4391996 | Whirlpool Dryer Flat Style Igniter

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Sku:  4391996
Condition:  New
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Flat Style Igniter used on some Jenn-Air, Maytag and Whirlpool models.

Directly Replaces: AP3109449, 304970, 14211282, 3-4970, 3018, AH373025, EA373025, PS373025.


  • Approx. 8"L x 2"W.
  • Will Replace Flat-Style With Wire Harness Connector Only.
  • Igniter only, bracket not Included. For Igniter w/Bracket order 279311.

*NOTE*: Do Not Touch Grey Part of the Igniter; Handle by the White Part Only.

Compatible with the following models:

Whirlpool DG106
Whirlpool DG107
Whirlpool DG110
Whirlpool DG18CA
Whirlpool DG18CM
Whirlpool DG18CS
Whirlpool DG18CT
Whirlpool DG19CD
Whirlpool DG19CS
Whirlpool DG19CT
Whirlpool DG210
Whirlpool DG212
Whirlpool DG21CA
Whirlpool DG21CM
Whirlpool DG21CS
Whirlpool DG21CT
Whirlpool DG22CA
Whirlpool DG22CS
Whirlpool DG22CT
Whirlpool DG23CD
Whirlpool DG24CA
Whirlpool DG24CM
Whirlpool DG24CS
Whirlpool DG24CT
Whirlpool DG25CS
Whirlpool DG26CA
Whirlpool DG26CD
Whirlpool DG26CS
Whirlpool DG26CT
Whirlpool DG27CA
Whirlpool DG27CD
Whirlpool DG27CS
Whirlpool DG27CT
Whirlpool DG303
Whirlpool DG308
Whirlpool DG309
Whirlpool DG312
Whirlpool DG313
Whirlpool DG382
Whirlpool DG4000
Whirlpool DG408
Whirlpool DG409
Whirlpool DG410
Whirlpool DG412
Whirlpool DG482
Whirlpool DG490
Whirlpool DG4910
Whirlpool DG510
Whirlpool DG512
Whirlpool DG590
Whirlpool DG5910
Whirlpool DG608
Whirlpool DG610
Whirlpool DG612
Whirlpool DG710
Whirlpool DG712
Whirlpool DG713
Whirlpool DG7400
Whirlpool DG7500
Whirlpool DG7600
Whirlpool DG7800
Whirlpool DG8000
Whirlpool DG808
Whirlpool DG810
Whirlpool DG8200
Whirlpool DG8300
Whirlpool DG8410
Whirlpool DG8420
Whirlpool DG8500
Whirlpool DG8600
Whirlpool DG882
Whirlpool DG91
Whirlpool DG9700
Whirlpool DG9800
Whirlpool DG9900
Whirlpool ESG9900
Whirlpool GDG110
Whirlpool GDG18CA
Whirlpool GDG18CM
Whirlpool GDG18CS
Whirlpool GDG18CT
Whirlpool GDG19CD
Whirlpool GDG19CS
Whirlpool GDG19CT
Whirlpool GDG210
Whirlpool GDG212
Whirlpool GDG23CD
Whirlpool GDG24CA
Whirlpool GDG24CM
Whirlpool GDG24CS
Whirlpool GDG24CT
Whirlpool GDG26CA
Whirlpool GDG26CD
Whirlpool GDG26CS
Whirlpool GDG26CT
Whirlpool GDG27CA
Whirlpool GDG27CD
Whirlpool GDG27CS
Whirlpool GDG27CT
Whirlpool GDG303
Whirlpool GDG312
Whirlpool GDG313
Whirlpool GDG382
Whirlpool GDG4000
Whirlpool GDG410
Whirlpool GDG412
Whirlpool GDG482
Whirlpool GDG490
Whirlpool GDG4910
Whirlpool GDG510
Whirlpool GDG512
Whirlpool GDG590
Whirlpool GDG5910
Whirlpool GDG610
Whirlpool GDG612
Whirlpool GDG710
Whirlpool GDG712
Whirlpool GDG713
Whirlpool GDG7400
Whirlpool GDG7500
Whirlpool GDG7600
Whirlpool GDG7800
Whirlpool GDG8000
Whirlpool GDG810
Whirlpool GDG8200
Whirlpool GDG8300
Whirlpool GDG8410
Whirlpool GDG8420
Whirlpool GDG8500
Whirlpool GDG8600
Whirlpool GDG882
Whirlpool GDG9700
Whirlpool GDG9800
Whirlpool GDG9900
