4159193 | Whirlpool Appliance Screw

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Sku:  4159193
Condition:  New
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Screw used on various Admiral, Amana, Caloric, Crosley, Frigidaire, Glenwood, Hardwick, Ikea, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag, Modern Maid, Norge, Roper, Samsung, Sunray and Whirlpool appliance models.

Directly Replaces: WP4159193, AP6009147, 4159193, 1986-259, 1986332, 1986351, 3184086, 3400024, 422243, 4381698, 499-00116, 499-00162, 5-50634, 5-50647, 5-51368, 5-60001, 5-60975, 5-60995, 5-61121, 560001, 560995, 7-0757, 7-57164, 7-66304, 7-66305, 7-90316, 7101P018-60, 7101P053-60, 7101P112-60, 7101P230-60, 7101P336-60, 766305, 879451, 9-10673, 912131141, WZ04X0412, Y0041765, Y0310611, Y0317065, Y04100336, Y04689705, Y07483900, Y0B02400426, Y0S10002899, Y0S11005229, Y0S11006326, Y0S11008399, Y31750521, Y550647, Y700757, Y7101P11260, Y757164.


  • Round head, machine thread.
  • 10-24 threads x 1/4" long.

Compatible with the following models:

Bosch WTMC3300 CN/01
Bosch WTMC3300 US/01
Bosch WTMC6300 CN/01
Bosch WTMC6300 US/01
Bosch WTMC6500 UC/01
Bosch WTXD5300 US/01
Bosch WTXD8300 US/01
Bosch WTXD8500 UC/01
GE JVM48003
GE JVM48004
GE JVM48006
GE JVM48007
GE JVM55005
GE JVM57001
GE JVM57002
GE JVM58002
GE JVM58003
GE JVM59001
GE JVM59003
GE JVM60001
GE JVM61001
GE JVM61B001
GE JVM62003
GE JVM64001
GE JVM64003
GE JVM64004
GE JVM70001
GE JVM72001
GE JVM72003
GE JVM72004
GE RB525G*F1
GE RB532G*F1
GE RB632G*F1
GE RVM42001
GE RVM42002
GE RVM43001
GE RVM43002
GE RVM44004
GE RVM44005
GE RVM54001
GE RVM58002
GE RVM58003
GE RVM60001
Whirlpool 1100PAA
Whirlpool 1100PAW
Whirlpool 1100PAW-K
Whirlpool 1100PAW-KL
Whirlpool 1100PAW-L
Whirlpool 1100PRA
Whirlpool 1100PRA-K
Whirlpool 1100PRW
Whirlpool 1100PRW-K
Whirlpool 1111WAW
Whirlpool 1111WAW-L
Whirlpool 1151AJ-30
Whirlpool 1151AL-30
Whirlpool 1151WJ-30
Whirlpool 1151WL-30
Whirlpool 1171AL-30
Whirlpool 1171AL-30K
Whirlpool 1171WL-30
Whirlpool 1171WL-30K
Whirlpool 11JA-10
Whirlpool 11JA-10K
Whirlpool 11JK-10
Whirlpool 11JK-10K
Whirlpool 11JN-10
Whirlpool 11JN-10K
Whirlpool 11JS-10
Whirlpool 11JS-10K
Whirlpool 11JY-10
Whirlpool 11JY-10K
Whirlpool 1365HW-EZW
Whirlpool 1375HW-KLZW
Whirlpool 1375HW-KZW
Whirlpool 1500PAA
Whirlpool 1500PAW
Whirlpool 1500PRA
Whirlpool 1500PRW
Whirlpool 15GA-1
Whirlpool 15GA-1-94
Whirlpool 15GA-1-GG
Whirlpool 15GN-1
Whirlpool 15GN-1-94
Whirlpool 15GN-1-GG
Whirlpool 15GY-1
Whirlpool 15GY-1-GG
Whirlpool 15HA-10
Whirlpool 15HA-10-94
Whirlpool 15HA-10-GG
Whirlpool 15HN-10
Whirlpool 15HN-10-94
Whirlpool 15HN-10-GG
Whirlpool 15HY-10
Whirlpool 18RA-3B
Whirlpool 18RA-3BTZ
Whirlpool 18RA-4
Whirlpool 18RA-4TZ
Whirlpool 18RA-4Z
Whirlpool 18RB-4
Whirlpool 18RB-4TZ
Whirlpool 18RB-4Z
Whirlpool 18RS-4
Whirlpool 18RS-4TZ
Whirlpool 18RS-4Z
Whirlpool 18RW-3B
Whirlpool 18RW-3BTZ
Whirlpool 18RW-4
Whirlpool 18RW-4TZ
Whirlpool 18RW-4Z
Whirlpool 21136
Whirlpool 21137
