3979346 | Whirlpool Washer Water Inlet Valve

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Water inlet valve used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Estate, Inglis, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, and Whirlpool washer models.

Directly Replaces: WP3979346, 3979346, AP3175369, 3979347, 8578342, 940831, AH731801, EA731801, PS731801.


  • Approx. 6"L x 3"W.
  • Thermostatic Valve.
  • Valve and Thermistor assembly.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool GSW9559LW0
Whirlpool GSW9650LW0
Whirlpool SAWS900JQ0
Whirlpool SAWS900MQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9631LG0
Whirlpool GSQ9631LL0
Whirlpool GSQ9631LW0
Whirlpool LSB6400LW0
Whirlpool LSQ9110LG0
Whirlpool LSQ9110LW0
Whirlpool LSQ9659LW0
Whirlpool GSQ9669LW1
Whirlpool LSQ9549PW2
Whirlpool LSQ9564MQ0
Whirlpool GSW9800PW2
Whirlpool LSB6300PW1
Whirlpool LSQ9110PW2
Whirlpool LSB6300PW0
Whirlpool LSB6300PW3
Whirlpool LSQ9010PW0
Whirlpool LSQ9010PW2
Whirlpool GST9679PW1
Whirlpool LSB6400LW1
Whirlpool CAM2742TQ0
Whirlpool ETW4300TQ0
Whirlpool LSN2000LW0
Whirlpool LSW9750PW3
Whirlpool LSQ9010PW6
Whirlpool WTW5700SW0
Whirlpool GSQ9669LW0
Whirlpool LSQ9659PW2
Whirlpool LSW9700PQ0
Whirlpool LSQ9110PW3
Whirlpool MTW5740TQ0
Whirlpool LSN2000PW0
Whirlpool LSQ9659LW1
Whirlpool LSQ9010PW5
Whirlpool LSQ9549PW1
Whirlpool LSN2000PW2
Whirlpool LSQ9010PW3
Whirlpool LSQ9550PW2
Whirlpool WTW5550SQ0
Whirlpool LSB6500PW2
Whirlpool LSQ9010PW1
Whirlpool WTW5600SQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9669LG0
Whirlpool GST9679PW0
Whirlpool LSQ9010PG0
Whirlpool LSQ9010PG2
Whirlpool LSQ9110PW0
Whirlpool LSQ9549PW5
Whirlpool ATW4470TQ0
Whirlpool GSW9800PW0
Whirlpool LSN2000PW3
Whirlpool MTW5800TW0
Whirlpool LSQ9010PG1
Whirlpool LSQ9549PW0
Whirlpool RTW4305SQ0
Whirlpool GST9679PB0
Whirlpool LSN2000LW1
Whirlpool LSN3000PW0
Whirlpool LSQ9549PW6
Whirlpool LSQ9550PW4
Whirlpool LSQ9659PG0
Whirlpool MTW5770TQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9631LW1
Whirlpool GSW9800PW1
Whirlpool LSQ9659PW3
Whirlpool LSQ9659PW4
Whirlpool LSW9700PQ1
Whirlpool WTW5590SQ2
Whirlpool WTW5840SW0
Whirlpool GST9630PW1
Whirlpool GST9679PG1
Whirlpool LSB6300PW4
Whirlpool LSB6500PW0
Whirlpool LSB6500PW3
Whirlpool LSN2000PG1
Whirlpool LSQ9010PG3
Whirlpool LSQ9110PW1
Whirlpool LSQ9549PG2
Whirlpool MTW5870TW0
Whirlpool MTW5900TW0
Whirlpool WTW5560SQ0
Whirlpool WTW5840SG0
Whirlpool ETW4400TQ1
Whirlpool GST9679PW3
Whirlpool LSN2000PW4
Whirlpool LSQ9110LW1
Whirlpool LSQ9110PW4
Whirlpool LSQ9659LG0
Whirlpool LSQ9659PW0
Whirlpool LSW9700PQ2
Whirlpool MTW5700TQ0
Whirlpool WTW5800SW0
Whirlpool CAM2762RQ0
Whirlpool GST9630PL1
Whirlpool LSB6500PW4
Whirlpool LSN2000LG1
Whirlpool LSN3000PG2
Whirlpool LSN3000PW4
Whirlpool LSQ9549PW3
Whirlpool LSQ9560PW4
Whirlpool LSQ9659PW1
Whirlpool MTW5720TQ0
Whirlpool MTW5830TW0
Whirlpool WTW5500SQ2
Whirlpool WTW5810SW0
Whirlpool 1CLSQ9549PG0
Whirlpool CAM2752RQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9631LL1
Whirlpool GSQ9633LL0
Whirlpool GSQ9633LW0
Whirlpool GST9679PG0
Whirlpool LSQ9659PG2
Whirlpool WTW5800SG0
Whirlpool WTW5830SW0
Whirlpool GSQ9632LL0
Whirlpool GSQ9669LG1