Whirlpool LDG110
Whirlpool LDG18CA
Whirlpool LDG18CM
Whirlpool LDG18CS
Whirlpool LDG18CT
Whirlpool LDG19CD
Whirlpool LDG19CS
Whirlpool LDG19CT
Whirlpool LDG210
Whirlpool LDG212
Whirlpool LDG21CS
Whirlpool LDG22CS
Whirlpool LDG22CT
Whirlpool LDG23CD
Whirlpool LDG24CA
Whirlpool LDG24CM
Whirlpool LDG24CS
Whirlpool LDG24CT
Whirlpool LDG25CS
Whirlpool LDG26CA
Whirlpool LDG26CD
Whirlpool LDG26CS
Whirlpool LDG26CT
Whirlpool LDG27CA
Whirlpool LDG27CD
Whirlpool LDG27CS
Whirlpool LDG27CT
Whirlpool LDG303
Whirlpool LDG312
Whirlpool LDG313
Whirlpool LDG382
Whirlpool LDG4000
Whirlpool LDG4000AAL
Whirlpool LDG4000AAW
Whirlpool LDG4000ABL
Whirlpool LDG4000ABW
Whirlpool LDG410
Whirlpool LDG412
Whirlpool LDG482
Whirlpool LDG490
Whirlpool LDG4910
Whirlpool LDG4910AAL
Whirlpool LDG4910AAW
Whirlpool LDG4914AAE
Whirlpool LDG4914AAL
Whirlpool LDG4914AAM
Whirlpool LDG4916AAE
Whirlpool LDG4916AAM
Whirlpool LDG5004AAW
Whirlpool LDG5004ABW
Whirlpool LDG5005AAE
Whirlpool LDG5005ABE
Whirlpool LDG510
Whirlpool LDG512
Whirlpool LDG590
Whirlpool LDG5910
Whirlpool LDG5910AAL
Whirlpool LDG5910AAW
Whirlpool LDG5914AAE
Whirlpool LDG5914AAL
Whirlpool LDG5914AAM
Whirlpool LDG5916AAE
Whirlpool LDG5916AAM
Whirlpool LDG6004AAW
Whirlpool LDG610
Whirlpool LDG612
Whirlpool LDG6914AAE
Whirlpool LDG6914AAL
Whirlpool LDG6914AAM
Whirlpool LDG710
Whirlpool LDG712
Whirlpool LDG713
Whirlpool LDG7304AAE
Whirlpool LDG7304AAL
Whirlpool LDG7304AAM
Whirlpool LDG7304ABE
Whirlpool LDG7304ABL
Whirlpool LDG7304ABM
Whirlpool LDG7304AGE
Whirlpool LDG7304AGL
Whirlpool LDG7304AGM
Whirlpool LDG7304EGE
Whirlpool LDG7304EGL
Whirlpool LDG7304EGM
Whirlpool LDG7314AAE
Whirlpool LDG7314AAL
Whirlpool LDG7314AAM
Whirlpool LDG7334AAE
Whirlpool LDG7334AAL
Whirlpool LDG7334AAM
Whirlpool LDG7400
Whirlpool LDG7400AAL
Whirlpool LDG7400AAW
Whirlpool LDG7400ABL
Whirlpool LDG7400ABW
Whirlpool LDG7480AAL
Whirlpool LDG7480AAW
Whirlpool LDG7480ABL
Whirlpool LDG7480ABW
Whirlpool LDG7500
Whirlpool LDG7500AAE
Whirlpool LDG7500AAL
Whirlpool LDG7500AAM
Whirlpool LDG7500AAW
Whirlpool LDG7500ABE
Whirlpool LDG7500ABL
Whirlpool LDG7500ABM
Whirlpool LDG7500ABW
Whirlpool LDG7600
Whirlpool LDG7600AAL
Whirlpool LDG7600AAW
Whirlpool LDG7600ABL
Whirlpool LDG7600ABW
Whirlpool LDG7600AGG
Whirlpool LDG7600AGL
Whirlpool LDG7600AGW
Whirlpool LDG7800
Whirlpool LDG7800AAL
Whirlpool LDG7800AAW
Whirlpool LDG7800ABL
Whirlpool LDG7800ABW
Whirlpool LDG8000
Whirlpool LDG8000AAL
Whirlpool LDG8000AAW
Whirlpool LDG8000ABL
Whirlpool LDG8000ABW
Whirlpool LDG810
Whirlpool LDG8200
Whirlpool LDG8200AAE
Whirlpool LDG8200AAL
Whirlpool LDG8200AAW
Whirlpool LDG8200ABE
Whirlpool LDG8200ABL
Whirlpool LDG8200ABW
Whirlpool LDG8300
Whirlpool LDG8300AAL
Whirlpool LDG8300AAW
Whirlpool LDG8304AAE
Whirlpool LDG8304AAL
Whirlpool LDG8304AAM
Whirlpool LDG8404AAE
Whirlpool LDG8404AAL
Whirlpool LDG8404AAM
Whirlpool LDG8404ABE
Whirlpool LDG8406AAE

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