Whirlpool 22JA-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 22JK-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 22JN-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 22JY-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 22M-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 22MA-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 22MN-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 22MW-7KLXV8
Whirlpool 24MA-7CKXWV8
Whirlpool 24MN-7CKXWV8
Whirlpool 2602ESC
Whirlpool 31000PAA
Whirlpool 31000PAAD
Whirlpool 31000PAAT
Whirlpool 31000PAT
Whirlpool 31000PAW
Whirlpool 31000PAWD
Whirlpool 31000PAWT
Whirlpool 31001PAA
Whirlpool 31001PAT
Whirlpool 31001PAW
Whirlpool 31001PAWP
Whirlpool 31001SAA
Whirlpool 31001SAT
Whirlpool 31001SAW
Whirlpool 31003KAAD
Whirlpool 31003KAWD
Whirlpool 31003PAAD
Whirlpool 31003PAWD
Whirlpool 31003SAA
Whirlpool 31003SAW
Whirlpool 3100PPA
Whirlpool 3100PPA-K
Whirlpool 3100PPW
Whirlpool 3100PPW-K
Whirlpool 3100PTA-K
Whirlpool 3100PTW-K
Whirlpool 3100PTW-KL
Whirlpool 3100SPA
Whirlpool 3100SPA-K
Whirlpool 3100SPW
Whirlpool 3100SPW-K
Whirlpool 3100STA-K
Whirlpool 3100STW-K
Whirlpool 3101WPA
Whirlpool 3101WPW
Whirlpool 3101WTA
Whirlpool 3101WTW
Whirlpool 31100KAA
Whirlpool 31100KAW
Whirlpool 31100PAA
Whirlpool 31100PAW
Whirlpool 31100SAA
Whirlpool 31100SAW
Whirlpool 31101PAA
Whirlpool 31101PAW
Whirlpool 3110KPA
Whirlpool 3110KPA-K
Whirlpool 3110KPW
Whirlpool 3110KPW-K
Whirlpool 3110KRA
Whirlpool 3110KRW
Whirlpool 3110KTA-K
Whirlpool 3110KTW-K
Whirlpool 3110PPA
Whirlpool 3110PPA-K
Whirlpool 3110PPW
Whirlpool 3110PPW-K
Whirlpool 3110PRA
Whirlpool 3110PRA-K
Whirlpool 3110PRV
Whirlpool 3110PRV-K
Whirlpool 3110PRW
Whirlpool 3110PRW-K
Whirlpool 3110PTA-K
Whirlpool 3110PTV-K
Whirlpool 3110PTW-K
Whirlpool 3110PTW-KL
Whirlpool 3115PUV
Whirlpool 3116PRA
Whirlpool 3116PRW
Whirlpool 31203KAA
Whirlpool 31203KAW
Whirlpool 31203PAA
Whirlpool 31203PAQ
Whirlpool 31203PAV
Whirlpool 31203SAA
Whirlpool 31203SAW
Whirlpool 31203WAA
Whirlpool 31203WAW
Whirlpool 3120SPA
Whirlpool 3120SPW
Whirlpool 3120SRA
Whirlpool 3120SRW
Whirlpool 31211SAA
Whirlpool 31211SAW
Whirlpool 31211WAA
Whirlpool 31211WAM
Whirlpool 31211WAV
Whirlpool 31211WAW
Whirlpool 31211XAA
Whirlpool 31211XAS
Whirlpool 31211XAW
Whirlpool 31213SAA
Whirlpool 31213SAW
Whirlpool 31213WAA
Whirlpool 31213WAM
Whirlpool 31213WAV
Whirlpool 31213WAW
Whirlpool 31213XAA
Whirlpool 31213XAW
Whirlpool 3121SPA
Whirlpool 3121SPW
Whirlpool 3121SRA
Whirlpool 3121SRW
Whirlpool 3121STA
Whirlpool 3121STW
Whirlpool 3121WPA
Whirlpool 3121WPV
Whirlpool 3121WPW
Whirlpool 3121WRA
Whirlpool 3121WRV
Whirlpool 3121WRW
Whirlpool 3121WTA
Whirlpool 3121WTV
Whirlpool 3121WTW
Whirlpool 3121XPA
Whirlpool 3121XPS
Whirlpool 3121XPW
Whirlpool 3121XRA
Whirlpool 3121XRA-UX
Whirlpool 3121XRA-X
Whirlpool 3121XRS
Whirlpool 3121XRW
Whirlpool 3121XRW-UX
Whirlpool 3121XRW-X

1 Year Limited Warranty

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