37001184 | Whirlpool Dryer Timer Knob

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Sku:  37001184
Condition:  New
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Timer knob used on some Admiral, Crosley, Maytag, Norge, and Whirlpool dryer models.

Directly Replaces: WP37001184, 37001184, AP4046784, 1170648, 31001385, 31001550, 31001554, AH2039536, EA2039536, PS2039536.


  • Approx. 3" Diameter.
  • White.
  • Knob and skirt.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool PDET910AYW
Whirlpool PDET910AZW
Whirlpool PDET920AYW
Whirlpool PDET920AZW
Whirlpool PDGT910AWW
Whirlpool PDGT920AWW
Whirlpool PYE2300AYW
Whirlpool PYG2300AWW
Whirlpool PYET244AYW
Whirlpool PYE3300AYW
Whirlpool PYE2200AYW
Whirlpool PYET344AYW
Whirlpool PYET444AYW
Whirlpool PYG2200AWW
Whirlpool PYE3200AYW
Whirlpool PYGT244AWW
Whirlpool HYE3657AYW
Whirlpool PYE4557AYW
Whirlpool HYE3658AYW
Whirlpool PYG3200AWW
Whirlpool PYE3360AYW
Whirlpool PYG3300AWW
Whirlpool PYE4558AYW
Whirlpool PYGT444AWW
Whirlpool CDE7000W
Whirlpool PYG3360AWW
Whirlpool CDE8000W
Whirlpool HYG3657AWW
Whirlpool PYGT344AWW
Whirlpool CDG8000W
Whirlpool HYG3658AWW
Whirlpool CDG7000W
Whirlpool PYE2300AZW
Whirlpool HYE3658AZW
Whirlpool MYE3350AGW
Whirlpool NYE3200AYW
Whirlpool PYE2200AKW
Whirlpool PYE2200AZW
Whirlpool PYE3200AGW
Whirlpool PYE3200AZW
Whirlpool PYE3300AZW
Whirlpool PYET244AZW
Whirlpool PYET344AZW
Whirlpool PYET444AZW
Whirlpool PYG3250AWW
Whirlpool PYGS244AWW
Whirlpool PYE4500AZW
Whirlpool PYG4557AWW
Whirlpool PYG4558AWW
Whirlpool PYG4500AWW
Whirlpool PYE4500AYW
Whirlpool PYG2300AGW
Whirlpool CDE8000AZW
Hoover HYE2200AKW
Hoover HYE2200AYW

90 Day Limited Warranty

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