3949247V | Whirlpool Washer Lid Switch Assembly

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Sku:  3949247V
Condition:  New
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Lid Switch Assembly used on some Crosley, Estate, Inglis, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Roper and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: 3949247V, AP5983746, 3949247, 3949237, 3949239, 3949240, 3949247VP, PS11722098,  547225, AH350434, EA350434, PS350434, B01AJZNLEW, B0050KJJWK, B004Q3Z8WC, B0156N9ZDI, B0050KJMFO, B00IMJZ11E, B0053F830Q, B0050KJMAO, B00MAGCFR8, B01BDS04U8.


  • Approx. 27"L (Including Wire).
  • Includes lid switch with harness.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool 2DLSQ8000JQ0
Whirlpool 2DLXR7244MQ0
Whirlpool 4PLBR8543JQ2
Whirlpool 4PLBR8543JQ3
Whirlpool 4PLBR8543JT2
Whirlpool SAWS900JQ0
Whirlpool SAWS900MQ0
Whirlpool IJ41001
Whirlpool LSQ8500LQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8510LQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9500LQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9500LT0
Whirlpool LSQ9510LQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9510LT0
Whirlpool LSQ9520LQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9520LT0
Whirlpool RAB4132HQ0
Whirlpool RAB5232EN1
Whirlpool RAB5232EQ1
Whirlpool RAB5232EW1
Whirlpool RAS5133EQ0
Whirlpool RAS8245EN0
Whirlpool RAS8245EN1
Whirlpool RAS8245EQ0
Whirlpool RAS8245EQ1
Whirlpool RAS8245EW0
Whirlpool RAS8245EW1
Whirlpool RAX6144EN0
Whirlpool RAX6144EN1
Whirlpool RAX6144EQ0
Whirlpool RAX6144EQ1
Whirlpool RAX6144EW0
Whirlpool RAX6144EW1
Whirlpool RAX7244EN0
Whirlpool RAX7244EN1
Whirlpool RAX7244EQ0
Whirlpool RAX7244EQ1
Whirlpool RAX7244EW0
Whirlpool RAX7244EW1
Whirlpool SAWB600HQ0
Whirlpool SAWS800HQ0
Whirlpool 7RAS4222EW0
Whirlpool RAB1121EW1
Whirlpool RAB4232EN1
Whirlpool RAB4232EW1
Whirlpool RAS1121EW0
Whirlpool 4LSC8255BN4
Whirlpool 4LSC8255BQ4
Whirlpool 4LSC9255DN1
Whirlpool 4LSC9255DQ1
Whirlpool 7LSC8244HQ0
Whirlpool 7LSC8244HZ0
Whirlpool 7LSC9245HQ0
Whirlpool 7LSR8244HQ0
Whirlpool GSL9365EQ0
Whirlpool GSL9365EQ1
Whirlpool GSL9365EQ2
Whirlpool GSL9365EZ0
Whirlpool GSL9365EZ1
Whirlpool GSL9365EZ2
Whirlpool GSN2000HQ0
Whirlpool GSN2000HZ0
Whirlpool GSQ9300EQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9300EZ0
Whirlpool GSQ9310HQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9310HZ0
Whirlpool GSQ9340EQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9340EQ1
Whirlpool GSQ9340EZ0
Whirlpool GSQ9340EZ1
Whirlpool GSQ9344EQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9344EZ0
Whirlpool GSQ9364HQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9364HZ0
Whirlpool GSQ9611KQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9611KQ1
Whirlpool GSQ9611KT0
Whirlpool GSQ9611KT1
Whirlpool GSQ9611KQ2
Whirlpool GSQ9611KT2
Whirlpool GSQ9612KQ2
Whirlpool GSQ9612KT2
Whirlpool LSC8244EQ0
Whirlpool LSC8244EQ1
Whirlpool LSC8244EZ0
Whirlpool LSC8244EZ1
Whirlpool LSL9244EQ0
Whirlpool LSL9244EZ0
Whirlpool LSB6000LQ0
Whirlpool LSR7200EQ0
Whirlpool LSR7200EZ0
Whirlpool LSR8444LQ0
Whirlpool LSR8444LT0
Whirlpool LSQ9244EQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9244EZ0
Whirlpool LSR5233EQ2
Whirlpool LSW9245EQ0
Whirlpool LSW9245EQ1
Whirlpool LSQ9210HQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9210HZ0
