3946430 | Whirlpool Washer Timer

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Sku:  3946430
Condition:  New
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Timer used on some Whirlpool washer models.

Directly Replaces: WP3946430, AP6008848, 3347766, 3351811, 3946430, J27-641.


  • Approx. 4"L x 4"W x 6"H.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool LA5558XSW0
Whirlpool LA5500XTW0
Whirlpool LA5558XTW2
Whirlpool LA5580XTW1
Whirlpool LA5668XTW0
Whirlpool LA5550XTW0
Whirlpool LA5668XSW1
Whirlpool LA8580XWW2
Whirlpool LA5578XTW0
Whirlpool LA5580XTW0
Whirlpool LA5668XTW1
Whirlpool LA5578XTW1
Whirlpool LA5558XTN2
Whirlpool LA5500XTN0
Whirlpool LA5558XTW0
Whirlpool LA5580XTN1
Whirlpool LA5580XSW2
Whirlpool LA5500XSW0
Whirlpool LA5558XTW1
Whirlpool LA5580XSW1
Whirlpool LA8580XWW1
Whirlpool LA5558XTN0
Whirlpool LA5668XTN1
Whirlpool LA8580XWW0
Whirlpool LA5500XSN1
Whirlpool LA5500XTF0
Whirlpool LA5558XTN1
Whirlpool LA5580XSW0
Whirlpool LA5580XSW3
Whirlpool LA5580XTN0
Whirlpool LA6058XTW0
Whirlpool LA6058XTW1
Whirlpool LA6300XSW0
Whirlpool LA5500XSW1
Whirlpool LA5550XTN0
Whirlpool LA5578XTN0
Whirlpool LA5668XSW0
Whirlpool LA6058XTF0
Whirlpool LA6058XTN1
Whirlpool LA5500XSF1
Whirlpool LA5578XSW2
Whirlpool LA5578XTF0
Whirlpool LA5668XSW2
Whirlpool LA5668XTF1
Whirlpool LA6300XTW0
Whirlpool LA8580XWN1
Whirlpool LA5578XTN1
Whirlpool LA5580XTF0
Whirlpool LA5610XTW0
Whirlpool LA5668XTM1
Whirlpool LA6058XSW1
Whirlpool LA6200XSW0
Whirlpool LA6300XTN0
Whirlpool LA6300XTW1
Whirlpool LA8580XWN2
Whirlpool LA5500XSG1
Whirlpool LA5500XSM1
Whirlpool LA5500XSN0
Whirlpool LA5500XTF1
Whirlpool LA5500XTG0
Whirlpool LA5500XTG1
Whirlpool LA5500XTM0
Whirlpool LA5500XTM1
Whirlpool LA5500XTN1
Whirlpool LA5500XTW1
Whirlpool LA5510XTF0
Whirlpool LA5510XTG0
Whirlpool LA5510XTM0
Whirlpool LA5510XTN0
Whirlpool LA5510XTW0
Whirlpool LA5550XTF0
Whirlpool LA5550XTG0
Whirlpool LA5550XTM0
Whirlpool LA5558XTF0
Whirlpool LA5558XTF1
Whirlpool LA5558XTG0
Whirlpool LA5558XTG1
Whirlpool LA5558XTG2
Whirlpool LA5558XTM0
Whirlpool LA5558XTM1
Whirlpool LA5578XSW0
Whirlpool LA5578XSW1
Whirlpool LA5578XTF1
Whirlpool LA5578XTG0
Whirlpool LA5578XTG1
Whirlpool LA5578XTM0
Whirlpool LA5578XTM1
Whirlpool LA5580XSF1
Whirlpool LA5580XSF2
Whirlpool LA5580XSF3
Whirlpool LA5580XSG1
Whirlpool LA5580XSG2
Whirlpool LA5580XSG3
Whirlpool LA5580XSM1
Whirlpool LA5580XSM2
Whirlpool LA5580XSM3
Whirlpool LA5580XSN0
Whirlpool LA5580XSN1
Whirlpool LA5580XSN2
Whirlpool LA5580XSN3
Whirlpool LA5580XTF1
Whirlpool LA5580XTG0
Whirlpool LA5580XTG1
Whirlpool LA5580XTM0
Whirlpool LA5580XTM1
Whirlpool LA5610XTF0
Whirlpool LA5610XTG0
Whirlpool LA5610XTG1
Whirlpool LA5610XTM0
Whirlpool LA5610XTN0
Whirlpool LA5610XTN1
Whirlpool LA5610XTW1
Whirlpool LA5668XTG1
Whirlpool LA6010XTF0
Whirlpool LA6010XTG0
Whirlpool LA6010XTM0
Whirlpool LA6010XTN0
Whirlpool LA6010XTW0
Whirlpool LA6058XSW0
Whirlpool LA6058XSW2
Whirlpool LA6058XTG0
Whirlpool LA6058XTG1
Whirlpool LA6058XTM0
Whirlpool LA6058XTN0
Whirlpool LA6300XSW1
Whirlpool LA6300XTF0
Whirlpool LA6300XTF1
Whirlpool LA6300XTG1
Whirlpool LA6300XTM0
Whirlpool LA6300XTM1
Whirlpool LA6300XTN1
Whirlpool LA6301XSW0
Whirlpool LA8580XWF0
Whirlpool LA8580XWF1
Whirlpool LA8580XWF2
Whirlpool LA8580XWG0
Whirlpool LA8580XWG1
Whirlpool LA8580XWG2
Whirlpool LA8580XWM0
Whirlpool LA8580XWM1
Whirlpool LA8580XWM2
Whirlpool LA8580XWN0

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