Whirlpool GST9630PW2
Whirlpool GST9679LW0
Whirlpool GST9679PB3
Whirlpool GST9679PW2
Whirlpool LSB6500PW1
Whirlpool LSQ9549PG0
Whirlpool LSQ9550PW1
Whirlpool MTW5840TW0
Whirlpool NTW5700TQ0
Whirlpool WTW5820SW0
Whirlpool 1CLSQ9549PG1
Whirlpool 1CLSQ9549PW1
Whirlpool 7MMSL7959TW0
Whirlpool CAM2762TQ0
Whirlpool CAWS966RQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9632LW0
Whirlpool GSQ9633LL1
Whirlpool GST9630PL0
Whirlpool GST9630PW3
Whirlpool GST9679LW1
Whirlpool GST9679PG2
Whirlpool LSN2000LG0
Whirlpool LSN2000PG2
Whirlpool LSN2000PG3
Whirlpool LSN2000PW1
Whirlpool LSQ9549PG3
Whirlpool LSQ9549PG6
Whirlpool LSQ9560PW0
Whirlpool LSQ9660PG0
Whirlpool LSQ9660PG2
Whirlpool LSQ9660PW0
Whirlpool LSQ9660PW2
Whirlpool LSW9750PW1
Whirlpool LSW9750PW2
Whirlpool MTW5721TQ0
Whirlpool MTW5820TW0
Whirlpool MTW5920TW0
Whirlpool WTW5500ST2
Whirlpool WTW5505SQ1
Whirlpool WTW5900SW0
Whirlpool WTW5900TB0
Whirlpool WTW5900TW0
Whirlpool 1CLSQ9549PW0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5200VQ0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5300VW0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5505SQ0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5505VQ0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5590VQ0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5700SW0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5790VQ0
Whirlpool 1CWTW5800SG0
Whirlpool 7MGST9679PL0
Whirlpool 7MGST9679PW0
Whirlpool 7MGST9679PW1
Whirlpool 7MLSQ9659PG1
Whirlpool 7MLSQ9659PW0
Whirlpool 7MLSQ9659PW1
Whirlpool 7MMMS0120VM0
Whirlpool 7MMMS0140VW0
Whirlpool 7MMMS0160VW0
Whirlpool 7MMMS0200VW0
Whirlpool 7MMSE1000TW0
Whirlpool 7MMSE7999TW0
Whirlpool 7MMSL0100TW0
Whirlpool 7MMSL7959TW1
Whirlpool 7MWS89700SM0
Whirlpool 7MWT97900SM0
Whirlpool 7MWT97920SG0
Whirlpool 7MWT97920SW0
Whirlpool 7MWT97940SB0
Whirlpool 7MWT97940SW0
Whirlpool 7MWT98820WM0
Whirlpool 7MWT98840WW0
Whirlpool 7MWT98910TM0
Whirlpool 7MWT98930TM0
Whirlpool 7MWT98950TW0
Whirlpool 7MWT99840WW0
Whirlpool ATW4300TQ0
Whirlpool ATW4475TQ0
Whirlpool CAM2742TQ2
Whirlpool CAM2742TQ3
Whirlpool CAM2752TQ0
Whirlpool CAM2752TQ2
Whirlpool CAM2752TQ3
Whirlpool CAM2762TQ2
Whirlpool CAM2762TQ3
Whirlpool CAW2752RQ0
Whirlpool CAW2762RQ0
Whirlpool CAWS966RQ1
Whirlpool ETW4450TQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9632LL1
Whirlpool GSQ9632LQ0
Whirlpool GSQ9632LW1
Whirlpool GSQ9633LW1
Whirlpool GST9630PG0
Whirlpool GST9630PG1
Whirlpool GST9630PG2
Whirlpool GST9630PG3
Whirlpool GST9630PL2
Whirlpool GST9630PL3
Whirlpool GST9630PW0
Whirlpool GST9679LG0
Whirlpool GST9679LG1
Whirlpool GST9679PB1
Whirlpool GST9679PB2
Whirlpool GST9679PG3
Whirlpool GSW9900PW0
Whirlpool HTW4300TQ0
Whirlpool IP44000
Whirlpool IP44001
Whirlpool IP44002
Whirlpool IP44003
Whirlpool IP44004
Whirlpool IP45000
Whirlpool IP45001
Whirlpool IP45002
Whirlpool IP45003
Whirlpool IP45004
Whirlpool IS45000
Whirlpool IT41000
Whirlpool IT42000
Whirlpool ITW4300TQ0
Whirlpool IV46000
Whirlpool IV48000
Whirlpool LSN2000PG0
Whirlpool LSN2000PG4
Whirlpool LSN3000PG0
Whirlpool LSN3000PG1
Whirlpool LSN3000PG3
Whirlpool LSN3000PG4
Whirlpool LSN3000PW1

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