Whirlpool LSQ9264HQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9264HZ0
Whirlpool 7MLSQ8000JQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8000HQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8000JQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8000JQ1
Whirlpool LSQ8220HQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8520JQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8520JQ1
Whirlpool GSW9545JQ0
Whirlpool LSW9245EQ2
Whirlpool KAWS700JQ1
Whirlpool KAWS700JQ3
Whirlpool KAWS700JQ4
Whirlpool KAWS700JT1
Whirlpool KAWS700JT3
Whirlpool KAWS700JT4
Whirlpool KAWS700LQ0
Whirlpool KAWS700LT0
Whirlpool KAWS750JQ1
Whirlpool KAWS750JQ3
Whirlpool KAWS750JQ4
Whirlpool KAWS750JT1
Whirlpool KAWS750JT3
Whirlpool KAWS750JT4
Whirlpool KAWS850JQ1
Whirlpool KAWS850JQ3
Whirlpool KAWS850JQ4
Whirlpool KAWS850JT1
Whirlpool KAWS850JT3
Whirlpool KAWS850JT4
Whirlpool KAWS855JE1
Whirlpool KAWS855JE3
Whirlpool KAWS855JE4
Whirlpool IM42000
Whirlpool LSR6232JQ2
Whirlpool LXR7244JQ2
Whirlpool LXR7244JT2
Whirlpool RAS6233KQ1
Whirlpool IJ40001
Whirlpool LBR1121EW1
Whirlpool LBR4121JQ0
Whirlpool LBR4121JQ1
Whirlpool LBR4132HQ1
Whirlpool LBR4132JQ0
Whirlpool LBR4132JQ1
Whirlpool LBR5132JQ1
Whirlpool LSR5100KQ0
Whirlpool LSR5121HQ0
Whirlpool LSR5121JQ0
Whirlpool LSR5132HQ1
Whirlpool LSR5132JQ0
Whirlpool RAB2121JW0
Whirlpool RAB2121KW0
Whirlpool 8LSR6132FQ0
Whirlpool LSR6132EQ1
Whirlpool LSR6132EZ1
Whirlpool LSR6132HQ0
Whirlpool LSR6132HZ0
Whirlpool LXR7144EQ1
Whirlpool LXR7144EW1
Whirlpool LXR7144EZ1
Whirlpool 7LSR7233HZ0
Whirlpool 7MLSR7533JT0
Whirlpool GST9344EQ0
Whirlpool GST9344EZ0
Whirlpool LSL9345EQ1
Whirlpool LSL9345EZ1
Whirlpool 7MLSQ8543JQ0
Whirlpool 7MLSQ8543JT0
Whirlpool IJ45001
Whirlpool LSQ7030KQ0
Whirlpool LSQ7030LQ0
Whirlpool LSQ7030LT0
Whirlpool LSQ7533JQ0
Whirlpool LSQ7533JQ1
Whirlpool LSQ7533JT0
Whirlpool LSQ7533JT1
Whirlpool LSQ8243HQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8243HZ0
Whirlpool LSQ8543JQ0
Whirlpool LSQ8543JQ1
Whirlpool LSQ8543JT0
Whirlpool LSQ8543JT1
Whirlpool 4LBR8255DZ1
Whirlpool 4LSC9255DZ1
Whirlpool LBR5232EQ2
Whirlpool LBR5232EZ2
Whirlpool LLR8233EQ0
Whirlpool LLR8233EZ0
Whirlpool 4PGSC9455JQ2
Whirlpool 4PGSC9455JQ3
Whirlpool 4PGSC9455JT2
Whirlpool 4PGSC9455JT3
Whirlpool 4PLBR8543JT3
Whirlpool KAWS577EQ0
Whirlpool KAWS577EZ0
Whirlpool KAWS677EQ0
Whirlpool KAWS677EZ0
Whirlpool KAWS700EQ0
Whirlpool KAWS700EZ0
Whirlpool KAWS700GQ0
Whirlpool KAWS700GT0
Whirlpool KAWS700GZ0
Whirlpool KAWS700JQ0
Whirlpool KAWS700JQ2
Whirlpool KAWS700JT0
Whirlpool KAWS700JT2
Whirlpool KAWS750GQ0
Whirlpool KAWS750GQ1
Whirlpool KAWS750GT1
Whirlpool KAWS750GZ0
Whirlpool SAWS900HQ0
Whirlpool LXR9200HQ1
Whirlpool LXR9245EQ0
Whirlpool LXR9245EQ2
Whirlpool LXR9245EW0
Whirlpool LXR9245EZ0
Whirlpool LXR9245EZ2
Whirlpool GST9675JQ2
Whirlpool GST9675JT2
Whirlpool 4PGSC9455JQ0
Whirlpool 4PGSC9455JT0
Whirlpool BYCW6292W0
Whirlpool GSQ9612KQ1
Whirlpool GSQ9612KT1
Whirlpool 4LBR8255DN1
Whirlpool 4LBR8255DQ1
Whirlpool 7MLSR8544JT0
Whirlpool SAWS800JQ2
Whirlpool KAWS800GQ0
Whirlpool KAWS800GZ0
Whirlpool KAWS850GQ0
Whirlpool KAWS850GT0
Whirlpool KAWS850GZ0
Whirlpool KAWS750GZ1
Whirlpool KAWS750JQ0
Whirlpool 7LSR9245HZ0
Whirlpool 8LSR5233EZ0
Whirlpool 7MAX4222EZ0
Whirlpool IM43000
Whirlpool TAWX700JQ2
Whirlpool LSR8433KQ1
Whirlpool SAWS800MQ0
Whirlpool LSR5232LQ1
Whirlpool LSQ9200LQ0

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