana ALE643RCW
Amana ALE866SBW
Amana ALE866SCW
Amana ALG230RCW
Amana ALG331RMW
Amana NDE5805AZW
Amana NDE8805AZW
Whirlpool SDG5701AXW
Whirlpool NDE5805AZW
Whirlpool NDG5805AWW
Amana ALE565SAC
Amana ALE665SAC
Amana ALE868QCW
Amana ALE956EAC
Amana ALG120RAW
Amana ALG331RMC
Amana LES33AW
Amana LGS33AW
Speed Queen SLG332RAW
Amana LGA90AL
Amana LGC20AW
Amana LGC50AW
Amana LGD32AW
Amana LGD57AW
Amana LGD65AW
Amana LED65AW
Magic Chef CYE3005AYW
Magic Chef CYG3005AWW
Magic Chef CYE3005AKW
Magic Chef CYE3005AZW
Magic Chef CYG1005AWW

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